An exhilarating off season

72 days and counting. 72 days until April 10th, the Rockies home opener, and trust me, I have every intention of attending that game. However, until 72 days have come to pass, I must entertain myself with MLB Network, which should suffice; however, it is not really doing the job. Jeff pointed out Harold Reynolds’ over usage of the word “guy,” which seems to have spread faster than the black plague among the sports casters. Even when Reynolds isn’t on Hot Stove, and you still hear the ridiculous, platitudinous ‘g’ word. So yeah, Jeff’s game could still work.

MannyRamirez.jpgMaybe it’s because I never religiously followed the off season or had a network that allowedme to do so, but it seems like every time I watch Hot Stove, it’s practically a carbon copy of what was on the night before. Manny Ramirez still hasn’t found a team desperate for his attitude, Jason Varitek still hasn’t signed with the Red Sox, Adam Dunn is still a free agent, and the Yankees still have money to pick up players they want. Nothing really new and exciting is happening. There’s the occasional surprise, where something happens and it’s new and exciting to talk about, but for the most part, nothing.

A practically indistinguishable script of what was said the night before. Sure, there are other
good things on. On Martin Luther King day, they highlighted a series on
the Negro Leagues, which was cool, they did a special on Ground Zero,
and it’s always fun to watch them feature baseball greats. But really,
this has been a boring off season.

So, if I ran the Hot Stove, here’s what it’d be: Manny Ramirez hasn’t found a team yet becausejason-varitek-warming-up.jpghe’s a jerk, nobody wants him, and his agent is the spawn of Satan; Jason Varitek hasn’t signed with the Red Sox because his spawn of Satan agent is one and the same with Ramirez and is anti Red Sox, Adam Dunn hasn’t been picked up because everyone’s scared of commitment and with great power comes great… stikeouts. You thought I was going to say responsibility, nope. And the Yankees… just have money, it’s like, a never ending pot of gold for them. I could finish the Hot Stove report in like… five seconds.

As much as I love MLB Network, maybe this wasn’t a good off season to start it up.

I am excited that the Rockies have locked up Ubaldo Jimenez for another four years. Despite set backs last season, the guys is ridiculous good and will always be welcome by me on the team. Garrett Atkins is waiting until the arbitration meetings, surprise. If Atkins settles for the midpoint, the Rockies will increase their payroll from $68 million to $74 million.

Whatever, I’m just ready for 72 days to be over. By the way, my title was laced with sarcasm in case you didn’t get that. 


One comment

  1. juliasrants

    I think what they need on the Hot Stove is this – put all the ex-players back into their uniforms and have them act out the greatest moments from their playing days! I did like it this morning when Sean Casey called in. He was very funny and I can’t wait until he signs on.


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