A Winning Game and Clint Hurdle

Finally! I’ve been waiting and waiting and finally, I was at a winning game!!

Winning ticket.jpgTonight I watched as the Rockies handed a loss to the Padres (sorry Hyun Young and Kaybee). It was about time for me to catch a win too, up until today, I was 0-5, but now, I’m 1-5! Hmm… seems like a ratio of the Rockies record… just kidding… kind of.
Clint Hurdle.jpg
Well, like every Rockie fan on MLBlogs (all five of us), Clint Hurdle’s on my mind. I’d like to sayI’m not shocked, this was kind of something that I was expectin for a while, but I’m actually a little surprised. I think it’s because I wasn’t expecting a decision until Monday. Clint Hurdle served as the manager from April 26, 2002 to May 29, 2009. He’s being replaced with (former) bench coach Jim Tracy who will manage the Rockies until the end of the season.

“Mixed feelings” is the best way to describe how I feel about Hurdle being let go. At the game today, I ran into Don from the Rockpile Rant (he’s pretty easy to spot with his shirt and we had a brief discussion on the topic. He made a very good point that I hadn’t thought of: The Rockies are kind of a cheap team; a lot of fudning has been cut or strained and through it all, Hurdle didn’t complain, he dealt with it.

Hurdle knew it was the end of his run and he left the clubhouse with a smile on his face. Now… whether or not he went home and cried, I have no idea. Good to know I’m not the only one unemployed… of course, Hurdle has a little bit of a better resume than I do. Anyway, yeah, it was time for a change, but I can’t say that firing Clint Hurdle is going to bring about everything that the Rockies need to change. There’s a lot of owrk to be done with hitting and pitching. Two of our biggest in each of those categories are struggling: Garrett Atkins and Troy Tulowitzki, and Manny Corpas and Jason Grilli.

Anyway, I guess I’m done with that news.

So, let’s talk about the game:

Jason Marquis.jpgNot only did I witness a win tonight, but I was able to witness Jason Marquis pitch, and let me tell you, that guy is kind of amazing. He pitched eight innings, had six strikeouts, and a pitch count of 105.

Not only that, but guess who was batting in the cleanup spot tonight?!?! That’s right! Garrett Atkins!!!

So… are we gaining faith in one of our biggest sluggers? I don’t know, he was walked tonight but didn’t really do anything else. He did have a few long drives, but nothin gthat got him onto base by his own merit.
Garrett Atkins45.jpg
Atkins is still struggling to get his average above 200, but I’m positive he’ll bounce back any day now. I’m sure anyone can say that, but I’m convinced. Atkins had some good timing today, but he couldn’t quite get the ball out of the park. Before you know it, he’ll be striking fear into the pitchers he faces and be back to his old self. It’s hard to see one of your favorite players struggling and it’s even harder when people sitting behind you see that you have and support Atkins by wearing his player t-shirt and then they proceed to talk about how much he sucks and how he needs to be sent down to triple-A and how pretty much anyone could do his job better than he does. I hope no one actually says that to him and they just say it to me because I still have faith that he’ll become one of our big sluggers again.

1. Photo courtesy: me
2. Photo courtesy: www.upi.com
3. Photo courtesy: www.zimbio.com
4. Photo courtesy: baseball photos 



  1. luckylori

    Emily…I think my guys DID hit the beach instead of BP. Only 5 hits tonight…ugh. Glad you got to see a win!
    It had to be tough to lose Holliday, but Street will ultimately prove to be valuable. We’ll see how Fuentes does when your Rockies come to Anaheim next month!

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    It’s nice to know Hurdle went out with class. And he can always say that he got the Rockies to the World Series, even though you guys didn’t win it. I have to say that I’m thrilled with Marquis’s performance last night. Because he’s on my fantasy team hahaha. It’s nice that the Rockies got another win again, although I will be honest that I’m torn when the Rockies and Padres play each other. Reading Rockies and Padres blogs makes picking a side difficult. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth D

    If I had it my way, the Red Sox would have hired you a few weeks ago and you would be helping David Ortiz out of his struggles… and Jon Lester too. I’m glad that you were at a winning game. I hope that many more come!

  4. iliveforthis

    Lori- Street has totally proven his worth to me. In the beginning of the season, he had a lot of struggles and it was rough to see that because I was really pulling for him for the closer role. But, now he’s great and so I’m pretty satisfied with the deal. Plus, it looks like Holliday is struggling a little out in Oakland.
    Hyun Young- Your Padres put up a good fight tonight. I can’t even hide my excitement though because of Garrett Atkins getting on base.
    Jen- I’m glad that Marquis is doing well on your fantasy team, he’s doing great for our team. There have been a couple times he hasn’t looked so great, but I blame a lack of run support on that. I love reading other people’s blogs and getting a feel for what’s going on in their teams world, but I will admit, it does sometimes make it hard in deciding which team to cheer for. Of course, you have different reasons since you currently reside in California.
    Elizabeth- I can’t even believe how much Big Papi is struggling!! I could only hope that my ideas would help both him and Lester out. Of course, I wouldn’t be too quick to hire me, I’m hoping to go back to school! Then I could hopefully help them out more. 😉

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    I know whenever I go to a Jays game, and they lose. The 40 minute ride home always seems long, quiet and dark. A win on the other hand, is a joyous occasion all the way until I lay down to sleep.

    Glad your team got a win for you! I’ve been to three Jays game this year, and they’ve won everytime! Continued luck to the both of us!

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