It’s that guy!!!

Recognize this guy?

Ronn Svetich.jpg
Didn’t think so, and I wouldn’t expect you to. Heck, I wouldn’t even recognize him even if he walked up to me and said, “excuse me, do you have the time?” and I said, “oh it’s about 1:30” and then he would say, “I like your shirt” (because I proudly rock the Rockies shirt) and I would say, “oh thanks, I have an unruly obsession with baseball and the Rockies.” And then our conversation in my fantasy land would end. Well, I mean, if it were my actual fantasy land, then he would be like, “oh no way, I work for them, I could totally get you a job.”

His name is Ronn Svetich, and he’s living my dream.

This is the sports psychologist, or “performance enhancement” coach, for the Colorado Rockies. He joined the organization in 2000 where he’s been working with both the major and minor league teams. Although I knew he existed and had been with he Rockies for nine years, I never knew his name or even what he looked like. I mean, that still isn’t a good picture of him. So, odds are, even if he actually did walk up to me and ask me the time, I’d be like, “it’s one thirty” and we’d carry on in our different lives.
Jorge De La Rosa.jpg
In an article by Thomas Harding, Svetich recently helped Jorge De La Rosa overcome some emotional issues on the mound. It’s hard to come back after you give up a homer or walk a guy, and those are the issues that were holding back De La Rosa.

As human beings, we like to have control over things, over the situations that we encounter. That doesn’t change in baseball. Pitchers like to believe they have control over the game and hitters like to believe the same thing. The fact of the matter is, they don’t; and that’s what Svetich helped De La Rosa understand. You can’t get mad because a guy swung at your pitch, you can’t get mad that the blue called it a ball when it was very clearly a strike (in your mind).

So here I sit, with the name of the man who I would do anything to work under, and I’m practically powerless to find him.

Well, not exactly powerless, that’s not really the word I wanted to use, it’s just the one that my brain decided to give me. I have ideas and things that I need to pursue, to develop, before I could even be allowed to be in the presence of this man. I have completely put him up on this pedestal and I don’t really know anything about him. I don’t know anything about his philosophies and his ideas, I don’t know the tactics he uses to get players to focus, I know nothing about him; and yet, I am willing to sacrifice everything to work under him.

But… not just yet. Yes, I would love to be involved in the club, who wouldn’t? But I have a lot to do before I can grace the field with my presence. Ha ha. I have tentative plans to follow (and I say tentative because obviously ever since I started developing plans they have gone awry), and things to pursue before I could even think of working in the majors, let alone the minors. 

I didn’t talk very much about Ronn Svetich because I don’t actually know very much about him. But I thought that I would share with the world his existence, my love affair for his job,  and hope that he some how finds his way to my blog. And c’mon, he’s decked out in Rockies gear, who wouldn’t want that? I mean… ya know, besides someone who hates the Rockies (blasphemy) and how could you hate the Rockies? Half the country doesn’t even know who they are anyway, but I’m one of the lucky ones who does. 

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