All Encompassingly

Can’t please all the people all the time and last night all those people were at my show. – MitchMitch_Hedberg.jpgHedberg

The other day my iTunes was on shuffle, and what should come on but that joke. If you haven’t heard of Mitch Hedberg, well, that’s very unfortunate. He’s one of the most hilarious people to have ever existed, may he rest in peace. The joke isn’t really that funny, but it got me thinking about baseball.

So, I thought of his joke and him talking about his show, which, through a series of different ideas, made me think of the show. My brain often has weird trains of thought that somehow connect things that are entirely unrelated. It’s like playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon only not including Kevin Bacon… like… finding themes… that are not Kevin… Bacon… That didn’t make much sense, but, I got it, because that’s how my brain works.

With spring training here, there’s no doubt that everyone’s getting a little tired of hearing about Bud Selig.jpgBud Selig. For the most part, Selig is should be the icon of an example meant to be followed. As the commissioner of baseball I believe he should be a leader, someone who we can be proud to look up to  and be unashamed of the fact that he is the guy who runs America’s sport. However, with all the recent drama, Selig has come under some serious, and well deserved, investigation. Maybe not by the sport itself, but by the fans.

So, here I am, with all the possibilities of what I could be taling about, like Troy Tulowitzki becoming the new face of the Rockies, what pitchers are looking like in spring training, and everything else that’s going on with baseball soon showing it’s glorious self again. Yes, here I am talking about everyone’s favorite person, Bud Selig.
Roger Goodell.jpg
My first thought is this: leading by example. Although slightly old news, the commissioner of football, Roger Goodell, opted to take a pay cut for the good of the team. Although football’s struggles remain, including having to cut 150 employees at it’s headquarters, Goodell has taken a significant step in making football better. Yes, he will still be a millionaire, no, he didn’t give up his entire salary, it’s about a 20 or 25% pay cut, but he’s taking more of a step than Bud Selig has in helping out our economy and the sport that he loves despite the fact that he’s eligible for a raise. Bud Selig is the highest paid sports commissioner, followed by Goodell, David Stern, and then Gary Bettman. My opinion is that it would be admirable for Selig to take a pay cut, especially with everything going on.

Everything includes the steroids saga. Something else we’re all tired of hearing about. Jesse Ventura believes that Bud Selig should be indicted because all the juicing happened on his watch. Question is, what would that really accomplish? Vince McMahon was also indicted for steroids in the WWE, something that was for “entertainment purposes.” Ventura believes that what you’re dealing with here are real athletes- real cheating athletes, 104 of them in 2003.

So, here, in my mind, is where Mitch Hedberg ties in with all of these. The fact is, you can’t please all the people all the time. If you were to indict Bud Selig, it would almost be an obligation to release those other 103 names and indict them. If you take the route that I do when any problem comes up, which is to ignore it until it goes away, it’s not going to go away. It’ll linger around waiting until something else comes up that requires the same attention. I recently read an article that you can find here about who it is that’s getting challenged (and here’s his follow up article). The debate if we’re all out there to protect Babe Ruth, the white guy’s record. Personally, I don’t really agree with what he’s saying, but I did think about it. Selig is talking about taking away Bonds’ record and is taking grief about the possibility of suspending A-Rod. You do either of those, how is it going to look? Does that make sense? I’m not trying to fuel a “racism” debate, but I can see where this idea of protecting Ruth’s record could come in. Although I’m one who believes that Bonds should forever be plagued with an asterisk by his name. OH! Speaking of asterisk, have you seen that gross commercial? Where the kid has an asterisk shaped pimple on his forehead? It’s gross.

The point is, I’m not defending Selig, I’m not defending anyone. I do believe that action needs to be taken to show that baseball isn’t going to tolerate this. What that action is has yet to be determined, if any will be. And if and when that action is taken, how are you going to please the world? Regardless of what you do, it will look bad in someone’s eyes.

So when asked, “Emily, do you hate all the shenanigans that’s going on?” I can say, “all encompassingly.”

That… was also a Mitch Hedberg joke. I guess you’d just have to hear it to understand.

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  1. rockymountainway

    Hey Emily when the hell did they tear down McCowen? I was all butt hurt this weekend when I saw that. I had some teriyaki bowl and thought I’d tell ya it’s as good as ever!
    Thanks for the head up on Goodell too. I hadn’t heard that but I have a lot more respect for the dude because of it.


  2. Elizabeth D

    I’m not sure what kind of action could be taken against A-Rod since they were anonymous tests that were supposed to be kept private. I think that if and when Bonds is found guilty, that the record should be taken away. Ruth did it on hotdogs and beer and Aaron surpassed it even with all the hate mail that he received everyday. Bonds did it on steroids and that’s not right. Same with A-Rod… too bad they weren’t illegal in 2003. An asterisk is needed there too. Regardless, Bud Selig needs to show MLB and its fans that some serious action will be taken to prevent this.

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