Emily Goes to a REAL Coors Field Experience

Parking for the Rockies game: $10
Price for the seats we were sitting in: $35 (for whoever actually had to pay for them)
Nachos with questionable cheese: $5.25
A day at the park with the Rockpile Ranter: Priceless.

When I e-mailed Don about hitting up a game together, he had an extra ticket and told me he’d give me the “real Coors Field experience.” Let me tell you, he absolutely didn’t fail to deliver.

It started out with a meeting outside the Rockpile gate. I eagerly walked up to Don excited to go into the park and start my day. He presented me with a glove, this glove:

Emily and glove.jpgMy first ever glove!! Good thing it’s all broken in, because I wouldn’t have any idea what to do. We headed into the ballpark where the people who check bags actually complimented me on my Red Sox jersey bag. WHOA! That blew my mind right there. This was totally going to be a good day because for the first time, I wasn’t harassed about it. We ran up the stairs and were on our way to some batting practice.

Don gave me some tips for catching balls:

  1. Don’t catch it right in front of your face because if you miss it… it’ll hit… well… your face.
  2. Try to stay between the bleachers, you’ll have easier access toward hits.
  3. Catch it in the pocket between your thumb and index finger, because if it hits your hand… it’ll hurt. Bad.

I also learned that there are certain unspoken rules to snagging balls. For example, Don was about to get this ball when some guy stuck his glove right in front of Don’s. Don’t do that. I have more unspoken rules to learn, but I’ll get there someday.

So we’re just hanging out standing there, nothing really coming my way. I stayed in the area where I was because I for sure wasn’t coordinated enough to keep my eye on the ball and climb stairs. Anyway, I’m watching when this homerun batting practice ball comes a few bleachers in front of me. “No way I’m going to get this ball.”

I have a lot to learn about catching a ball first of all. I have no idea what I’m doing. Going down stairs is kind of a big deal because I’m trying to keep my eye on the ball, but there’s stairs… and I always have to watch when I’m going down stairs or I’m going to trip and eat it… hard. So this ball is coming and it bounces off one of Don’s friend’s glove and lands right in front of me. I out race two dudes (not children) and grab the ball. My first batting practice ball that I, myself got… ever! A day in history!!

Emily's first BP ball.jpgDon would also snag a ball and practice would end shortly after that. It was off to the first base line to try and grab some autographs. I really, really, really wanted Garrett Atkins’ autograph, but no dice. In fact, I didn’t get anyone’s autograph. It’s possible I’m too passive aggressive to actually successfully get an autograph. People just kind of cut in front of me and I just kind of let them, plus I don’t just want to shove my baseball in some players face, so I failed to get anyone’s autograph. No big deal, I was standing so close to Clint Barmes, it was amazing (the pictures were taken with my phone… so… they kind of suck).

Barmes2.jpgI could see Garrett Atkins getting stretched. What I wouldn’t give for that job…

Atkins stretching.jpgSome where along the lines, Don got a ticket for seats up by the third base line (the phone doesn’t even do the seats justice)… where a certain, favorite third baseman plays… ehem… So we sat there and I admired Garrett Atkins… I mean the certain, favorite third baseman.

Ball park seats.jpgHowever, for the first two innings, I couldn’t even focus because of how excited I was about the ball that I had gotten… like… two hours earlier. Yeah, I was still excited about that.

The game was pretty tame toward the beginning and Don snagged some great pictures. Unfortuately, he was still moving and had to head out during the seventh inning, so I hung out by myself. At that time, the Padres were leading 6-4. In the bottom of the seventh, the Rockies would tie it up. The ninth inning was where the magic happened.

Rockies May 2009 081.JPGHuston Street gave up a run and the Padres were leading in the top of the ninth. He was able to shut down the inning, and the Rockies came up to bat.

