Love and Loathing in Colorado

Man, trying to get back into blogging has been extremely difficult! Lots of things have come up that have prevented me from doing this thing that I love. So, hopefully I can be back… for real and get back on that top 50 list that I’m now lusting after… Anyway, here we go.

In this world, there will always be winners…usrelaycelebrate.jpg… and there will always be losers.

In any competition, there will always be one man, one team, one triumph, one moment of complete victory and domination over the formidable enemy.

As children, we were taught that good will always vanquish evil. For me, Disney movies taughtLand Before Time Platvoet met moeder.JPGme that. Ariel beats Ursula (Prince Eric if you want to get technical), Simba beats Scar, and Little Foot will always prevail over Sharp Tooth. Okay, so that last one wasn’t Disney but I can’t resist that little dinosaur (little known fact: I cried in that movie). Too bad they soiled the name of Little Foot by making like… 18 follow-up movies that were all terrible. That’s not actually what I want to talk about though.

We all like to taste supremacy no matter what the situation. Winning is the sweetest taste we can have. The release of endorphins that surge through your brain telling you that you are, in fact, the better person. You didn’t just decide that you were better, you proved it to everyone by beating that person or that team. However, the taste of defeat gives you the displeasure of festering in the vile, sickening, and horrible feeling that you were beaten. That you are the lesser and you are leaving the battle with nothing. It’s a feeling you never get over, you may move past it, but you’ll never get over it.

As fans, we also relish in the victories and suffer through the defeats of our favorite teams. If you’re a Broncos fan, you love to see them pulverize the Raiders. An Avalanche fan lives to see the destruction of the Red Wings. And a Red Sox fan basks in any victory over the Yankees. You can’t be a Rockies fan and say Eric Byrnes is your favorite player. If you’re a Red Sox fan, you can no longer proclaim your love for Johnny Damon. See, there are these certain unspoken rules that say if you like x, you can’t also like y. As a fan, I love rivalries. The anger and the passion that goes into the game makes it that much better, that much more intense.

With that premise, let me tell you that I am not ashamed of the teams that I love. I will wear them proudly. There’s a 99.5% chance that I am the only person in Colorado with a bag like this:

Photo 7.jpg

No, it’s not a jersey, it’s a bag. An amazingly awesome bag. Everyone always thinks that I made it. Yeah right. 1. I’m the second least domesticated person I know, and 2. Like I could bring myself to destroy a Josh Beckett jersey.

Photo 8.jpgSo, if you ever see someone walking around with that bag, there is a 99.5% chance that it’s me. 

Anyway, here’s the deal. I was sitting in Starbucks with my Red Sox jersey bag slung over my chair and I’m sporting a Ryan Spilborghs t-shirt. As I’m getting ready to leave, this elderly woman asks me if I made my bag. I tell her no, I could never bring myself to destroy a Josh Beckett jersey. She said something along the lines that she absolutely loved it, but would love if more if it were another team. If I recall correctly, and I would like to think that I am, she said something about really not liking the Red Sox. Half way out the door, I turned around and explained to her that I absolutely bleed purple and black and love the Rockies.

Interjection: I am a Rockies fan, the Red Sox are not my #2 team, they’re my other favorite team; however, if it came down to it, I would cheer for the Rockies in the World Series.

Anyway, there was a slight element of surprise on her face, and then she spoke these words:

“You can’t be a Rockies fan AND a Red Sox fan.”

Oh god… here we go. Any time anyone says that to me, there needs to be this long explanation of why you CAN be both a Rockies fan and a Red Sox fan. Often times, I find myself confusing passion with anger… meaning that in a heated debate, I may sometimes yell. This had to be restrained because I was talking to an elderly woman, and let me tell you, it was not easy.

“See, there’s this idea that a rivalry actually exists between the Rockies and the Red Sox, which there is none. Before this World Series, there wasn’t anything. The Rockies swept the Diamondbacks in the NLCS, so does that mean…”

No, she would hear none of it. Not rudely, but in that “I’m cute because I’m an old lady so I can say things to you that you can’t argue” way she said,

“you can argue all you want, but you won’t convince me.”

Well, that was it, I wasn’t going to convince her. So, I left the Starbucks feeling defeated. This got me thinking, am I wrong to live and breathe for both the Rockies and the Red Sox? Can you really NOT be a fan of both teams? Is my life a lie?!

Yes, when you’re younger you’re taught that good vanquishes evil, but in this case… there’s not really an evil one. I mean, in the eyes of some people, the Red Sox are the evil ones, and the heroes fell to them.

I can understand things like, you can’t be a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan. The rivalry between those two teams runs deep, it’s been there for decades, a century! Anytime I meet a Yankees fan, unless they convince me otherwise they’re put in that 80% of fake Yankees fans. Like I said, I proudly represent my teams, and I despise bandwagon fans. Anyway, whenever I meet someone who looks at my bag and says that they’re a Yankees fan, I always want to do the jerk thing and ask them about their favorite player, how many championships the Yankees have won. I mean, let’s face it, the Yankees are an easy team to like, they win… a lot. And everyone likes to win, so everyone is okay with proclaiming themselves as a Yankees fan. Anyway, that’s another tangent.

So… yeah, there’s a rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees that has been there for quite some time… so… when did losing in the World Series constitute a rivalry between the Red Sox and the Rockies? I mean… what was supposed to happen? Were the Red Sox supposed to think, “oh hey, you haven’t won a World Series yet… why don’t we just throw this series and let you win.” No, that’s ridiculous.

