Pump up your game

I began writing my entry about… well, my blog, and how with my writing, more often than not it seems to be hit or miss. I don’t get MLB Network up in my room, so I was watching ESPN, and what was this that I heard? I had to drop everything and start writing something new:

ap_barry_bonds_070504_ms.jpgSurprise, surprise, Barry Bonds is in yet another report about steroids. Bonds’ former teammate, catcher Bobby Estalella is apparently going to provide some pretty hard evidence that Bonds was aware of his consumption of steroids. Allegedly, Estalella has some serious testimony about Bonds’ and was, himself, given some kind of enhancement by Bonds’ personal trainer, Greg Anderson. Anderson has also been subpoenaed, but his agent Mark Geragos says Anderson will not make an appearance in court, I mean, they even raided his mother in law’s house. Also, I mostly chose this picture because I think Bonds has this “whatchoo talkin ’bout” face, as if he didn’t know. Ha ha. Hilarious. Anyway, if you remember, back in 2003, Bonds testified that he didn’t know the “cream” and steroids.jpgthe “clear” were performance enhancers and the government would like to prove to the world that he lied under oath. Also, do you see that picture of that gross dog? It is gross, and I really just put it in there because look at the dog! What is wrong with it?!!?

So… how exactly can you prove that someone knowingly used steroids? I mean are you going to look at the side effects of tetrahydrogestrinone and say, “hmm… you’ve had one daughter since 1998, you must be infertile. Steroid use over here.” Or “I see that you have acne… you must be using steroids.” I am someone who does believe that Bonds had full knowledge of his steroid usage, but I don’t really see a way to prove that he knew he was doing it. Apparently varvel.jpgfederal prosecutors have urine samples that link Bonds to steroids, that still doesn’t prove that he knew he was doing it. It may prove that he took things other than the “clear” and the “cream,” but unless there was a big label on something like a pill that said “THIS IS A STEROID” then how would he know?

So in four years Bonds will be eligible for the Hall of Fame, should he be allowed in it? If Pete Rose can’t get in for betting, should Bonds be allowed in for steroid use? I mean,stuffvindicated412.jpgyou can’t really weigh the issues because they’re both bad, but if you had to choose which was worse, betting on baseball or using steroids, I would probably have to say that using steroids was worse. I mean Rose had said that steroids make a mockery of baseball, and they do. Both men have remarkable records, of course, what would Bonds’ record look like if he didn’t use steroids?

I think like many things in this world, we take a lot for granted, and I think that players take baseball for granted. They forget that they’re playing the greatest game on earth and that they’re respected and looked up to by millions of people. They have the best job in the world, they should love to go to work every day baseball-steroids.jpgand they should get to be the best out of talent and ambitions. I mean, that’s the way I would want to do it. It’s practically impossible to argue who the best player in baseball is, the debate usually includes the names Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds. There are factors in each player’s time period that would have an effect on stats and what not, but honestly, wouldn’t you want to be called the best because you knew that you were the best? Not because you took something that made you the best but because you got there on your own, you got there on hard work and dedication.

At some point, Clint Hurdle, the manager of the Rockies, banned porn from the locker room. There were some people who thought that this was crossing a boundary. However, I am with Hurdle, who in their regular job gets to just bring porn to work? I said regular job. Shouldn’t you respect what it is you’re playing for, what it is you’re fighting for? That you have a specific goal and distractions and things that could potentially set you back shouldn’t get in the way. It’s an honor and a privilege to be apart of the greatest game on Earth. On November 11, 2008, Tatum Bell was resigned to the Denver Broncos, his first stint in 2004 was with the Broncos, after which he played with the Detroit Lions. When he wasn’t re-signed, he went and sold cell phones at a kiosk in Denver. It shows you that one day you could be playing for a professional sports team and the next you could be selling phones. Playing a sport professionally is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can have. Why are people ruining it with crap like steroids and betting? 

We should all be so lucky to be apart of something so great as the greatest game on Earth.  



  1. Jane Heller

    I’m still on the fence about Bonds and the HOF. He was really good before all the steroids stuff. Would he have hit all those homers without using PEDs? I doubt it, since athletic skills usually don’t improve with age. And if he’s convicted of a crime, I would think his chances of getting in would drop dramatically. But until then, I guess it’s an open question. Meanwhile, he doesn’t have a job!


  2. juliasrants

    Emily – I don’t think Bonds should be in the HOF – the evidence really seems to point to Bond having used PEDs. It is a shame when the athletes don’t know how good they have it. Have you read the book – “The Bad Guys Won”? It is about the ’86 NY Mets. Man – the drugs, the drinking – I really don’t know how they were able to win the World Series! And they didn’t get what an honor it was to be paid millions to play a child’s game. I feel the same way about Bond and any others who may have used PEDs. They’ve embarrassed themselves and sullied the game of baseball.


  3. Elizabeth D

    I also think Bonds used steroids which is why I still consider Hank Aaron to be the all time home run king. That dog is CREEPY! And honestly, like you said, it’s kind of hard to be unaware that you’re taking steroids. I don’t think Bonds should be in the HOF either. What do you think?

  4. iliveforthis

    Jane- There’s always that “innocent until proven guilty” thing, but, I feel pretty strongly that he had knowledge that he was using steroids.

    Julia- I have not read that book, but I will line it up in a series of books that I’ve been trying to finish reading, it’ll be in line with Vindicated, I’ll have to wait for the paperback edition to come out. I truly do wish that players knew how well they have it also in respect of their salaries.

    Elizabeth- I know! That dog freaks me out so much! Anyway, I am strongly against Bonds entering the HOF. I believe to receive something so prestigious and to have gotten there “not knowing you were taking performance enhancers” is just ridiculous. By allowing Bonds into the HOF, it would tell everyone else that using steroids was an acceptable way to get by in the majors.

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