It was déjà vu…

… Only a different seat, sitting with different people, and different players in the lineup.

Let’s rewind to “Emily goes to her mock opening day,” take one.

So, there I was walking down to Coors Field on Friday, late as usual; I was going to meet up with Tom Walsh from Rocky Mountain Way at the game. I arrive at Coors and look around to find no one who really resembles who I might consider Tom. So, I drop my friends’ tickets off at will call and wait, looking for Mr. Walsh.

First, let me tell you that if you’ve ever been over to Tom’s blog, you’ll know that there are no direct pictures of him. It’s like when it comes to pictures, he becomes all emo or something and you can’t ever see his whole face. So, in reality, I’m clueless as to whom I’m actually looking for. So, I’m waiting around for him and let me tell you, people are very misleading. Lots of them walked by, gave me a smile, and then passed right by me, like it could’ve been Tom approaching me and then it was like, “psych.” Thanks misleading people. For a short period there, I was worried that Tom was this creeper who kept lurking around me; and I certainly wouldn’t want to go up to the creeper and be like, “Um… excuse me… weird question… but is your name Tom and not Creeper, like I’ve so adequately named you?” Anyway, so eventually the creeper went away and IPhoto 9.jpg continued to wait. I waited and watched as the staff brought over the Ubaldo Jimenez t-shirts that I was definitely going to have to snag and thought, “If tom doesn’t get here and I don’t get an Ubaldo shirt, he’s totally going to get a punch in the face.” So, alas, the elusive Tom shows up and we enter Coors Field… and I get my Ubaldo shirt; can’t leave that part out. I suppose I should also not leave out that Tom was not a creeper and looked quite normal when he showed up. Anyway, so, once inside, I took in a little batting practice, Photo 10.jpgwhen who should I spot?!?! None other than the Rockpile Ranter!!! He immediately greets me with a big hug, but then it’s back to business; snagging balls is very serious. He catches a BP home run and without hesitation hands it off to me. Let me say that that was, without a doubt, one of the nicest things ever. I mean, I really just met the guy and immediately he hands me off a ball. So, thank you so, so, so, so much D!!! So, there it is, my first major league ball ever!! Don was gracious enough to give it a quick appraisal, but then it was back to snagging. So, my ball isn’t labeled with anything associated with batting practice, and it’s got a nice big spot on it from where it was hit. Tom asked me if I was going to get it autographed, I said I wouldn’t even have any idea how to do that, and he said it’s easy for girls. So I’ll have to work to get it autographed someday.

On another note Don, thanks for the offer with the nachos, but that game was far too close to get up and wait in line for food that will clog my arteries and eventually be my demise. We’ll have to wait for a more secure lead in the game. 

So, let’s give a quick wrap up of the game. It didn’t start out too well for Cook. He gave up twoAaron Cook.jpgruns in the top of the first and the thought that immediately went through my mind was, “oh no, it’s like a repeat of the April 18th game.” However, after some struggles, Cook closed down the inning and the Rockies came back to score in the bottom of the first. They scored again in the third and the fourth inning and were leading the game!… which didn’t last long because the Dodgers would score in the fifth. The game was pretty quiet until the eighth inning when the Dodgers would drive in two runs and the Rockies responded with two runs. All tied up, 5-5. Into the ninth, the game is tense, but a win is coming. I swore I could’ve felt it, it was my opening day, the Rockies owed me. Dodgers hit a line drive between AtkinsGarrett Atkins20.jpgand Tulo bringing them up a run. As much as I love Garrett Atkins, and trust me, I love Garrett Atkins, I really feel like if Ian Stewart were playing third, he might have been able to make that play. Last season, Stewart made some amazing plays, he had a fielding percentage of 0.944 while playing third. So, no offense to you dear Atkins, Stewart’s just a little more agile than you are. Either way, the Dodgers would win it 6-5. Some good things that happened during that game, Iannetta would raise his BA to above 100 and Atkins would get an RBI. Both of their stats have been suffering this season.

