The first blog

How do you even start a blog? Writing something that, probably for the most part, no one will read. I will be a good way to vent about the going ons.

Going from a season of being the NL champions to falling to third in the division. Ten games behind is pretty rough. But we can come back next season… right?

To start out, Fuentes has now filed for free agency. That sucks since he had 30 saves this season. Buchholz, however, could be a good replacement. Although he does not have near the experience, he’s showed great potential having an ERA 2.17. Corpas… I’m not a big fan of his, 4 saves with 13 opportunities, I really just don’t like him is the problem. As far as middle relievers and set-up men, I feel Speier should definitely be signed, he’s proven himself. Rusch, Reynolds, and Register don’t seem to find much favor with me either. If Luis Vizcaino can prove himself… that would be good. Grilli’s an excellent set-up man though.

The big question looming over minds these days is Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins. One of the most difficult decisions any person would have to make when questioning which one to get rid of. Based off the rumors, Holliday is looking to test the waters of free agency. Nobody wants to see either of these guys leave the club, but one has to. If Matt Holliday leaves, there are a lot of OF to take his spot: Spilborghs, Podsednik, Fowler, and Smith has potential. I left Taveras out of that list for a reason. Brad Hawpe matched Holliday in home runs this season. There certainly wouldn’t be the same kind of play, but he could easily be put in the clean up spot. However, with Todd Helton returning, Ian Stewart’s been phenomenal at third base. With a utility player like Barmes, it almost makes sense to get rid of Atkins. However, this season the Rockies suffered a lot of injuries, including Todd Helton and Troy Tulowitzki. Although Joe Koshansky did well on first base when he was there, he can’t bring in the runs like Atkins, who led the club in RBIs, can. So if a seasoned player like Todd Helton were to get injured again, having a first basemen like Atkins would make the most sense. Jeff Baker didn’t seem to show a lot of potential until the end of the season. With someone who doesn’t seem to be too consistent, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to keep him. Omar Quintinilla is good for second base, and short stop too. And who could forget that walk off home run? Deciding who needs to go is… impossible. Atkins and Holliday both put up such good stats; they’re two of the best players on the team.

It is, however, time to let Taveras go. A lead off hitter needs to get on base, that’s his job. Not only that, but he also has to be reliable in working the count and the fact is, Taveras’ average has suffered massively this season. He’s got the speed, but the team could make that up with Dexter Fowler. His batting average was so unimpressive this season, that letting him go does seem like the best option.

All I can say is, I’m glad that I’m not the one who actually has to make these decisions.


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  1. Kaybee

    Yeah, it must be really tough to be a GM. Right now, I have no idea what the Padres’ front office might be thinking with all this trading-Jake-Peavy talk. As a Padres fan, it is kind of scary to me when my front office talks about trading our best player. Check out my blog!

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