The Quest for an Opening Day Ticket

Bear with me, the story I’m about to tell you is long and slightly unfortunate. Actually, mostly ridiculous.

CR.jpgSince approximately September 28th, 2008, I have been saying to myself, “Opening day, you are MINE!!!” Maybe not that dramatic, but I have had every intention of being at the Opening Day game against the Phillies come April 10th. I had this not very strategic plan that I was going to graduate college, pick up a job, meet people so I could take advantage of their willingness to cover my shift on April 10th, and make it to opening day all without breaking a sweat.

Since September 28, 2008, I have learned the hard way that plans do not ever go my way. This plan was no exception.

Fast forward to the not so distant past of February 16th, the day that Rockies single game tickets went on sale. My first thought was “OPENING DAY!!! OPENING DAY!!! OPENING DAY!!!” That’s when reality set in and punched me right in my face saying, “Emily… um… you don’t have any money.” Oh crap!!! Reality is right!! I have no money. So, then I had to really buckle down and start applying for jobs. 

The next series of events were my own fault for being so stupid. I had been applying for jobs and thought that I finally had a winner. On February 20th, I went in for an interview at TGIFriday’s and the manager really liked me. Not only that, but he was wearing a Rockies band, like the LiveStrong ones. My thought was, “oh this one is in the bag!” I started talking with this manager about baseball and how the Rockies were my absolute favorite team, talking about predictions and injuries, all the good stuff. I guess he and his wife had gone to one of the World Series games in 2007, he joked that they were still paying it off (he probably wasn’t actually joking, but… ya know). He told me that he was interested in me doing a second interview with another manager and said that he would give me a call with that information. It was also at this time, two days later, a good friend named Don told me he had an extra opening day ticket and asked if I would be interested. I was so ready to write him back and be like, “Don, I owe you my life, thank you so much.” I began typing that into the e-mail and thought “wait… what if you get this job?”

It became a very real possibility that I may be employed by the time opening day rolls around. My first interview was February 20th, I hypothesized that my second interview wouldn’t be until about a week later, February 27th. A second interview is usually a good sign, so the way I saw it was that if by some miracle I was employed there, I wouldn’t start until a week after February 27th which would be the beginning of March. From there, how bad would it look if I either A. requested time off, or B. got someone to cover my shift. A month into employment I would have to prove that I was more dedicated to the job than I was to baseball (yeah right, like that could ever happen). So, I wrote Don back telling him that I would have to consider it. The fact is, if I had gotten the job, I couldn’t just flake out on one of my blogging heroes, so, I hoped that I’d hear back for a second interview sooner rather than later.

Well, a week turned into a week and a half, I called and left messages, none of which were returned by the guy who interviewed me. Finally, I decided screw it, I’m going to opening day.
However, fate had decided otherwise, and Don no longer possessed the ticket.

I thought, “I’ll survive. I’ll find another way in.” I still had no money… I should say that I stillSeason Ticket.jpg have no money, but well, ya know. So, I continued my search for a job deciding what I want to do to get a ticket for opening day. Not only what I want to do, but who I want to go with. If Don doesn’t have the ticket any more and Tom is off traveling the world, I was left to myself. The next task became finding someone to go with me. I had to wait for my friend to request the day off (since she is actually in the work force) and make sure it was approved.

Okay, now I have someone to go to the game with, I still have no money, but I’ll find a ticket!

All right, more fast forwarding to March 13th. My friend told me that for her birthday and St. Patty’s day, she and a bunch of friends were taking this cabin trip and she wanted me to come. So, i dropped my car off at my friend’s house in Fort Collins and we met up with my friend and went up to this cabin. Let me interject and tell you that it was the biggest red neck weekend ever. The cabin didn’t have running water, I rode ATVs, I shot guns at cans, and started drinking before noon. As a whole, it was a good time. So, here I come back down to Fort Collins after having this fun weekend away. I get to my car, and what is this that I see?!

Parking_citation.jpgI have a parking ticket! I have a parking ticket because I have expired plates. I don’t actually have expired plates, but I’m living with my dad who lives on the 11th floor of this building, and I never just go down to my car with a screw driver to take the license plate cover off. So, I’ve been carrying around my registration and my stickers with me. That way, if a cop pulls me over, I could say, see, my car really is current. But, that was not the case here, I was just given a ticket. So, I did what any good citizen would do and threw it in my bag and forgot about it. So, off I went searching for a job again and yet again, it was unsuccessful.

