A little devotion

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly, by no means, claim to be a Dodgers fan. In fact, I could care less about the team as a whole, and I certainly don’t claim to know anything about them.

But there is one man, who plays for the Dodgers who I must devote a blog to in commemoration of his legacy. Now, he hasn’t always played for the Dodgers, butGreg Maddux.jpg
honestly, I’ve never kept up with the Cubs or the Braves or the Padres. So, when I try to write something to pay homage to Greg Maddux, know that it’s just out of respect for his legacy and not because I’ve followed his career actively. I know he’s been in the business for twenty-two years and has come out of that with pitching over 5,000 innings and a career 3.16 ERA. He helped to bring the team that he plays for to the post season thirteen times and, although his stats have not necessarily been great throughout them all. The man is forty-two years old and he helped to bring his team to the National League Championship Series. After twenty-three seasons and eighteen (or something) gold gloves, Maddux  believes it’s his time to retire. And although I haven’t been a fan, and certainly don’t claim to be, I respect the legacy that Maddux has accomplished and wish him nothing but the best in his future. The man has my complete respect, and I hope that all baseball careers can last as long and be performed as well as his.


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