A Tale of Two Teams Part II

The only word that comes to mind is “wow.” I have to say thank you to everyone who helped make me #13 in the latest leaders!!! Freaking sweet! So I guess the other thing that comes to mind is “sorry.” Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while. I’d like to say that I was doing something cool like saving a burning bus of children while making cookies for them. That’d be a lie though. Anyway, that is the highest rank I have ever had, and I practically peed my pants when I saw it. I can usually find myself somewhere between 30-50, if I’m lucky. To be in the top 20 was like… well… wow. Thank our MLBlog leader Mark for posting all of that. Anyway, I’m stoked to be that high on the list, I could’ve done some serious dancing:

What was one of the things that got the Rockies to the World Series?

Rockies logo.gifThe fact that they were a scrappy team. It worked to the advantage of their team then… obviously, not so much now.
Nuggets logo.gif
The Nuggets? They’re also a pretty scrappy team. Just ask Mark Cuban. Apparently they’re all thugs.

Who was an underdog coming into playoffs?

The Rockies were a team no one has ever heard of.

The Nuggets haven’t been to the playoffs since 1985, and as far as anyone was concerned, they weren’t anything special.

Tonight while watching, three pointers were called “grand slams” by the commentators. 

It’s not just that, it’s the players too!

Disagree with me on this if you must, but I’ve started to see similarities between some of the Rockies and the Nuggets too.

The easiest one to identify: Chauncey Billups and Todd Helton.
Todd Helton.jpgChauncey Billups.jpg
Here’s why: As the leaders of the team, both Chauncey and Todd set an example for the rest of the team. They’re the ones who keep fighting and who keep encouraging the fight. Chauncey puts up big numbers, Todd puts up big numbers.

JR Smith and Brad Hawpe.

Brad Hawpe.jpgJR Smith.jpgHere’s why: Did you see JR Smith tonight?!?! He had 24 points, and most of them were three pointers. If you recall, apparently they can also be called grand slams. Now, I don’t think Brad is the leader of our team in grand slams, but he has the most RBIs for the team.

Chris “The Birdman” Andersen and Clint Barmes.

Clint Barmes.jpgChris Andersen.jpgBarmes hasn’t been bad with a bat, not at all, but it’s his defensive plays that compare him to the Birdman. The Birdman can block shots like nobody’s business and Barmes makes plays worthy of the All Star roster. Barmes isn’t the biggest name on the roster and neither is Birdman, but they’re totally note worthy due to their amazing plays.

The rest of the comparisons might be a little bit of a stretch, but I’d say Carmelo Anthony and Troy Tulowitzki.

Troy Tulowitzki.jpgCarmelo Anthony.jpgHere’s why: Melo is the up and coming star of the Nuggets. He’s one of the biggest names on the team and can be considered one of the best players; the same goes for Tulo. They’re both incredibly phenomenal players who have drive and passion toward their game.

Kenyon Martin and Dexter Fowler.

Dexter Fowler2.jpgKenyon Martin.jpgThat’s mostly because tonight Kenyon had 15 rebounds. Dexter Fowler shrinks the outfield by chasing down some of those fly balls. I guess that one’s slightly a stretch, but hopefully you get what I mean. Kenyon gives off a little more of an aggressive vibe than Fowler, but… whatever. 


I guess the one thing that I can hope for is that the Nuggets won’t have the same result as the Rockies did.

Last but not least, what came in the mail?

Julia mail.jpgIt’s not a kleenex box. No, this was mail from Julia over at Julia’s Rants! So, what was in the box?!

Julia crane.jpgBaseball themed too!!! Sweet.

Okay, this is the final thing, I swear. Let me say that I absolutely hate Kobe Bryant, I love LeBron James, and I’m totally addicted to these commercials:

1. Video courtesy: crazzy1142
2. Video courtesy: LeBron



  1. crzblue2

    Congratulations on #13! Well deserved, you are a good writer!
    Like you we lost one and won one. I heard Vin say that the Dodgers and Lakers are staying in the same hotel. It must be crazy having both teams in the same hotel.

  2. iliveforthis

    Emma- Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate that. Two LA teams staying in the same hotel?! Wow. I can’t even imagine how crazy that is. I would love to know what hotel they all stay at.
    Julia- Thank you. I’m trying to decide if the Nuggets win the Western Conference, who I’d like to see them play. Cavs with LeBron or Magic with Dwight. Just can’t decide.
    Jeff- The Rox were pretty much beyond nothing. The best way to describe their performance was pathetic, I’m hoping that they’ll bounce back though. Also, yay! I’m glad that you love those commercials too!
    Sue- Thank you so much! I actually haven’t really received very many. No big though, I have a whole life time to ask people. Maybe I’ll just start asking random people.

  3. rockymountainway

    All I get in the mail is heartbreak and disallusion. Lol just felt like saying that. I’ll have to let you browse the personal Tommy Walsh archives for Garrett Atkins photos and congrats on #13! People think I am lame hehe. Here’s hoping for some road wins : )

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