Twitter, Blizzards, and Baseball

First of all, thanks to everyone for your support from my post from yesterday. It was much appreciated to know that even though I’ve never met any of you, I have a nice support system here. Aww, baseball brings everyone together.

Whoo hoo!! Number thirty-five in the latest leader board! Thanks to all of you who read my blog and all of you who are actually out there in MLBlogs. And yay for baseball!! Having someone read your blog and comment on it is always a nice feeling. It’s like painting a room… well… not really. It’s like the end result of painting a room, how you feel accomplished and then people come in and look at how well you painted the room and are like, “wow, nice painting.” I guess…

I’ll be honest that I’m a little wired right now, I have like… 27 different things running through my head. I probably will forget about 25 of them when I’m trying to write this and tell you about all the things that are going through my head, but that’s okay. Who would even want to read a blog about the 27 different things going through my head? You all would think I’m even weirder than you already do.

So, I started to feel like I’m falling behind the times. I enjoy getting on and reading blogs, but I only have so much time in the day. Well, lately I’ve had lots of time because I’ve been sitting in Hospice with nothing better to do. Anyway, so I decided that in addition to Facebook, maybe I would join Twitter. A lot of you all have Twitter accounts and so I thought, this is a good idea toTwitter.giftry and catch up on my friend Julia or my comrades over at Red State Blue State or my pal Elizabeth.

So, I’m on Twitter and you have to type in your first and last name, ya know, no problem there, and then they ask for a username. Well, my first instinct is to give the same one that my URL for MLBlogs is. Deconstructingthoughts. Well, that’s kind of long and didn’t fit in the space, so I had to try and think of other ones. Here are some of the ones I tried that for possible obvious reasons weren’t available: Iliveforthis, twittermethis, twitterpated, emar, RoxRock, Rockies, I almost put Rockme, but then I thought of that commercial for the movie Hamlet II, and this is the only thing I took away from the commercials for that film, where some person yells “Rock me sexy, Jesus” and decided that that would not work either. So, I finally find one that no one else has, I cannot remember what it is right now, and create a Twitter account.

So, now I’m trying to search for friends on the Twitter thing, and they go and look in my address book in my gmail account and come up with two. Okay, so I have these two friends who I can follow… now how do I find Julia or Jeff and Allen or Elizabeth? Where is everyone?! I thought that I was pretty okay when it came to technology and websites and figuring out how to navigate my way through them, apparently Twitter is kind of an exception to this rule. So, rather than actually taking the time to figure it out, I just decide that I will figure it out later and delete my account.

Someday, look for me on Twitter, I’ll be there, today is just not that day.

So, if you read my blog yesterday, you would’ve known that I was stuck at Hospice thanks to a blizzard that decided to roll in and stomp all over everything. So, here are the pictures that I took today:

Blue sky after the blizzard.jpg
Day after the blizzard.jpg
after the blizzard.jpgWHAT IS THIS?! I’m from Colorado, I’ve lived here my whole life, really, I should know beter, but are you kidding me? The first picture shows that the roads are totally plowed, the second picture is my car at my mom’s house where the snow has pretty much melted off my car, and the third picture is the blue sky that we had today. Stupid weather patterns… if you can even call them patterns.

Well, besides knowing what kind of bag I have, now you know what kind of car I drive. It’s a good thing I don’t have a stalker. Plus, if I did have a stalker, they would know that I was creating a Twitter account and be like, “well, this person is doing all the work for me.”

So, after all the complaining that I did yesterday, you’d think I would have left Hospice, but no, I’m still here. Still waiting.

I think one of the bad things about being at Hospice, I might place it around the third of fourth not fun thing, is that I have no MLB Network. Oh, and another thing is that I keep getting shocked by everything. Must be my electrifying personality. Ha ha… oh… stupid joke…

Christian Colonel.jpgAnyway, congrats to Christian Colonel today! He plays for the Colorado Spring Sky Sox and was invited out to spring training. Odds are, he won’t make it onto the roster, but could be a good prospect. He hit a grand slam today! Yay!! Actually, the only reason I now of him is because I watched The Road to the Show the other day when I was staying with my grandma and he was on it talking about… well… the road to the show. I guess the title is pretty straight foward as to what it is I’m talking about. I think it’s always nice to see minor league players moving up to the majors and achieving their dream of making it in the big leagues. Perhaps we’ll hear from him later on this season.

Oh man, I just got the a really bad stomach ache sitting here. Oh well.

The Rockies season hasn’t even started and they already seem to be up against injuries. Although the Todd Father is back, Garrett Atkins and Brad Hawpe have earned a spot on the recovery list. Nothing bad, they’re still taking pitches and playing defense, but man, thinking of the injuries in the WBC and seeing some of my favorite players get injured makes me worried. I guess I’ll have to wait until the season starts to figure out what’s going on. Oh, my stomach ache ended. Weird.

I would also like to think that the Red Sox beat the Cardinals because I did not watch the game today. Of course, I don’t even know if it was on. Either way, sorry about the loss Jeff, I’m sure you’re used to it by now (oh burn! Just kidding… sort of… ). Any consolation, I’m used to losses as well.

Well, I suppose I should go back to bed and have the symphony of my grandma and mom’s cousin snoring to lull me to sleep. And if that doesn’t work, I can always watch Jeff Dunham and Peanut, because I love those guys.

Pleasant dreams, MLBlogs.   

1. Photo courtes
2., 3., 4. Photo courtesy: me
5. Photo courtesy:

Video courtesy: baddudenorris



  1. juliasrants

    Emily – I am “werbiefitz” on Twitter! When you get back on (let me know what your user name is!)- find me and then if you look at my “followers” you’ll find a lot of MLBloggers – plus several Naval Command Centers around the country – apparently when I girl mentions that she blogs on baseball & football (I do both!) it gets the fleets attention! lol Trust me – it is bizarre when you look through updates and find that Naval Central Command in San Diego is talking about you!! Shouldn’t they be defending the country or finding a better use for my tax dollars? Oh – Red Sox beat the Cards 11-8; Tek & Youk homered! Yay! And I love the video. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers!


  2. rockymountainway

    My my Emily. I thought my life had some interesting turns of late! I’m hoping by the time I’m typing this that at least some of the things are worked out for you! If I get some reliable internet soon you are always welcome to vent over at Tommy Walsh ville : )

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