Oh, let me also say that I didn’t even use my Asian intellect during that game at all. Since I walked down to Coors Field, I had to leave my house early and it was warm outside, so I didn’t bring a jacket. Well, that was stupid of me, because the sun went down and it got cold… and so did I.

A score of 6-5 and a lack of intellect. Well, I didn’t like that too much, so I was headed back to Coors Field the next night.

So, we were going to try this again. “Emily goes to her second game where they will hopefully win and she’ll replace that with the awful memory of how they lost on her opening day,” take… two… kind of.

All right, prepared for the cold weather this time, I had on my ball cap, a scarf, gloves, two layers of shirts, plus my Rockies spring training jersey. Bring on the weather and bring on a win!

So… there I was, sitting in the Pavilion watching as Ubaldo Jimenez gave up not one, not two, not three, but four, he gave up FOUR runs. My first thought, it was like watching, it was the April 19th game against the Dodgers, except Ubaldo gave up all the runs a little earlier. Thanks, why don’t you let them score a little more.

That game, I discovered many things… that’s kind of a sentence fragment, but whatever. Onestadium.GIF thing I discovered… I hate the wave. Everyone loves the wave, why? It’s annoying, it totally distracts from the game. For example, everyone was so busy doing the wave and looking for where it was in the stadium that no one noticed that Glendon Rusch struck out Manny Ramirez. Manny Ramirez, who, by the way, was struck out three times. Take that Manny Ramirez, face.

Next thing, I’ve been told twice that Colorado has the worst fans and the most bandwagon fans. I don’t even believe that, but last night, I can guarantee you, I had the most incompetent woman sitting behind me. So, obviously Ubaldo gave up six runs. They brought in Glendon Rusch who, I know I hate, but did really well. So this woman sitting behind me was like, “oh, he’s much better than Ubaldo, they should’ve started him.” Okay, lady, he’s pitching like two innings, did you even see him last season? He wasn’t anything special. Fast forward a little more, Matt Daley coming up fresh from the Sky Sox enters the game. First thing he does, strikes out a guy. Then the woman behind me is like, “he’s clearly the better pitcher, he should’ve been pitching the game.” WOMAN! Do you know what you’re talking about?!?! No, you obviously have no idea. GAH!
The incompetence surrounding me!!!

Garrett Atkins21.jpgSo, we’ll rewind a little bit because I must give credit where credit is due. Who got a home run?!?! That’s right, Mr. Garrett Atkins! He was due for one too. I told him when he came up to bat, because I trust that he has super sonic hearing and can hear everything I say to him, that if he didn’t do something, I would cry… not at the field, but in the privacy of my own home, I would wallow in my misery. So, a home run was exactly what he needed. Unfortunately, his stats don’t represent that of a cleanup hitter, but he’s been doing much better with a bat than it appears.

The game ended with yet another 6-5 loss. It hurt bad. So today I will be watching the game from the comfort of my couch. They better win this one, no more of this sweeping shenanigans.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your All Stars!!! I’m having some difficulty voting for mine though. I’d like to see Todd Helton at first, but gotta do what’s best for the team which means also voting for Albert Pujols. I keep hoping Iannetta will come alive with the bat… so far, no dice. I still have like… 15 votes, I may have to start voting someone else in. In the spirit of doing what’s best for the team, same goes for the Red Sox, Mike Lowell is my old man, but… well, he’s old. Evan Longoria would look much better at third. It’s embarrassing to be voting for Dodgers players after all that… but when push comes to shove…

all Star ballot.png 

1., 2. Photo courtesy: me
3. Photo courtesy: I have no idea. It was just in my previously uploaded pictures.
4. Photo courtesy: my baseball photo collection
5. Photo courtesy:
6. Photo courtesy: my baseball photo collection



