Jeff Blank… if you’re reading this…

Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t really expect people to read my blog. In fact, when I get comments, I pretty much freak out with excitement. With the news that I’ve just read, I’d think that someone was reading my blog, like someone who can make executive decisions. I wish, but still, I’m totally stoked!

I’ve recently read an article about, guess who? Garrett Atkins. Surprise, surprise, considering I’m always blogging about the greatness that he is, or at least I think he is. So what am I so Garrett Atkins10.jpgexcited about? Atkins is open to a multi-year deal. After losing one our biggest hitters, it’d be awise and smart decision to keep one, right? Right. Garrett Atkins is one of our big hitters. He’s capable, great at what he does, and is all around amazing. I’ve thrown stats out before, so I won’t do it again. Even though Atkins hasn’t agreed to any kind of deal, the point is, he’s open to the option. He wants to stay in Colorado, and the fact that his agent is 1. the guy who started it, and 2. NOT Scott Boras, tells me that there’s hope. His agent is the one who opened up the idea, and although talks have not actually been in the works, it’s a way to get the ball rolling. So, maybe some how, through my hoping type vibes, Garrett Atkins agent, Jeff Blank has heard them and is like, “hmm… I should start up some talks about keeping Garrett in Colorado.”

So no, no talks are in the works. But now that the ball is rolling, hopefully I’ll see Garrett Atkins here for much longer than I had hoped.


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