# 47

Thank you MLBlogs for helping me to remain within the top 50. However, I am disappointed to see that I am moving backwards rather than forwards which has led me to postulate the following:

A. I need to write more often
B. I need to write better
C. Both A and B

While C would probably be the best choice, I’m really hoping that it’s A because the fact is, I’m really not that great of a writer or a story teller, so asking me to write better is like… asking… um… I can’t think of anything right now, but you get the idea.

Anyway, for those of you who know me, and none of you actually know me… so… I don’t really know why I said that, I’m usually never on time. I mean, for important things I am, but for most things, I’m usually running late. This didn’t change with blogging. Jimmy over at Baseball, the Yankees, and Life began the tradition of making a dedication in your entry some time ago. Sticking with my usual lateness, I opted to choose this moment to jump on that train and dedicate my blog to this guy:

Joe Koshansky.jpg
# 47, Joe Koshansky.

Koshansky is a left handed first baseman for the Rockies and was drafted in 2004. Koshansky has moved all through the system, the Tri City Dust Devils, the Asheville Tourists, the Tulsa Drillers, and the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

Koshansky.jpgJoe Koshansky is the first player in Colorado Springs Sky Sox history to hit for the cycle not once, but twice.
 Koshansky3.jpgOne of the biggest problems Koshansky faces is that he has a tendency to strike out, but he’s got some serious potential. 

The main reason I chose to write about Joe Koshansky was because of the my first memory of him. I was at a Rockies game with my friends, we sat in the pavilion and he came to the plate. I had never heard of him before, it was a game that he was brought back up from the minors and Garrett Atkins had a day off. Anyway, we watched as he hit a solo home run, his first in the majors. It was in a game against the Florida Marlins, and I remember it because my friends kept yelling at Matt Treanor saying “Treanor needs more training.” Anyway, it was probably one of the proudest moments of his life, and the sheer amazement of watching the ball fly into left center field made Rockies fans proud as well.

That’s one of the cool things about the brain, we have what’s called mirror neurons which allows us to have an empathetic response to both pleasure and painful reactions. Your sensory neurons tell you that whatever it is you’re watching is actually happening to you. That’s what made Joe Koshansky’s first home run so special for me, because of my mirror neurons.

That’s also what’s bad about them. They emit a painful response as well. The other day I was watching someting on Clint Malarchuk. Being baseball fans, I don’t expect many of you to have heard of him. He was a goal tender for the Buffalo Sabres. In 1989, while playing the St. Louis Blues, Steve Tuttle, a right wing, and defensive player Uwe Krupp collided right in front of the goal. That’s apart of hockey, colliding, however, Tuttle’s skate flew up in the air and cut the carotid artery of Clint Malarchuk. It takes two minutes and 16 seconds for your body to entirely bleed out, and at 40% blood loss, you black out. So, you would think that Malarchuk would have died, but he didn’t. He was saved by his trainer who had Jim Pizzutelli who had served in Vietnam and saved Malarchuk’s life. That was a long story, but watching it evoked a response in my neck. A painful response.

That didn’t have anything to do with Joe Koshansky, I just wanted to explain how cool it is. Anyway, it’s an honor to dedicate my entry to Joe Koshansky. Look to see him doing amazing things with the Rockies, he’s young and has amazing potential. According to Don over at the Rockpile Rant, he’s also on Facebook, I have no idea though.

1. Photo courtesy: www.daylife.com
2. Photo courtesy: www.daylife.com
3. Photo courtesy: www.minorleaguebaseball.com



  1. juliasrants

    Congrats Emily! And you are a great writer! None of us – okay most of us – aren’t professional writers here. We just LOVE to have fun and talk…..mostly about baseball but heck – about whatever comes into our minds! Yes, we all try to get better but we are at our best when we are being ourselves! Keep up the great blogging and loved the dedication blog!


  2. Kylie

    I need to do both A and B as well.
    I love the mirror neurons–I remember watching a video in bio about those. I also know what you mean about the homer–I saw Mark Saccomanno slam the first major league pitch he ever saw out of the park.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  3. ohy22xd

    My answer is none of the above. Emily, you are a great writer. You should be happy about the results. I’m not even on the list! Anyways, congrats and I like your dedication. Keep writing for us! I can’t wait to read more of your latest entries.

  4. iliveforthis

    Julia- Thank you so much. I love that I can also rely on you to comment on my blog. It’s very… uplifting for me.

    Kylie- I’m fascinated by mirror neurons. I think they are so cool! Like the fact that you get to experience something with someone… I mean… unless it’s painful, then that sucks.

    Hyunyoung- Thank you, I appreciate that so much. I love reading your writing as well. You write a great blog.

    Sue- Writing about it was just as bad. My neck was like… getting this weird feeling in it. In fact, thinking about it now makes me feel that too. I’ve never watched Lost. By the time I decided I should get into it, it was a little too late. But I’m glad I could enlighten you on the explanation!

  5. williamadkins11@cox.net

    I liked your neuron # 47 story. Let me tell you one. My neurons recall the day that #47 married my daughter – Nov 2007. One of the absolute happiest days in my 53 years. Let me reflect on another, when he called me to meet him in Charlottesville one cold Jan day to ask my and my wife’s permission and blessing to marry our only daughter. # 47 or Joe, is a very classy and cool, gathered guy. He likes outdoor fires, Belgium beer and his family. And oh, by the way, he loves baseball and works harder to prepare than a Secret Service agent protecting the President. He deserves a solid chance to start and play ….somewhere …if not CO. You should really know him…..a very great man, husband, son-in-law and ballplayer! Go Joe!!!!

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