  1. Kylie

    Oh, the incompetence. I am quite familiar with that. Except at the last game I went to, it was more the drunks. I was on the Home Run Porch right above Matt Kemp and the guy next to me was leaning over the railing and yelling at Matt. Matt was a good sport, laughing and talking to the guy, but I was seriously thisclose to pushing Borracho over the railing and onto the field many stories below. THISCLOSE. Aah, fans.
    The creeper thing made me laugh SO MUCH.
    Kylie —

  2. Lissi

    It is encouraging to hear it is easy for girls to get autographs. I want some this summer. Congratulations on your first Major League ball! I was thrilled to see garrett Atkins hit a home run, i just recently picked him up in Fantasy to replace Alex Gordon and I am loving him. I hate when people around you don’t know what they’re talking about, it is so frustrating. Sometimes I just want to tell them they’re being obnoxious and need to be quiet if they don’t know what they’re talking about. I haven’t had a chance to start on your crane yet because it is finals week next week and I am swamped. I should start it next week though. All I have time to do now is go on Facebook and comment on blogs. I haven’t written one in like 4 days!

  3. juliasrants

    Emily – but did you see how well Mike Lowell is doing against the Yankees??? He isn’t really that old! And isn’t it weird waiting for someone you have only seen in pictures? I’m glad you met up with Tom and Don – and I will be sending out the cranes the beginning of the week! My boys were on vacation from school this past week and let’s just say it is hard to get things done with a house full of teen-aged boys! lol!


  4. rockymountainway

    Emily, you know I have exclusive photo rights to anyone you may punch in the face ; ) I switched up the outift a tadbit Sunday and we had a winner so maybe I’m onto something. For sure we have to hit up another game soon and see if we can’t rally the boys.

  5. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’m still laughing over the creeper paragraph. Now I’m gonna think of that whenever I wait outside a stadium for anyone. And probably look like the weirdo when I start laughing to myself. Congrats on your ball. D’s pretty much awesome. 🙂 And here come the “you and I are way too much alike” similarities: I too hate the wave. There’s no point, and when all those people stand up and I refuse to, I can’t see the game for those two seconds. SOMETHING IMPORTANT COULD HAPPEN!!! I must applaud you for not punching that incompetent woman in the face. It sounded like she deserved it. I hate stupid people. Oh, and that’s a pretty fantastic choice for AL catcher. That’s totally way awesome. 🙂

  6. iliveforthis

    Kylie- Drunk people can be the worst. If they’re cheering for my team, I’m pretty okay with them, but if they’re just belligerent and cheering against my team, then they should get a punch in the face.

    Melissa- Glad Atkins did something well for you. Lately he’s been pretty unimpressive, but he’s finally started to pick up and look like a cleanup hitter! It’s about time too.

    Julia- Lowell’s been looking good, but last season he seemed pretty prone to injuries. I’m just preparing myself for what might happen. Evan Longoria has been looking good this season, his slugging average is great. That’s why I voted for him. And I’m excited for cranes!!

    Jeff- Glad we all got to snag something from a game!

    Kaybee- Hopefully the Rockies are going to start picking up. These past two games have looked good for them.

    Tommy- We’ll definitely have to catch another game. Let me know what works for you. Being jobless, I’m pretty open to anything.

    Jen- I’m not even kidding, you have to watch out for those creepers. The dude was borderline lurker. I’m just glad it wasn’t Tom. And oh my gosh! If the stupid wave was in my way when Glendon Rusch struck out ManRam, I would’ve missed it. I think we would enjoy going to a game together. Hilarity would probably ensue.

  7. crzblue2

    Emily, Yeah! A vote for Ethier! reading your latest blog, I was reminded of my trip to colorado last year and I how we froze ourselves. See, our luggage did not arrive until after midnight. I had my Dodger poncho in my luggage. We kept going inside to warm up and kept having hot chocolate. We had a great time though

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