Baseball, hurry up and get here!

I managed to survive the holidays, Scrooge spirited and all. Well, I wouldn’t call myself a Scrooge, but the holidays didn’t seem to be anything special this year. We’ll see what happens a year from now.

I need to start the main focus of my blog out with a disclaimer. That disclaimer being: the title of my blog has absolutely nothing to do with my entry. I just like talking about baseball and am ready for the season to start so maybe I have more to blog about. The second part of the disclaimer is that I hate the Yankees. It’s not just because I’m a Red Sox fan, far from it. I think rivalries are great, it’s what brings up the competition and makes you want the win that much more. I mention the Red Sox fan thing because my dad had bought me a couple Rockies things for Christmas that weren’t my size, so I had to exchange them, and I’m trying to get more into the habit of using those like… cloth bag things, anyway, my bag was a Red Sox bag and the cashier was like, “You’re putting Rockies stuff into your Red Sox bag?!” Anyway, as if I didn’t know it already, people still seem to hate those Red Sox. I can’t blame them, but it’s my honest belief that the Rockiesa-rod.jpg were just out played. They didn’t get to show everything that they’d learned and achieved throughout the season when it came to the World Series, which was a big disappointment to everyone. Anyway, back to the disclaimer, I have a very poor attitude toward the Yankees. I think their payroll is too high, they have some incredibly @$$ hole-esque players, and have terrible fans. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Red Sox also have a high pay roll, I’ve noticed Troy Tulowitzki can have… well… a bit of a temper, and we have some bad fans. I’ll be honest when I say that I take the Ted Williams attitude route when it comes to the relationship between a fan and a player, and the attitude that should be given, etc. The point of this disclaimer is to warn anyone who really likes the Yankess that I don’t. And by the way, yes, that is a picture of Alex Rodriguez wiping his face with a $100 bill, it’s important for later, so make a mental note of it. Also, laugh a little bit. I just got out of college and have acquired a lot of student debt, and have to move back in with my dad so I don’t have to pay rent, and here A-Rod is wiping his face with a $100 bill. Being poor in these crappy economic times, totally sucks… but not for someone rich like A-Rod. Okay, that was a terrible disclaimer, sorry, I talked about how much I hated the Yankees in my disclaimer rather than making it a warning about how I’m going to talk about how I hate the Yankees in my blog. Oops. 

The Yankees recently signed Mark Teixeira to an eight year $180 million dollar contract. First of all, wow, that’s a lot of money. Teixeira’s contract will go down as the fourth richest contract in major league history!! And who comes in front of him? A-Rod was signed to a ten year $275 million contract with the Yankees; his being the richest in the majors. Before that, it was A-Rod derek_jeter.jpgyet again with a ten year $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers (at the time, being the largest in history and worth $63 million more than the guy who came in at number two) (this is also the part where the mental note of that picture comes into play). Thd third richest contract comes from Derek Jeter, ten years at $189 million. The next name in that list would be Mark Teixeira, followed by CC Sabathia at an eight year $161 million contract. Are you noticing some kind of a pattern here? I’d also like to point out, that when I tried to go to the Yankees website, my browser (Firefox) gave me this page. Really, I just thought it was hilarious. Anyway, so the Yankees will continue to have the highest payroll in the majors, coming in at like… $200 million or something. I almost feel like this begs the question: is this ruining baseball? Hmm… that question wasn’t phrased right, but I’ll leave it in. How can other teams compete with a team that can offer their players $275 million dollars?! The highest payed player on the Rockies, Todd Helton, has a contract that’s worth $141.5 million. How can clubs be expected to put in any kind of competition when teams like the Yankees can come in and crap all over everything? The Yankees, as much as I hate to admit it, are a team with incredible talent. Derek Jeter is one of the best short stops, Alex Rodriguez… hmm… well,Mariano Rivera.jpg he’s good too, Mariano Rivera is one of the best closers (I’d argue that I like Jonathan Papelbon better, but that’s the Red Sox fan in me coming out), Jorge Posada is a damn good catcher, and outfielders and big hitters like Johnny Damon (hmm… I would like to call him a traitor, but will only admit to wanting to call him that and not actually doing it) can put up the runs. The team is full of talent, why shouldn’t they get some of the best players? Everyone likes to win, but it’s that much more difficult when it comes to trying to get anywhere in the game. The Rockies were able to increase their payroll after making it to the NLCS and winning. Do the Yankees have that much money? They did just cut some big names like Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, Mike Mussina, and may others which saved them some… $90.22 million. But I mean, in these economic times, how can you afford to offer your players contracts worth $275 million? How can you afford such big names?! Perhaps I’m being unfair. Similar to last year, the Yankees had a payroll that was $200 million and it landed them the lovely spot of third in the AL East. Am I being unfair? Is my hatred of the Yankees clouding my judgment? Would I feel the same way if the Rockies had a payroll that was that big? I’m not sure. I realize that this is sort of a circular argument and that I’m not going to get anywhere trying to argue why I hate the Yankees and then try and justify it with the (currently) hypothetical questions about the Rockies. I just have issues dealing with the Yankees.

So, on with other things. With other teams going after Tim Redding, the Rockies seem to haveJason Marquis.jpg set their sites on Cubs pitcher Jason Marquis. He’s shown great strength at Coors Field producing an ERA of 2.15 when he played here. Although Redding expressed interest in Colorado, Marquis may prove to be the greater strength in the hitters utopia known as Coors Field.  We’ll see what the Rockies can go after. Some of our other prospects such as Juan Morillo and Franklin Morales (at least I think it’s him) have been doing quite well in the leagues that they’re playing for. Which reminds me that I really haven’t heard much about Manny Corpas or Huston Street. I wonder what’s going on with them and how they’re doing. But, a few blogs earlier, I wrote a “letter” to Tim Redding that said something along the lines of “if you were to come to Colorado, I would approve.” Well, the same goes for Jason Marquis, although his ERA at Coors Field only constitutes a few games, perhaps when it comes to full time pitching at altitude, it may turn out more difficult, perhaps I’m over estimating his potential.

Speaking of over estimating potential, I’m finding myself quite disappointed with the playing ofRyan Spilborghs.jpg one of my favorite players, Ryan Spilborghs. He’s playing down in the Mexican Pacific League. I was so sure that Spilborghs was going to prove himself to deserve the role of full time center fielder. I wrote throughout entries about his batting average, how much better he is than Willy Taveras, how he’s capable at bat. Well, in the league that he’s currently playing in, he’s gone 8-44. That’s really not that impressive, actually. However, I believe that deep down, I know that he’s better than this. That his current playing does not reflect his playing in the majors. He’s talented and good at what he does, otherwise how would he have gotten here? My hope is that the pressure of potentially playing center field full time isn’t getting to him. He’s better than an 8-44 record and once Spring Training rolls around, I hope he’ll prove it. After working so hard, it would be a large disappointment to see the position go to Seth Smith or Dexter Fowler; both of whom are excellent players, but are also young and have a lot to learn. Of course, I heard that Seth Smith was supposed to possibly be playing left field. I can’t remember now. Either way, Spilborghs can bounce back and prove that he’s worthy of a full time position.



  1. iliveforthis

    Don- Spilborghs not playing very well encompassed with the news of his marriage, yeah, I’m definitely dying inside. 😉 And it’s nice to hear someone agree with me about Boston rather than attack me. Thanks man.

    Tom- Glad you stumbled across my blog. Thanks for the encouragement on the job. Hopefully it’ll come across sooner rather than later!

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