At one point, I had thought I caught a break. King Soopers sells Rockies tickets for ten bucks, but… not opening day tickets. So, still on my quest, I just make the decision that I am going to pay whatever I have to for an opening day ticket. So, now fast forward to March 24th. I’m digging through my awesome Red Sox bag, that is not a jersey, looking for something when I discover… THE PARKING CITATION!!! I was supposed to pay it no later than eight days after I got it. Well, I was over the eight days and it was past business hours. So, I called in on the 25th and said that I would pay it by phone, the fee was heavily increased and I was like, okay, I’ll just pay it with my non existent money and get it over with.

The girl on the phone was very nice and told me that if I could prove that my registration was current, I could get the ticket price cut in half. Well, $25 is much better than $50, so, I asked her how I could do that. She said that I could come in and show them my registration, fax it to them, or e-mail it to them. I told her that I didn’t live in Fort Collins and she said just send her an e-mail with it and with my name and phone number and then she’d call me and I would pay and that would be that. Okay, that would work fine, I was going to go to Lafayette and while I was there, I would just get it scanned in and e-mail it to the girl… I think her name was Lauren.

So, I jump in my car to visit my sick grandmother in Lafayette (I know, typical type of excuse, a sick grandmother, but I swear it’s true). I get to my mom’s house and she tells me that my grandma is in Hospice until she can get her pain under control and then she can go home. So, we head over to
Hospice and my grandma is not well at all. In fact, the CNAs in the beginning of the night are certain that she will not make it through the night.

Let me interject again and say that after taking a course in death and dying, I’m pretty okay with talking about death and even cracking a few jokes, ya know, lighten the tension. So, I hope that nothing I say offends you about dying… or people who are dead. Okay, so with that preface…

So, the CNAs are saying my grandma is probably not going to make it through the night, so my mom and I end up staying with her. It’s a good thing I brought my computer up with me. Did you notice yesterday that I wrote my blog at 4:10 in the morning? Yeah, that was me still awake. Sometime around 2 in the morning, other nurses came in and said that my grandma was probably not going to go that night, but would probably within the next few days. I guess my grandma is some kind of fighter because I’m still here at Hospice.

However, even if my grandma had moved on, I would still be at Hospice, here is why:

AHH SNOW STORM.jpgI am now snowed into Hospice thanks to a freaking huge blizzard. Are you kidding me? To be honest, those pictures don’t do a whole lot of justice. Being the genius asian that I am, I often just wear flip flops everywhere, my trip to my mom’s was no exception. So, I couldn’t go outside and get more pictures, but for a phone, those are pretty decent.

So, here I am, trapped in Hospice, so even if my grandma did pass away, I would still be stuck in a building with people around me who will probably be dying. Not only that, but I can’t even pay my parking citation because I have no way of getting to a scanner to scan my current registration. I can’t get to a King Soopers to buy Rockiets tickets, and I can’t go anywhere because I’m here with my mom whose car is stuck in two feet of snow.

Are you kidding me?! I am not even making this stuff up.

So there it is, everything you need to know about my quest for an opening day ticket. And if you take any lesson from this post, it is this: Don’t go to Vegas with me.

Last thing I want to ask is this: have you ever been looking for a picture through google, like maybe something for your team and as you’re scanning the long list of pictures, you see the websites at the bottom and lots of them look something like: … That happens to me a lot.  

1. Photo courtesy:
2. Photo courtesy:
3. Photo courtesy: some person’s blog
4., 5., 6. Photo courtesy: me



  1. juliasrants

    Oh Emily! What a time you’ve been having! I wish I could reach through the computer screen and give you a hug! I hope your grandma is at peace and free of pain. And I hope somehow, someway you get opening day tickets. Take care and be careful driving in the snow!


  2. Lissi

    I think you are due for something amazing to happen. I bet you gat a job and tickets and your employer thinks it’s awesome that you love the Rockies and wants you to go to Opening Day so they tell you that you are not allowed to work on Opening Day.
    And I have definitely seen pictures from other people’s blogs on google. It makes me wonder if people see mine.

  3. iliveforthis

    Julia- That’s much appreciated. I still have intentions of getting opening day tickets!

    Metsgi- Thanks, I’ll need it.

    Sue- Thank you very much. I feel like the guy from My Name is Earl. I only know the show is about karma, so I’m pretty sure that I must’ve done something bad pretty recently.

    Melissa- I would love an employer who understood my obsession. Unfortunately, people with an obsession as deep as ours are hard to come by.

    Jeff- Unfortunately, that’s just a picture of a parking citation. The one I actually got was in a baby blue envelope, so it didn’t even represent all that I stood for.

    Paige- Stuff happens, humor is what makes everything a little better.

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