Forget swine flu…

Swine Flu.jpgWell, it’s here. The next best thing to the plague has finally arrived in Colorado. That’s right, the swine flu has decided to show it’s pig like face in the rocky mountain state. Despite the fact that the world is preparing to slaughter all it’s hogs in fear of death by swine flu, my fear of swine flu is minuscule compared to my fear of seeing my boys continue to lose games.

Yet again, I had to endure a loss to the San Fransisco Giants and the very legend that is Randy Johnson. This loss has put the Rockies 6.5 games behind. First of all, it’s May now, so Rockies, now is the time where you start winning. You know, April never looks too good for you, but now it’s not April, so… you’re running out of excuses.

Ubaldo Jimenez has recently been having a lot of problems with his mechanics. Since April 7th, Ubaldo hasn’t pitched more than sevenubaldo-jimenez.jpg innings where he got 8 strikeouts and had only four hits. Since then, his problems with his mechanics have been much more copious. He’s had a downward spiral that’s been apparent in his stats. On April 13, he pitched 3 2/3 innings with five strikeouts and four hits; April 19th, he pitched 4 1/3 innings with three strikeouts and seven hits; and on April 25th, he pitched 4 innings with three strikeouts and eight hits.

Ubaldo’s suffered through a lot. His lanky figure is what is his ultimate downfall when it comes to balancing out everything in his pitch. Jimenez is like a well oiled machine, and every part needs to work correctly, however, something’s been out of sync with the rest of the machine. What makes him so successful is when everything is balanced, when his mechanics allign and he throws that 100 mph fastball.

Yes, tonight was a good rebound for Jimenez despite the loss. He looked good, and it wasn’t a moment too soon, either.

rHuJaqmt.jpgIt was also great to see Brad Hawpe out there. After Monday night, with his injury, I was practically sick thinking about him. Let me also say, Brad’s full name is Bradley Bonte Hawpe… and I never would have guessed that was his middle name. In fact, for quite some time, I’ve always been under the impression it started with a “J.” Like… Bradley James Hawpe or Bradley Jonathan Hawpe. But anyway, I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so worried about Hawpe. When it was announced that he possibly had a concussion, I couldn’t stop thinking of that actress who died after getting a concussion while skiing. You know, she was like, “I’m fine, whatever” and then she died. Yeah, apparently, I’ve got a large emotional attachment to my players.

I also tried to go through and delete a bunch of my pictures so that I could find things when I wanted to, and then my blog lost a bunch of it’s pictures. Oops.

1. Photo courtesy: an e-mail from my dad
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  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    That is a fantastic Winnie-the-Pooh picture. OMG I can’t stop laughing! Hahahahaha! I’m glad Hawpe is playing again since concussions are scary. I too have a huge emotional attachment to many of my players. Not all of them, but most of them. 🙂

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