Garrett Atkins: Triple Threat, Not Triple A

Tonight, Rockies third baseman/love of my life Garrett Atkins proved why he belongs in the majors.

Garrett Atkins45.jpgRecent articles had me speculating if Atkins was going to be traded or sent down to the Triple-A Sky Sox.

Earlier today, my friend called me to wish me luck on my job interview. I told her that my stomach was hurting me, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was nervous for my interview or because I had just read about the possibility of Atkins heading toward the Springs. Earlier I felt fine, I wasn’t nervous for my interview, I was prepared, and once I read that news, I actually felt sick.

The very name Garrett Atkins used to strike fear into the pitchers he faced. He was the guy who pitchers would walk to get to the five hole. Not the case last night. Last night, Brad Hawpe was walked not once, but twice, so that pitchers could get to Atkins, who struck out both times.

Rockies May 2009 053.JPG
However, tonight was the Garrett Atkins before his season long slump. Tonight was the Atkins that struck fear into the pitchers he faced. Tonight Garrett Atkins played like… well… Garrett Atkins.

Garrett Atkins58.jpgWhen Atkins hit his first longball, I was stoked, practically dancing around like a giddy school girl. FINALLY!! The last time he hit a homer was back in April, April 25th. It was one of the most deserved hits to ever come to a player. 

Garrett Atkins36.jpgThe second homerun, I was elated, euphoric, ecstatic, any other word that is synonymous with those. I was in awe of my favorite player, it may have been just as big of a moment for him as it was for me; most of Colorado may have turned their back on Garrett, but I held the faith. Before this, it was getting to the point where I would have sold my soul to get Atkins back on track. You think I’m joking… I’m not.

Now, by no means is Atkins “cured” of his season long slump, but now he has the confidence that he still has the power to hit a homer. I feel like his problems are similar to those of David Ortiz. The slump that both players have dug themselves into raises the “self-doubt” question in their mind. They know what they need to do, but they’re unable to execute a play, leaving them wondering if they’ll ever get a hit, a double, a homerun, anything. If Atkins keeps this up, he’ll get out of whatever slump he’s in.

Garrett Atkins30.jpg
The Rockies could’ve lost tonight, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they didn’t. But it was just as important to me to see Atkins hit those longballs. Had they lost, I still probably would have been as excited as I am.

Now, two homers in a game doesn’t by any means really make Garrett Atkins a triple threat. In fact, really, I just tried to use that as kind of a play on words, that’s about as far as my creativity spans. Since his slump, I’ve been reassuring myself that Atkins is just keeping me waiting for that perfect moment where he’ll hit a grand slam or he’ll do like he did today and get two homeruns. I talk about how much I am in love with him, but I really do value Atkins for the player that he is. In his past seasons, he’s never failed to deliver, and his slump this season makes it difficult. Players go through slumps, and it’s because he’s such a big slugger that it’s like he’s not allowed to. But I trust, through thick and thin, that Atkins will get back to his old self and raise his average to above .200. How unthreatening did that just sound? To above .200? Wow…

Tonight, the 10-3 victory over the Astros was a collaboration of the entire Rockies team. Jason Hammel looked great out on the mound; he’s been struggling in the past, but looked great tonight. Run support needed to come from somewhere besides Todd Helton and Brad Hawpe, and it did. Every position player had a hit tonight and every position player played like they wanted a win. Ryan Spilborghs, my other favorite player, hit a longball and tracked down a ball up the hill of Minute Maid Park.

Ryan Spilborghs22.jpgTonight was exactly what the Rockies needed, a win.

Finally, I’ve been having problems getting online. I was finally able to get online to log into MLBlogs (fortunately, I don’t have to be connected to the internet to just type), had to go unplug and replug my router in order to upload pictures (I actually had to unplug it and plug it back in for each picture), then had to unplug and replug it in again to publish it. I swear I want to read your blogs, but I can’t get online for more than five minutes. Hopefully a new router is on it’s way and then I can catch up on everything I’ve been missing.

Photos courtesy: baseball photos



  1. luckylori

    I’m glad to hear Atkins had a great night. I just hate to see these great hitters struggling so badly. It’s such a strange season and this is a big part of it. My heart’s even breaking for David Ortiz and I can’t stand the Red Sox! They’ll all figure it out. There’s still plenty of time.

  2. iliveforthis

    Hyun Young- While I can only hope you’re right, I imagine if those two homers were just luck for Atkins, perhaps a stint down in Triple A would do some good for him. Maybe he’d realize how good he has it up in the majors. One thing’s for sure, he goes down there, I’ll be headed down to see a game in the Springs. David Eckstein will hit a longball before you know it. Don’t worry too much about it.
    Lori- Being a Red Sox fan as well, it’s hard to see my big sluggers struggling so much. Since I don’t get to watch the Red Sox very often, I’ve been more concerned about Atkins. I hope he can get back into the swing of things, because I believe this was his last season for arbitration… I think. I’m not 100% sure on that one.
    Julia- Computer problems totally suck, I’ve been dying to get on and read some of my favorite blogs. We finally got a new router today, so hopefully that will fix all my computer problems. Hopefully those two longballs fixed Atkins problems.
    Jeff- Guess I can’t argue with the logic of Yoda. It’s true, this has really been one of his only good games this season. I can only hope it’s the start of many good games to come.

  3. Kylie

    Those homers… wow, they were beautiful. All four of them. Gotta love those Rockies.
    I took some pictures of Garrett warming up for you, but my SD card isn’t working right and I can’t get them up. I’ll have those eventually 😀
    Kylie —

  4. iliveforthis

    Kylie- I can’t wait!!!!!!!! Tommy said that I could raid his personal stash of Atkins pics, so I am quite excited! I hope you had a great time at the game!!

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Reminds me of the Jays sending down Travis Snider this season. My hopes for him were so high. He started to become overwhelmed by MLB pitching, then he was sent down. Snider might be a bit younger than Atkins, but it was a sad moment for me all the same.

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