Emily Tries to Meet a Player… FAIL ensues


Soccer Fail.jpg
Tackle Fail.jpgPhillies Fail.jpg
Catcher Fail.jpg“Come meet Ryan Spilborghs at Honda of Greeley at 10:30 this Saturday the 13!”

Honda of Greeley.pngI always stop whatever I’m doing to watch any Rockies commercial or any commercial with a Rockie in it. So when a Honda of Greeley commercial came on and I discovered I could have the chance to meet one of my absolute favorite players, I practically peed my pants. I could meet Ryan Spilborghs?!?! It was too good to be true.

My friends and I checked the Honda of Greeley website and there it was, saying we could meet Ryan Spilborghs. That was the plan, we were stoked for Saturday.

Tulo2.jpgI fathomed that it would be crowded in the beginning, so we decided to go around 11:30. When Troy Tulowitzki came, he was there for about two hours, so I knew we would be okay if we showed up around that time. We got there and looked around, there was a tent and lots of cars with Ryan Spilborghs on them, but no Ryan Spilborghs.

Maybe he’s inside…

We took a quick peak inside, no Spilly. On our way out, I asked someone if he was here, he asked another guy and the second guy said, “Nope, he left a few minutes ago.”


“Now, I can’t sign a baseball, but I can get you into a new car.”

“Um… no thanks, I’m far too poor to afford a new car right now. I just really wanted to meet Ryan Spilborghs. The ad said he’d be here at 10:30”

“Well, he’s got a game tonight.”

You incompetent man, do you think I didn’t know that?!
Ryan Spilborghs34.jpg
The high pressure car salesman continued to talk. “Yeah, he came early this morning, and he brought his puppy too. A pit bull named Gibson. He was here for about three hours or so. If you’d’ve woken up earlier, you would’ve met him.”

Are you freaking kidding me, Mr. High Pressure Salesman, who now I think is mean for telling me about how awesome it was when Spil was here and now he’s not?!

Ryan Spilborghs43.jpg“Well, we didn’t sleep in, but we figured he’d be here for at least an hour after the ad said he would.”

“Yeah, he came early.”

Hmm… no kidding.

“Okay, well… thanks.”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t’ve slept in,” he called to us after we were walking away.

Apparently he didn’t get the message that we didn’t sleep in and came when the ad of his dealership said that he would be here.

I managed to meet Matt Holliday before he was traded away (and get a lovely autograph on my Holliday shirt), and so with all the trade rumors about Spilly, I thought it absolutely necessary to meet him.

Ryan Spilborghs is without a doubt one of the coolest players the Rockies have, or so I’ve heard. At this point in time, I can really go off speculation based on the testimony that I’ve been told. Apparently he’s incredibly genuine, charismatic, funny, and really cares about his fans. I would have loved to meet him, but… FAIL. It was probably more like an Epic FAIL:

Cup Fail.JPG


The 2009 Rockies have now tied their club record for longest streak. For those of us who remember, it was back in 2007 when the Rockies had that run. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Rockies fan… well, that isn’t quite phrased right. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Rockies fan because nobody really seems to appreciate the Rockies. When it comes to this team, getting the attention of the media is like a white person picking out a Korean among Chinese people (I can only make that reference because I know), it just doesn’t happen.

So when I saw this:

Nine Streak.pngI was stoked!

The Rockies are on a phenomenal streak! Two games below .500 and they’ve worked their tail off and are entirely deserving.

It’s unfortunate though that it takes a firing of a manager, an eleven game winning streak, and a team that has some All Star players to get some attention.

Eleven Streak.pngIt’s amazing to see the Rockies on an incredible run! Garrett Atkins was finally in the lineup today, and it seems that all that bench warming gave him some thinking time. Atkins had a pretty successful day of hitting, he looked more like a contact hitter than a power hitter, but right now, a hit is a hit. I’m glad that he’s getting back on his feet and hopefully will have a more consistent swing. I’ve been pulling for him for a while now, it’s about time he showed me that he is still a power hitter.

Garrett Atkins70.jpg



  1. cubsjunkie2

    Love the fails!!

    I hate when you plan out meeting a player, got everything all worked out, and the BAM, it fails. It has happened to me all too often.

    Congrats on the 11 game winning streak. Oh, and thanks for sweeping Milwaukee 😉


  2. ohy22xd

    That really sucks. Meeting a player and actually not being infront of your face didn’t happen to me, yet. Your Rockies are on a roll! Congrats! Enjoy while it lasts. My Padres won 10 in a row before but 11 didn’t come true ’cause the D-Backs ruined it. I’m a bit worried about you guys.