At first it didn’t look too good. Dexter Fowler struck out looking. Clint Barmes came up, who was moved to the two spot and, by the way, has done great there. He singled to left field after which he would steal second. Next up was Sweet T, not to be confused with Sweetie. Helton would ground out to third. Two outs, next up to bat was Atkins. I could only hope that my Atkins shirt would ensure him that he had at least one fan left. Atkins singled to shallow center and drove in Barmes. The score is tied 7-7. Brad Hawpe comes to the plate, Atkins on first. Brad HawpeBrad Hawpe15.jpgdoubled to center, and Garrett Atkins scored!!! At this point, I was screaming like a tween at a Jonas Brothers concert. I was so excited and was text messaging with my friend Mary the entire time. I watched as the Rockies celebrated and then Garrett Atkins was pulled off to the side for quick interview.

I told my friend Mary that he was being interviewed, and she responded with:

“I know! He is talking on TV right now. He said all thanks goes to his best fan Emily.”

Even though it’s pretty obvious he didn’t say that, I smiled the whole walk to my
car… which I ended up searching for for like… ten minutes (I wasn’t smiling during that part).

Don had left me a voice message during the game, but it was way too loud to answer. He heard that Atkins got his hit and I was going to call him back and tell him how amazing it was, but I was actually a little hoarse from screaming.

So, there it is. My real Coors Field experience, all courtesy: The Rockpile Ranter.

Photos courtesy: me

Video courtesy: TheRockpileRanter



  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Questionable cheese…hahahahahaha! I love these Rockpile Ranter tips. Hopefully they’ll work some magic for me tonight. I’ll report in my blog tomorrow if they did. ๐Ÿ™‚ For being taken on your phone, those pictures aren’t bad. I wish my phone had the capability to take a picture like that! “At this point, I was screaming like a tween at a Jonas Brothers concert.” Hahahahahahahahahaha! I’ve had those moments with my Sox too. Glad the Rockies won for you. I’ll be going for autographs tonight, and if I learn anything about how to get them that I haven’t already been told, I’ll let you know!

  2. iliveforthis

    Julia- The second win was probably a little sweeter than the first because it was Atkins who got on base to get the run.
    D- Thank you! I owe this entry to you, if you hadn’t shown me such a great time, I wouldn’t have had anything good to write about!
    Jen- Hopefully his tips will help you too. I first have to practice catching a ball before I really go out there and try to snag some balls. Coordination is pretty important in that. My phone takes pretty good pictures, but I would’ve liked to get closer to Atkins.
    Hyun Young- Hope you snag some pictures! I’ll definitely be watching that game from here!
    Jeff- Little do you know that I am the worst smack talker in the history of smack talking people. Just another lesson I have to learn.

  3. rocktober2007

    “1. Don’t catch it right in front of your face because if you miss it… it’ll hit… well… your face.”

    seriously. Always pay attention to the batters taking BP never look away, no matter where your at you can get injured by a ball. That happened to my mom back in 1997 during BP; Mike Lansing was the batter, my mom & I were down on the right field foul side of 1st base setting our stuff down then we hear “Heads Up!” my mom looks up as I was bending down to grab something next thing I hear is the “oof” sound then mom falling backwards on the seat behind her.

    She was struck in the face with a line-drive foul ball hit by Mike Lansing; had to be taken in a wheel chair to first aid then transported to the hospital by ambulance, I stayed behind to wait for Donnie (my step-dad) Mike saw what happened & felt bad so he came over to me & said “Tell your mom I’m sorry & give her this” he gave me his bat.My mom had to have 40 stitches (30 inside, 10 outside), the Rockies paid the bill and sent us tix behind the plate for another game. & Yes she got the bat autographed by Mike back in 1998 in Pittsburgh when the Rox played against the Pirates back in Aug.


  4. iliveforthis

    Missy- That sounds so painful. I can’t even imagine getting hit in the face. Like… now that it’s described to me, I’m cringing a little, but I don’t have a huge fear of being hit in the face. I mean, it’s kind of a looming “what if.” But 40 stitches… ow. The last thing I need is another fear.

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