Yeah, the Rockies were swept, beaten down very badly. But didn’t they do the same thing to the Diamondbacks? I mean, everyone knows that Eric Byrnes said, “I don’t think the Rockies outplayed us.” Yes Eric Byrnes, yes they did. And then the Red Sox outplayed the Rockies. Straight up, they were outplayed, it was obvious. It could’ve been the long break that the Rockies were on, it could’ve been that it was just the end of that miracle. Yeah, it would’ve made a great Cinderella story to see the Rockies win a World Series, but they didn’t.

nhl-commissionary_trophy.jpgSo now, I’m with the Rockies when I know that we’re still lusting after that World Series trophy. I’m with the Rockies knowing that we will never get over that sweep by the Red Sox. And I’m with the Rockies believing that we were straight up outplayed by the Red Sox. It was a hell of a run, and yes, it came to an end. But in no way, in my eyes, will that ever constitute a rivalry between the Rockies and the Red Sox. To me, people who believe that are ignorant of what actually happens in baseball and what sports are about. There will always be a winner and there will always be a loser, and it should be that motivation that makes us want it more.

I may be the only Rockies AND Red Sox fan in the state of Colorado… in the world, but I AM a fan of both teams, and I will wear BOTH proudly, always. Hate me if you want for the things that I love, I won’t hold it against you, because I don’t jump on and off the bandwagon.

Also, after reliving those 21 out of 22 games, I know that nobody deserved a World Series trophy like the Rockies did. I also know that it’s not osmething that happened. No matter what happened though, 50 years down the road, it will be something that is remembered. As nice as the Commissioner’s Trophy would have been, the Rockies WILL be remembered for their race to a championship. It’s like… they may not be champions, but they sure as hell played like champions.



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  1. juliasrants

    Emily – yes I am a Red Sox fan – but I have to agree with you: there is no Red Sox -Rockies rivalry! You have to play a team often in order for a rivalry to exist! The odds of both teams making it to the World Series at the same time are long. We Red Sox fans still have a bit of a sore spot for losing to the Mets in ’86, but rivals? I think not! Isn’t it funny how people can get such strange ideas?


  2. rrrt

    I think there needs to be a history for there to be a rivalry. I would not say that the Phillies have a rivalry with any AL team. Not even NL teams from the other divisions – they just don’t play each other frequently enough. Right now I’d say the main rivalry is with the Mets, as they’ve been battling each other for the NL East the past few years. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that we “adopted” the Rays as our AL team a few years ago – even though the Phils and Rays met in the WS last year, I don’t consider them rivals and will still root for them.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. rocktober2007

    I get that same question asked to me a lot every time I mention I’m a Rockies, Cubs & Yankees fan. I just say “Why not?” other times I’ll just say “So what?” I was born a Cubs & Yankees fan though I’ve only been to 3 (or 4) Cubs games in Chicago I’ve never been to a Yankees game in NY, I have been to the 2 Yanks vs Rox games here in Coors back in 2002 & 2007.
    The Cubs are my 2nd fav team & the Yanks are my 3rd (& only) fav AL team but the Rockies will always be my #1 team & I’ll always bleed the color purple.Missy

  4. iliveforthis

    Alex- One thing that drives me nuts is when people are like, “The Red Sox are the new Yankees.” That is pretty annoying and shows that people have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m glad you like my bag though, it pretty much rocks my life.

    Julia- I just can’t figure out where people get these ideas. Because honestly, what was supposed to happen? I mean, did everyone just expect that the Red Sox were going to throw the series? Stupid people.

    Sue- I agree that history is a big part of a rivalry, and it’s something that just doesn’t exist between the Rockies and the Red Sox, or in your case, the Phillies and the Rays.

    Jeff- No need to shout, I’m right here. I wanted to tell you to remember your “netiquette” but I couldn’t for the life of me remember that word and sat here for like five minutes before I ended up typing into google “etiquette and internet.” That’s slightly embarrassing.

    Missy- It’s hard to say that the Rockies and the Red Sox are on equal playing fields because the fact is, they’re not. I mean, if it were to really come down to it, the Rockies would be my number one, but it’s so close, I don’t want to choose one.

  5. Elizabeth D

    This is such a great post. You’re right… there are some teams that you just can’t be a fan of both. Like the Red Sox and Yankees. I can’t like Johnny Demon anymore (not that I want to). But you have every right to love both teams. I love the Red Sox but I also root for the Marlins. Though I can be mean to them if the anti-Red Sox fans start being mean to me.

    By the way, that 21 out of 22 run was amazing. I was scared playing you guys in the WS.

  6. Kylie

    I went to Astros/Rox games last year in Rockies gear. I was booed. I was heckled. I was told to go back to Colorado (had to laugh at that one, since I was born and raised in the great state of Texas). My uncle threatened to throw me off the terrace deck, where my seat was at the time. But I chanted the Tulo chant with the best of them.
    As an Astros fan, I’ve been bred to hate the Cubs and Cardinals as “divisional rivals.” Nice idea, but our real rivals are the Braves and Dodgers back from our NL West days.
    Where was I going with this? I think it had something to do with my empathizing because the Rockies are my OTHER favorite team, not my second favorite.
    Kylie —

  7. Lissi

    You can definitely be a Rockies fan and a Red Sox fan! I am an Indians fan and a Cardinals fan. Basically the same. If the Indians and Cardinals were ever in the WS I would not want the Cards to let the Indians win and I would not hate them if they won the WS. Someone has to win. That’s just how it is. Now I will never be a Cubs fan or a Tigers fan. I will also never be a Yankees fan. I also don’t like the Astros. They bother me.
    You are definitely right about Land Before Time btw, the never-ending parade of sequels killed it and seem to keep getting worse and worse. Yes that is in the present. I don’t think they are done.

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