End It Already

There are certain things in this world that I believe, for whatever reason, should have ended long before their time. Yes, junctures that were far past their expiration date and were starting to plague the world with their luscious scent of repugnance.

Some of my best examples?

1. That show Friends.

friends.jpgI’ll tell you that I’m the only person I’ve ever encountered in my twenty-three years of life who hates this show. I find it to be irritating, vapid, and all around stupid. Don’t ask me why. Like I said, I’m the only person I’ve ever encountered who doesn’t like this show, I don’t expect anyone to feel the same way, I’ll deal.

I believe that this show should have ended long ago. It lasted for ten seasons. Yes, ten seasons of that torture known as the “hilarious comedy.” Why did it have to last so long? Wasn’t everyone else ready for it to end?  

Sorry if this is your favorite show in the world, but, well, I’m entitled to my own opinion.

2. George Bush’s Presidency.

Bush.jpgYes, the man ran a whole country, and I give him tremendous props for that. I know that I could never run a country, but eight years was a little too long for all of us. Of course, when this man first became President, I wasn’t allowed to vote, so ya know, don’t blame me. Ha ha, just kidding, that was mean.

So, from my best understanding, most people were ready for it to end within the first four years if not the first four months.

3. The drama with Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps.jpgHe’s a kid, he’s my age. Just because he can swim fast doesn’t mean he’s impenetrable to life. Michael Phelps is probably the most scrutinized athlete, but what everyone is forgetting is that he’s human… well… sort of. I mean, besides being as much of a freak in the pool as Tim Lincecum is with a ball, he’s human. He made a mistake, he owned up to it, get over it. He’s been suspended for three months and lost one of his major sponsors. Our country has bigger problems and more important things to worry about than a kid with a bong. As far as I’m concerned, the punishment far outweighs the crime.

This is something that should have ended before it even began.

4. ER.

ER.jpgI watched this show way back in the day, when I was a kid. It’s been on for 15 seasons now. 15!!!! That’s longer than that terrible Friends show! Yes, back when I was a kid, I was absolutely in love with this show, I never missed it… or, I was more in love with Noah Wyle. When I was in elementary school or middle school… something like that, we took a field trip to the ER and they were like, “yeah, that show ER is not like the real ER at all.” Well, that was disappointing. In any case, this show should have ended after George Clooney left and Dr. Green died (I cried when that happened). Maybe not that soon, I can’t remember when Dr. Green died, but it should have ended soon after.

5. Will Manny Ramirez sign?


It’s time to face the music here, ManRam, odds are, you’ll end up signing with the Dodgers, so why all this drama? In fact, it’s more like frama… which is fake drama. Yeah, you’re good with a bat, and if it weren’t for David Ortiz, you probably would’ve been the DH for the Red Sox because we all know that you’re not that spectacular out in left.

But really, it’s time to end the “will Manny Ramirez be on the roster of a team?” stuff because it’s old news. This situation is as bad as “why isn’t Jason Varitek signing with the Red Sox?” As that angel known as your agent would like to put it, “he works for you,” so just sign with the Dodgers already. Maybe they’ll let you be number 28 like you thought you wanted. I’m sure it’ll be as easy as Chad Johnson changing his name to Chad Ocho Cinco.

But wise up, Manny. We’re all a little tired of hearing you trying to hold out for the maximum amount of money. It’s starting to get a little pathetic. What was wrong with getting $25 million? I would have settled for half that, in fact, I would settle for a whole lot less. Of course I’m not “god’s gift to baseball.”

Get over yourself Manny, quit being Manny and just sign. You should’ve done it long ago.

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  1. juliasrants

    Ah..Manny being Manny! You know what Emily? I beginning to think that Manny is not able to LIVE without the drama! I think he loves all the time and energy that is being wasted on his behalf. I would be gleefully happy if come Spring Training he is still on the outside looking in. I know, not very mature of me, but hey – if “Manny can be Manny” then I’m going to have a go at “Julia being Julia”! And you are right – ER was much better its first couple of season.


  2. Kylie

    Um so apparently the left bracket freaked the blog engine out because it thought I was HTML-ing, so here’s the rest of that comment: I never watched Friends while they were airing new episodes, so I suppose it would have gotten exhaustive waiting for each week to come. YAY syndication!

  3. avidrockiesfan

    Emily I Couldn’t agree with you more about the Show Friends, & the Manny Ramirez Saga. Or as I can him “Manny who needs a Nanny” Ramirez. I also agree about “ER” & Phelps. Sometimes I think that there should be a separate T.V. Station strictly for Sad-Song, Never-Ending Drama Stories such as these. -Nathan

  4. Elizabeth D

    I think they need to end Pete Rose’s punishment as well. Manny does need to get over himself, he is not God’s baseball gift to the world, but he is very good. I never really got into Friends, so I can’t say that I like it :). I think the most scrutinized athlete is A-Rod though, because it seems like it wasn’t until recently that Phelps was scrutinized.

  5. iliveforthis

    Julia- Unlike with Manny Ramirez, I have absolutely no problem with you being you. Manny Ramirez is like… the epitome of a drama queen.

    Hardballblog- A lot of people love that show, in fact, some of my best friends do. It’s just never something that peaked my interest.

    Kylie- I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who’s like “Oh Scott Boras? He’s my hero.” Maybe a money grubbing person… but they haven’t come my way yet.

    Tom- The only Friends episode that I can really remember that I’ve watched is the one where David Schwimmer’s character gets leather pants.

    Alex- Oh man, I absolutely love The Office. I find it to be hilarious. I haven’t kept up with ER though.

    Kathy- I completely agree with the PEDs scandal. I am so sick of that shenanigans.

    Nathan- I’m not sure I could see a TV station for never ending dramas like those because I really liked ER in the beginning, it was one of my favorite shows.

    Elizabeth- I agree that Pete Rose’s punishment needs to end as well. I believe that it’s completely unfair that like… Mark McGwire is up for the HOF despite testing positive for PEDs. I mean, even though he only got like 22% of the vote, I’m still like, why is he even eligible? The reason I say Phelps is the most scrutinized is because he is pretty much America’s hero. These past Olympics, he was the story; and because of that, I think that his public image is highly examined. Although I will admit that he has come up in the news a lot.

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