Not quite, in fact… it might even be better.

Well… better isn’t really the right word, but if your average Colorado bandwagon fan’s faith is being restored, you know that the Rockies are doing well… or sensational. In the last 17 games, the Rockies have won 16, and it’s been glorious. Sweeping St. Louis, Milwaukee, Seattle, and now Pittsburgh, the Rockies have been on fire!

Colorado Rockies team.jpgAfter an 11 game winning streak, the Rockies suffered a loss to Tampa Bay, but that didn’t slow them down, winning every game since that, the Rockies seem to be an unstoppable force.
Jonathan Papelbon.jpg
Huston Street17.jpgHuston Street has 16 saves in 17 opportunities, despite a very different ERA, those are the same numbers as Jonathan Papelbon (someone who I would consider one of the best closers in the majors).

Seth Smith has become a clutch player with the best pinch hitting BA in the majors with a .455;

Seth Smith.jpgIan Stewart has some spectacular defensive plays as well as a few homers to back up his offense, he leads the Rockies in longballs (also, look at this hilarious picture… at least it’s hilarious to me);

Ian Stewart Peek a Boo.jpgClint Barmes has been sensational since he moved to the two hole with eight RBIs in the last ten games;

Clint Barmes2.jpgTroy Tulowitzki’s bat has started to warm up;

Troy Tulowitzki05.jpgand Ryan Spilborghs has made some incredible defensive plays, and with some consistency, can do some pretty staggering things with a bat.

Ryan Spilborghs32.jpg
So… who has been taking notice? Not a whole lot of people, especially when it comes to the strides our players have been making.

For example, without a doubt, Brad Hawpe should be on that All Star roster, but do you see his name?

NL Leaders.pngDidn’t think so. I voted 250 times, I sat at my computer, unchecked all my friends e-mails for “send me information on my team” (or at least I tried to) all 25 times, and voted 250 times… and I didn’t make a dent in that All Star roster.

Brad Hawpe27.jpgLast I checked, Brad Hawpe was batting somewhere in the area ofBrad Hawpe16.jpg .414 with runners in scoring position, the best in the majors. He’s got 36 extra base hits, 1.005 OPS, seventh best BA in the majors with a .332, tenth best on base percentage in the NL with a .406, and fourth best slugging in the NL with a .599.

So… let me get this straight, Manny Ramirez, a fertility drug taking, Brad Hawpe23.jpg27 game playing, cheater is number six on the list, and Brad Hawpe can’t even make it into the top 15?! Does anyone pay attention?! It’s notBrad Hawpe17.jpg going to be the All Star Game, it’ll be… like… “here’s some people you voted in who don’t  necessarily deserve to be here, but are.” I just want to make a note that I was almost tempted to say “All Star lame,” then I was like, oh god, those would be some of the worst words uttered from my mouth.

Brad Hawpe25.jpgThe point is, I’m aware that the All Star Game is kind of a popularity contest. It was like being in middle school where you knew who the class president was going to be because they were the most popular kid in school. So… is everyone who’s voting still in middle school? It’s called talent, and it’s something that the Rockies have a lot of, and yet, everyone is continually overlooking them, overlooking their capacity.

While the Rockies may be playing like their ’07 counterparts, apparently, it’ll take so much more to get the attention of anyone.

Papelbon photo courtesy:



  1. ohy22xd

    Rockies are on a roll! Now I’m a bit worried about you guys. Padres have been pathetic in interleague games which is killing us right now. Sweeping four teams in a row? That’s just un-freakin’-believeable. I’ll help you with the all-star votes.

  2. juliasrants

    The All-Star Game has become a popularity contest! And with players like Manny high on the list it does make you wonder just who is voting and why. And Emily – how about the Rockies and the Red Sox in the World Series? 🙂


  3. iliveforthis

    Hyun Young- I’m hoping the Rockies can keep this streak going against the Angels. It’d be nice to get a good run going again. It looks like the Padres are hurting, but they’re a good team, and I’m sure they’ll get back on their feet.
    Julia- I know there’s some person who started like… a website about trying to vote Manny in, but he claimed it was only because he wanted to know what Bud Selig would do if that happened. IF the Rockies and the Red Sox were to meet in the World Series again… I would have to cheer for the Rockies. Oh god, how ridiculous would that be!!
    Jeff- I also love that the Rox can go on these crazy winning streaks. From the way things have been going, the mile high air couldn’t hurt.

  4. Kaybee

    You guys have been really amazing. I just suddenly remembered that you guys had that 16 out of 17 or whatever in ’07. Man. time is flying by so fast!! All-Star voting has been frustrating on the Padres side too. Adrian’s still fourth, and he doesn’t have a chance to move up. Check out my blog’s birthday entry!!

  5. iliveforthis

    Xcicx- I would agree, people are stupid. A lot of people look at things like RBIs and homers rather than slugging or OBP. That’s annoying.
    Kaybee- Being the Rockies fan, I’ll have to say that the ’07 run was 21 of 22, but tonight the Angels cooled us off. I started voting for Todd Helton because he seemed to need more help than Adrian, but without a doubt, Gonzalez deserves to be in the All Star Game.

  6. iliveforthis

    Dillon- It’s been a nice comeback considering that they were 14 games behind. Hopefully they’ll catch up to the Dodgers soon.
    Julia- I love the pictures. Scott pulls off the Red Sox look well.


    I remember that year. The Rockies were pronominal at the end of the season that year, but wound up getting knocked out of the playoffs relatively quick. It was a bummer to me seeing what seemed to be the best team in baseball that year lose. On the bright side, the Yankees didn’t win, the Phillies did!

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