  3. iliveforthis

    Stephanie- Finding those fail pictures was one of the best parts about this blog. My favorite one is probably the “tackle fail” because it looks the least painful and it’s also entirely hilarious.
    Hyun Young- I’m hoping the Rockies can make a franchise record by hitting the 12 mark, sounds like the Rays are doing pretty well though, no doubt it’ll be tough. I knew if anyone would be able to relate to the Korean comment, it’d be you.
    Julia- It’s mostly that there’s a lot of trade rumors, and that’s why I was most concerned about meeting him.
    D- It was pretty disappointing. I’ve heard he is kind of awesome and totally amazing. And I’ll hold you to getting his autograph this season! 😉
    Jeff- It’s nice to see the Rockies getting some wins under their belt. The NL West looks pretty sad when the team closest to the Dodgers is seven games behind.

  4. Elizabeth D

    Sorry you didn’t get to meet Spilly. That car salesman guy sounds a bit rude. I love seeing the Rockies do well– looks like they have a knack for streaks! Incredible that they’re barely at .500 now (no offense) even with this incredible streak. And the Dodgers are still atop the NL West even without Manny. I guess they deserve it?

  5. Kylie

    Okay now that I got that off my chest…
    That sucks epically. This particular car salesman seems even more slimy and jerky than most.
    Please tell me this is the same dealership Tulo did that awful commercial for…?
    Thanks a billion for the King Soopers tip, by the way. Even though my shirt says “meet me at the Rockpile,” I’m 99% sure that if I sat up there I’d pass out.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  6. iliveforthis

    Elizabeth- The car salesman was quite rude, in fact. And I don’t even take offense that they’re still below .500, despite this incredible streak. What’s important to me now is that they get above .500 and get closer than 10.5 games behind the Dodgers.
    Kylie- This is the same dealership that Tulo did his commercial for, the one that he probably should’ve won best actor for… and by that, I mean he should stick to his day job. The Pavilion are the seats to have, they’re the best! I’ll be sure to look for someone with a blue scalp when I go to a game!

  7. thatbaseballguy

    Sorry you didn’t get to meet Ryan Spilborghs. It would have been cool to meet him. That picture of the catcher getting the ball in his face was definitely a FAIL. And how about that guy who got the ball in the ‘nads. That must have hurt.

  8. iliveforthis

    Dillon- Fortunately, I don’t have ‘nads, so I can’t quite relate, but there’s no doubt that it looked extremely painful, I mean, even wearing a cup, you’re still getting hit at like… at least 70 mph, worse if it’s a fastball.

  9. rockymountainway

    Yo Em, I’ll give you the inside tip on Spilly from my travels but I don’t want to put it on here. You’ll understand after I fill you in. If an autograph is all you want, there’s a at least an %80 chance of success on that one with how he signs. He’s a regular and probably the easiest to get a signature from. All in all it may have been better you “slept in” on the Honda of Greeley. Hope you at least got some Teriyaki bowl. Represent : )

  10. raysrenegade

    I remember a Rays fan meet-and-greet just like this about 5 years ago that said he was going to be there for 3 hours. At the 2 1/2 hour mark there was only 50 people left in line and the player left because the coach had called a pre-game meeting with the players.
    Lucky for the fans it was a player who is easy to get to sign, but at the moment I was upset since I had a bat from his Detroit Tiger days I have been holding onto for 3 years.
    Sometimes I think the personal appearances have more to do with the food/autos/credit bureaus than about the people who flock there to see the players.
    I understand it is all about the sponsors, but aren’t the player compensated for their time by the sponsors or team?

    Rays Renegade


  11. iliveforthis

    Rays- I’ve been told it’ll be much easier to get Spilly’s autograph at a game, although I was pretty disappointed. I drove up like… well, I stopped at a friends house so we could go together, but it was about an hour and a half drive. I can only assume that a player is compensated for their time, and I’d imagine it’d be by their sponsor, but I really have no idea.

  12. rrrt

    Hard to imagine that a player actually showed up EARLY for an appearance! Too bad it didn’t work out for you; hope you get to meet him sometime this season. Those pictures were absolutely hilarious, by the way. Some of them do indeed look painful.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  13. iliveforthis

    Sue- I thought it was weird too! I’m sure I’ll meet him somewhere along the lines this season, I’m a big fan, so I’ll find a way!

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