“Opening day” here I come!

Welcome home Rockies!!!!


Finally, ten days and eight games later the Rockies are headed home!!! And guess who will be there in the vicinity of section 150, row 29, and one of the seats in 13-16?!

Photo 8.jpg

Garrett Atkins15.jpgThat’s right! Yours truly will be up left field line hoping to catch a glimpse of her two favorite players: Ryan Spilborghs and Garrett Atkins. I am totally stoked! I usually try to get a seat in the Pavilion, but all those seats were sold out. That tells me that maybe a lot of people will be at this game, which is even more exciting!

Granted, I’m a little worried, the Dodgers did sweep them in this past series, but really… I don’t care. I mean, yeah, it’d be great to see the Rockies win, but all I care about is that I’m going to be there! Finally!!!

I’ve practically been counting down the hours where IUbaldo Jimenez.jpgwill walk down to Coors Field, catch a little batting practice, pray that if a ball comes my way I’ll be coordinated enough to catch it (I have really awful depth perception), pick up my Ubaldo Jimenez t-shirt, sit in the glory that is Coors Field, and cheer my heart out. If I by chance see Andre Ethier, I’ll tell him that I read his blog. Maybe he’ll find somewhere to eat in Denver. What if I saw him eating in Denver?! That would be neat.

So, my predicted lineup for tomorrow? I’ll have to check with Thomas Harding‘s blog before I head out to see if I’m right:

1. Dexter Fowler

2. Ryan Spilborghs

3. Todd Helton

4. Garrett Atkins

5. Brad Hawpe

6. Clint Barmes

7. Chris Iannetta

8. Troy Tulowitzki

9. Aaron Cook 

Atkins, Tulo, and Spilborghs have been having some trouble with the bat, so there’s a strong possibility that their place will be changed around. Can’t wait to be there. No camera though, so you won’t get to enjoy my non existent photography skills. But I can’t wait to get home and blog about it!

I hope to see lots of this:

1. Photo courtesy: www.denver.com
2., 3., 4. Photo courtesy: my baseball picture collection



  1. iliveforthis

    Julia- I am so excited to go! I am practically dancing around my house!!!

    Sue- Last season, I swore that I would be at opening day, so even though times are tight, I figured I’d splurge a little.

    Jeff- Seeing how Spilborghs has been like… 0-4 for the past few games, I’m sure he won’t be upset.

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