Emily Goes to the Broncos Fan Fair

Recently, I accompanied my friend out to meet some players from her favorite team, the Denver Broncos. It was a lovely Saturday as we headed out for the Broncos Fan Fair, my friend Jenn all giddy with excitement, and I’d like to think that I was a bit calmer. If roles were reversed and we were meeting the Rockies, I’d probably be as crazy as she was that day…

We got there about 45 minutes before the doors opened so we could get into some lines early. Sunscreen was applied, you’ll see in pictures later that I have a lovely farmers tan from a Rockies game I attended. We entered Invesco Field at Mile High and were off to the photo line.

Invesco Bronco.jpg
Unfortunately, when you enter a line to meet some players, you really have no idea who you’ll be meeting. So, once we saw whom it was, we decided that they weren’t very important to meet (I know, we’re jerks) and went off to another line. Now, apparently the Fan Fair was set up a little bit differently than last year and you got autographs and pictures in the same line.

Nic Clemons Kenny Peterson Josh McDaniels.jpgAs we approached the first line, we saw the people who would be awaiting us: Nic Clemons, Kenny Peterson, and head coach Josh McDaniels. To me, pictures are more important than autographs, unfortunately, since things were a little different this season, we realized that we didn’t have anything for them to autograph, except the program.

The line moved slowly as we got closer and closer to Nic Clemons, and my friend Jenn was, well… freaking out is a modest way to put it. We finally got there and being the awkward girl that she is, Jenn yelled at them, “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING FOR YOU TO AUTOGRAPH!!” as she slid her program toward them. They were a bit taken aback by this, but were perhaps used Fan Fair Program.jpgto crazy people. Then as they were passing her program down to each other she also yelled, “PICTURE!!” Needless to say, it was slightly awkward… for her, hilarious for me though.

I got down to Josh McDaniels and looked at him, what was I going to say? “Way to screw up that situation with Cutler.” “You are quite a young coach.” “You’ll have a lot to prove this season.” “Hi.” Let’s face it, McDaniels, he’s well… he’s pretty good looking, so I decided it might be a good idea to try and make a good impression on him rather than a bitter one. As he passed my program back to me, I smiled at him and said, “Good luck this season,” and then he said thanks… and he winked at me. Or at least I would like to think he winked at me and his eye wasn’t just twitching or something. But my heart almost stopped.

It was all over after that; I was hooked by these attractive football players and was now, although on a far inferior playing field to my friend Jenn, I could at least relate. The first player we got to meet was Brian Dawkins. Before I got my picture with him, all his children were telling him how much they loved him and it was so cute… but also awkward because people were trying to move the line along, but I didn’t want to interrupt his time with his kids.

Brian Dawkins.jpgAfter that, we decided maybe we needed something for them to autograph, it would also help with Jenn’s yelling situation. So, the only “affordable” thing was a hat. The OCD person in me is kind of mad about the blue signature, but oh well.

Fan Fair Hat.jpgLater, we ended up meeting probably one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my life. Men aren’t commonly referred to as “beautiful,” but Josh Barrett is an exception. I mean… wow.

Josh Barrett2.jpgJosh Barrett3.jpgAt one point, Jenn got all excited because she thought that he was smiling at her, but then she realized that I was taking a picture. Sorry to steal your thunder, Jenn.Josh Barrett.jpgNext players I got a picture with were Andra Davis…

Andra Davis.jpg… and Ronald Fields (who I totally would not want to piss off).

Ronald Fields.jpgWell, thanks to SPF 30 (I usually never go higher than 8), I didn’t tan at all and still have a farmers tan. Boo.

Who Are These Guys?

In 2007 an issue of Sporting News came to my apartment. On the cover was none other than Mr. Matt “Everyday’s a holiday with you, Matt Holliday” Holliday. The headline from the magazine read, “Who Are These Guys??”

Brad Hawpe29.jpgI think that’s what all of baseball (or at least anyone who has any clue who the Rockies are) are asking themselves right now.

The team that’s been playing right now isn’t the same team that started this season. With the recent sweep of the Cardinals, a series 2-0 lead in Milwaukee, and now two come-from-behind wins, I’m wondering where this team has been all season. I mean, really, a sweep against Albert Pujols’ team?! It’s Albert “I am God” Pujols!! The Rockies have never swept a series in Milwaukee, and I’m certainly not going to jinx it and say they are, but now theGarrett Atkins68.jpg team is playing to their potential, now my boys are playing like they want it.

Except for one. It’s about time for a certain favorite third baseman of mine to get out of this funk. I want him back; I want my Garrett Atkins to be hitting like Garrett Atkins again. I’m glad Ian Stewart has gotten some time at third, it was incredibly deserved and he’s an amazing player, but yesterday he struck out twice and once today. It’s about time for Atkins to get some at bats and get some hits along with those AB. The best I
can hope for: he knows that not everyone is losing the faith in him.



  1. luckylori

    Emily! Great pics w/ the Broncos! My sis-in-law is a hardcore fan and flies out there for some women fan shin-dig they put on. Definitely some hunky dudes there!
    I’m glad your guys are pulling it together for you. It’ll be a fun match-up when they come to town to play my Angels. And yes, be very thankful you are “Fuentes Free”. He exasperates me to no end. I know given his stats, I shouldn’t be so tough on him, but without the defense, he’d be in real trouble. His saves have come by way of defense+luck rather than making the pitches. He’s got work to do before I let him off the hook! 😉

  2. iliveforthis

    Lori- Brian Fuentes always said he “like to load up the bases and keep the fans in suspense.” I’m pretty sure that’s BS and he was just making excuses for having issues on the mound.
    Julia- There is a Red Sox bag in all those pictures, and a Rockies water bottle… but you can’t see the water bottle. Fortunately, I didn’t get any harassment, and that’s probably because no one there cared about baseball.
    Jeff- Atkins has hopefully had some time to think about his playing with all his bench time… and then he’ll make the most amazing comeback… in my fantastical world, and then hopefully in reality. And of course, I’m looking forward to seeing what Kyle Orton can (or can’t) do compared to Cutler. But then again, we saw what McDaniels did with Matt Cassel, so I can only hope he can do the same with Orton.

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