It’s time for a break

Ladies and Gentlemen of MLBlogs,

Tonight, I watched as my two favorite teams lost their first spring training games, the Rockies fell to the Diamondbacks 5-3 and the Red Sox lost to the Twins 5-2. It was heartbreaking. Well, I didn’t actually watch the Rockies play, but I read about it after.

While I was watching the Red Sox play, my eyes were glued to the TV. It felt like an eternity since I’d seen something so phenomenal, something that my heart had longed for. Baseball encompasses my life, it’s in every breath I take. As of this moment, every goal I have in life has an ulterior motive. I want to go to bartending college and get a job at a lounge that’s rumored to have Rockies go to it. I want to go to rolfing school to learn about a specific type of massage that should help me with my sports psychology goal.

I’ve never been more in love with anything than I have with baseball, and, as sad as it is, I mean anything. When hockey consumed my life, I had no problem with the off season, I survived it. If you were to tell me that at that time that in the future, when I was 23 years old I would be infatuated with baseball I would have called you crazy. Maybe it’s that hockey season is longer, I can’t really say.

Yes, baseball and I seem to go together like this:

Or this

This consumption of my life has made me think I need to try an experiment. But first, I have to give you some background on what I’m doing and why.

I’ve decided that I need to take a break from blogging. Here’s why, blogging has consumed my world. I love talking about baseball and to be given the opportunity to talk about it with people who love it as much as I do, probably more, means that I don’t have to talk about anything else with anybody. I have people to talk about baseball with, my love and my obsession, who needs anything else?

Next point, I’m incredibly dense. Once I went to Best Buy with my friends, and apparently the cashier guy was flirting with me and my friend had to point it out to me. I was like, “what? No, he was just being friendly” and she was like, “no, Emily. He was very obviously flirting with you.” Then my other friend who was at the other cashier station was like, “Emily, even I could tell he was flirting with you.” So, then, I had to ask this question. This question came with all seriousness, “how can you tell when someone is flirting with you?”

Yes, I had to ask that question, and I still don’t know the answer. I believe that I’m not a very interesting person. I don’t have a lot to talk about except for what’s going on in the sports world, mostly baseball and hockey and I’m starting to get pretty good with football. I very much think like a guy, and because I can relate to guys so well, it’s very easy to tell that most of the ones you will encounter hate it when you know more about sports than they do. So, here’s what I’m thinking. It’s time to learn to talk to people. I often have trouble making conversation with people unless they bring up something about baseball. I try not to bring it up because then you’ll never get rid of me, I’ll just keep trying to talk to you about baseball, but if someone else does, then, I’m like, “OH BASEBALL!!! Yeah, what did you think of this off season trade? How do you think this pitcher is going to do? What did you think of (insert something interesting here)?”

So my hope is that not talking about baseball for a week will force me to talk about something else for a week. I mean, I wouldn’t mind talking about baseball with someone if they bring it up to me, but to have it available to me 24 hours a day seven days a week, maybe it’s time to think about other things. With the start of spring training games, I know, it’s really not the best time to be taking a break, but that’ll be a little bit of a test. I hope you all understand what I’m trying to convey to you.

So one week after posting this blog… and doing the usual blog rounds… Yeah, then I’ll be back March 3rd. Oh man, it seems really far away, I hope I’ll make it. So, I’ll be eager to come back and catch up on things and see how my conversational skills will go. After all, admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Oh! Also, I put a little link to my Facebook page on my sidebar, so then we can be not only MLBlog friends, but Facebook friends as well. Yay. Okay, I’ll be back March 3rd (not quite a week, but c’mon, baby steps).

1. Video courtesy: FritoLayDips
2. Video courtesy: FritoLayDips



  1. Kaybee

    Oh man I am like exactly the same way! Whenever I meet someone new, the one thing I really want to talk about is sports! But I don’t meet too many new people so…but this is a good thing for you! See you back here soon!

  2. Elizabeth D

    Oh man Emily,
    I have the same problem. I have no idea when guys are flirting, or how to flirt myself. And I know exactly the guys you’re talking about– the ones who get pissed if you know more than them. Yeah, story of my life lol. Cute videos too! We’ll miss you over here on the blogosphere, and I’m friend requesting you now!


    Hi Emily,

    I know how you feel, I need to take breaks from blogging every now and then too, so I hope when you come back you’re refreshed and ready to go, but if experience is any guide, you still will have no clue what guys are thinking.

    Rox Girl

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