Some random thoughts

Yesterday, I was ecstatic when I got a telephone call from Mr. Tom Probst. He is the medical director for the Colorado Rockies. I couldn’t even believe that he had returned my phone call, especially after I left him such a horrible message that went, something like this:

“Hi Mr. Probst, my name is Emily and I’m about to graduate college. I was wondering if you could provide me any information on… um… um… what your field is… um… yeah. If you could give me a call back, my number is ____________ or you can e-mail me at mars7799, ‘m’ as in… … … … … … … … … ‘m’ as in… … … … … … … … … … … … ‘m’ as in mark…” et cetera.

It was probably the worst message I’d ever left anybody in the history of messages I’d left people. And no, that wasn’t an exaggeration of how bad that message was, that was the actual message, practically transcribed verbatim. Sad, I know.

Anyway, so he returned my phone call, and I was completely excited, however, I was also very disappointed when I heard that the Rockies already had a sports psychologist that has been with the team for nine years, and they’re not looking for anyone new. Not even an understudy. That sucked to hear. But, I’m 23 years old, I have my whole life ahead of me to do exactly what I want to do, and trust me, I won’t stop until I get exactly where I want to be.

So, that’s the news with me. In other news, it would appear that the Mets are in discussions with free agent and former Rockies closer, Brian Fuentes. Since I really haven’t heard anything about the Rockies talkinManuelCorpas_2007_005.jpgg with Fuentes, it leads me to believe that there really haven’t been any. So, it sounds like the battle is on between Huston Street and Manuel Corpas. Stats aren’t everything, but let’s take a look at some, shall we? Last season, Manuel Corpas had four saves in thirteen opportunities and an ERA of 4.52. Nothing very impressive, the season before that, he had much better stats. The year he helped take the Rockies to the World Series, he had an ERA of 2.08 and made 19 saves in 22 opportunities. What a difference between a season. Corpas began having the closer position, but was quickly kicked out of it after he kept missing out on saving the game. Now, I’m not a big fan of Corpas, but I’ll give him this: everyone’s stats last season were pretty bad. No one was too impressed by the team as a whole, droHuston Street.jpgpping from NLCS champions to ten games behind.

Let’s take a look at Huston Street. Last season, Street had eighteen saves in twenty-five opportunities. He had an ERA of 3.73, now keep in mind, he had an off season as well. The season before that, Street had sixteen saves in twenty-one opportunities and an ERA of 2.88.

So, I just threw a bunch of statistics at you, that, for the most part, might not actually mean anything. But here’s what I’m looking at, and, it may be totally wrong, and it may not make any sense in any one else’s brain but mine, but it’s the way I think about things. Having an ERA of 2.88 and dropping to 3.73 versus an ERA of 2.08 dropping to 4.52 looks just a little bit better. Now, I understand, should Street stay with the Rockies, he will, ultimately, be fighting for the closing role. And Manuel Corpas isn’t letting down and will be fighting for closer head on. Hopefully Huston Street is currently doing the same thing and pondering about what his future might hold. I guess what it comes down to, since neither one was all too impressive last season, is “picking the lesser of two evils.” I put that in quotes because, that wasn’t really the way I wanted to phrase that, but it was the only one that came to mind.

My blog is where I get to voice my opinion. Pitching is hard, especially the closer role, the amount of pressure is inconceivable. So understand that when I say “neither performed well,” I don’t actually mean that they sucked. There’s a lot to think about as a pitcher and a lot to execute as well. So, here’s what my final personal thoughts are on the subject: I don’t know if Dan O’dowd is still considering trading Huston Street. If he can get someone better, then why not? But to have someone who, at the time, seems to be unreliable, you would at least want someone else that you know you can count on as a closer, and that’s why I think that Huston Street needs to not be traded and highly considered for the closing role.

And that is that. Also, this is my first blog where I actually became bold enough to try and figur eout how to put pictures in, so I hope it works!


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