A plea for bloggers everywhere

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been pretty busy with graduation and my birthday and other types of shenanigans. That’s beside the point though. People can often find me scanning the Colorado Rockies homepage. It is my homepage and I definitely am on there often. I thought that I had this great plan of what my future was going to look like. I was going to move down to Denver, apply for an internship with the Rockies, and then hopefully get some good relations from that and then be able to get into a position with sports psychology. That was the plan. It has now changed. The Rockies regret to inform me that they will not be accepting internship applications for the 2009 season. AHH!! What?!?! This puts a damper on my entire plan, in fact, it pretty much ruins it. So now, I’m not quite sure what to do. I’ve had many contacts with people about everything I can do: minor league teams go through the major league affiliate (the Rockies have a sports psychologist who has been on staff for nine years and they’re not looking to replace him and he works with the minor leagues too), I’ve talked to Tom Probst (the medical director), I’ve read Harvey Dorfman’s books, Zack Hample‘s Watching Baseball Smarter, and have e-mailed a plethora of others.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the epiphany of a sports psychologist until my last semester at school. To think that for four and a half years I could have been promoting this career that I would love to get into, and it took me four of those years to figure it out. I’m not complaining, just frustrated with myself. Did you ever feel like you were destined for something? Like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams were destined to be greater hitters, or that Troy Tulowitzki was destined to be a short stop, or Greg Maddux was meant to be a pitcher. There are certain people who are destined for greatness, I believe that I’m destined to help people achieve that greatness.

So here’s a plea to anyone who reads my blog, anyone who has anything. The business that I’m trying to get into is purely relational. I’m looking for contacts with any team, I’m looking for anything. I don’t expect to just jump in and be in the majors, I’m good with minor leagues, I’m good with anything. I will work and do whatever it takes to get into this business. So, there’s my plea for the blogging world. I’d greatly appreciate anything.

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