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Wow, so it has been a really long time since I blogged. You would think that I got a job or something… well, you’d be wrong. I’m still jobless. I would like to tell you that I’ve been doing something really great and I’ve been busy running around being awesome, but that would be a lie. Do you ever look at the clock and realize it’s four in the afternoon and think, “what… what did I even do today?” Maybe that’s just me, but that is what happened this past week. I mean, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve blogged.

So first, oh man, did you watch the WBC game tonight? USA vs. Puerto Rico?!?! I almostDavid Wright.jpg peed my pants! That game was amazing!! Amidst the injuries, the US managed to pull of a win. An amazing one considering they were down until the bottom of the ninth. I’ll be honest, I thought that Puerto Rico was going to take it. I had read an article about the possibility of the USA having to forfeit because there have been an extreme amount of injuries, but wow, what a game. I guess that’s from my perspective. I mean, I always hate when they show the other team, ya know, the team that lost? Because their faces, you just empathize with them and are like… wow… that sucks. When I saw Kevin Youklis get walked I was like stoked and then when David Wright came out and hit that ball down the right field line. I think Kevin Youklis said it best when he said, “You’re celebrating a game. You’re celebrating a nation.” Anyway, that moment was just amazing, to see USA come back.

So… is the season here yet?

I’ve had a lot of random thoughts lately, that’s probably why this blog is titled random thoughts.

I don’t like that I haven’t been able to watch any of the Rockies spring training games. I mean, MLB Network doesn’t ever show them because, let’s be real here, not a lot of people want to watch the Rockies. I know it’s only spring training, but it’d be nice to see the team that I worship every once in a while. I have to rely on this application that I downloaded for my ipod to get scores, and that’s it. It’s disappointing that I don’t really get to know what’s going on.

So… I’ve realized that now that I’ve sat down and started writing, I’m like “uh… what did I even want to write about?”

I don’t think that anyone else will appreciate this discussion except my Broncos obsessed friend who reads my blog and maybe Don who I can only assume named his dog after John Elway.
jaycutler71.jpgLately there’s been a lot of drama between Jay Cutler, our QB and Josh McDaniels, our new head coach. If you don’t know, McDaniels was signed as the head coach of the Broncos this past season after Shanahan was fired. He came from the New England Patriots. So, lots of unnecessary drama has ensued between the two parties, in a nut shell, McDaniels wanted his golden boy Matt Cassel to come over and play for the Broncos, and Cutler had to find out the hard way that his job was in jeopardy. Now both sides don’t seem to be backing down which has caused Cutler to put in a request for a trade. 

To relate to baseball fans out there, this is kind of like the Manny Ramirez drama in the sense that it’s old. Both sides have a Manny Ramirez complex believing that they’re right.

A lot of people are down on Jay Cutler, a lot of Colorado fans. Everyone talks about him as being a cry baby, being a poor sport, and being a spoiled brat. Of course, I’d have to ask, what person isn’t? If you’re a fan of football, you know that the QB faces the most scrutiny of the team. When a team loses, the first person we blame is the quarterback. Cutler is NOT a bad quarterback, in fact, he’s quite good. I mean, c’mon, his third season playing he made it to the pro bowl.

Do you ever see something ridiculous and want to sit down both parties, hit them both on the back of the head and be like, “knock it off.” Like, if James Gordon would’ve just told Harvey Dent that they meant to save Rachel Dawes, then well… the movie wouldn’t have been as good. But ya know, you could’ve just told both sides to knock it off. That wasn’t really a good example…

Anyway, I think that I would be a good mediator between the two and would be able to approach the subject in a non violent manner.

Here’s what both sides need to be told:

jaycutler2.jpgMr. Cutler, I understand you’re upset, and I know that you have a right to be. The way that Coach McDaniels approached you about your job was completely inappropriate. But right now, you need to be there for your teammates and show them that you’re still the leader of this team. Many of these guys look up to you and the way that you’re acting right now doesn’t necessarily reflect a leadership role. You also need to understand where Coach McDaniels is coming from. I can’t speak for him, but as a young coach, I would imagine that being in a position of high authority and being so young, he needs to show that he is the person in charge. Perhaps he went about it the way that he felt was necessary, and it may not have been a way that you agreed with, but it was the way he chose to do it. I think right now is the opportune time to show McDaniels that he would’ve made a mistake if he traded you. Yes, he found a lot of success with Matt Cassel, so it’s no wonder he wanted to bring him over, but show him that he can be successful with you. Prove to McDaniels that he would’ve made a mistake by trading you, prove it to everyone who is doubting you as a leader right now. It’s important that you prove to your team that you’re still the leader that they believe in.
Coach McDaniels, you know that you’ll be under a lot of scrutiny as one of the youngest headcoaches in NFL history. Last season you found a lot of success with Matt Cassel, he could be considered your golden boy. It’s no wonder that you wanted to bring him over to the Broncos this coming season. You want to be viewed as successful, and right now there’s no reason you can’t be. I understand that as the coach, you needed to assert your authority over the team, however, I think we can both agree that perhaps it should’ve been in a different manner. Right now, you have to think about your options, who you would choose as a QB now that Cassel has gone to the Chiefs. Chris Simms only threw two passes last season, he’s not entirely a person you’d want to rely on. Right now Cutler is your best option, and you need to show him that despite everything that has ensued between you two, that you still support him. As a new head coach, it’s also important for you to find success. We can both come to the conclusion that people will have no problem bringing you down when your team is losing, and everyone is expecting a lot out of you right now. Know that your first season as head coach isn’t necessarily going to be the most successful one. Both you and the team have a lot of adjustments that you need to make in order to accommodate each other. I think that it’d prove to everyone what a great coach you were if you found success with Cutler as well. You want
to be seen as versatile when it comes to the team that you’re with, it’ll show other teams that you can find success with whatever quarterback you’re with. It will further your career in the long run, and prove to everyone who is doubting you that you can coach any team.

There, take that both sides.

I guess that’s all I have to say. Except that all these injuries need to stop. I think it’d be nice if you could hit something intangible like injuries and tell them to knock it off as well.

I guess that’s all. It doesn’t have much to do with baseball, but I’m very ready for the season to start and to actually see some of my teams games.

Oh, but in the spirit of randomness, I have two pictures that I’d like to share with you. I don’t know where I got them.
Surprise Attack.jpg 
And this one.

Ha ha. Hilarious.


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  1. juliasrants

    Emily – the Broncos’ saga has been interesting to follow. I think that wherever Cutler ends up good be in for a great season for Cutler will have a lot to prove to the coaching staff in Dallas. Glad you’re back – we missed you!


  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Emily, Elway the pug was named after Elway. I have to say I had really high hopes for Jay Cutler. Now this whole deal has soured me on Jay and the Broncos. I’m in Bronco limbo right now. I do see both sides. Why is it when the Owner/mgmt talk tradfe it’s just business. When Cutler mentioned a trade he was being disloyal to his team. In the end I believe he’s a football player and should be out at practice with his teammates….D

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