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This blog is long overdue, I apologize.

In this day and age, it seems harder and harder for us, as fans, to trust and respect a player. We hear commentators talk about future Hall of Famers like Alex Rodriguez or Manny Ramirez, Mark McGwire or Barry Bonds. We hear the rumors of steroids, PEDs, and for some, fertility drugs. While it appears that this is a trend that the world of baseball cannot seem to escape from, every once in a while, we find a few shining stars.

Todd Helton 0011.JPGEvery once in a while, we’re lucky enough to find a player who lives up to the hype, lives up to the demands, lives up to the expectations of the fans – which for no player is an easy feat. We find a player who is a class act, one with a good work ethic, and one who would sacrifice their own stats to see the team succeed.

Todd Helton 0008.JPGThe Colorado Rockies are lucky enough to have a class act like Todd Helton as the player who represents those demands.

Todd Helton 0010.JPGOn July 22nd, 2009, Todd Helton joined an elite club as the 50th player to make 500 career doubles and the 19th player to attain this accomplishment with the same team.

After his 2000th hit, ESPN’s Baseball Tonight dismissed Helton’s accomplishments as a product of the thin air in the mile high city, not because of the phenomenal hitter that he is.

Todd Helton 0013.JPGIn reality, a player like Helton hardly gets the respect that he truly deserves. Although for most fans, when he arrives on the field, he commands respect, not because he’s a player who believes he is god’s gift to baseball, but because he truly deserves the recognition. Helton is a humble player, not one to make a play and strike a pose. If you were to pick up a paper and read about Todd Helton, the article wouldn’t start out as “Todd being Todd.”

Todd Helton 0009.JPGIn an article I read, someone mentioned that Todd Helton joined an even more elite group of Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Stan “The Man” Musial as the only players with 500 doubles, 320 homers, and a .325 batting average since 1900. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s well worth the mention if it is.

Todd Helton 0007.JPGHelton has had the power to return to the game after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to relieve pressure on a bulging disc in his back. He’s not just had the power to return, but he’s come back as better than ever, and as far as anyone is concerned, he has more baseball in him.

Todd Helton 0014.JPGHe is the shining star of the Rockies, usually the only player that any bandwagoner can name, and now, he’s accomplished an act that only 49 others before him could. A class act like Todd Helton deserves more baseball, deserves more respect, and as a Rockies fan, it’s an honor to have him play for our team.

Todd Helton 0017.JPG



  1. juliasrants

    Great post Emily for a great player! How refreshing it is to have a player who isn’t so “full of himself” that he forgets that baseball is a team sport and that at times you’re only as good as the player before and after you in the lineup. I wish Todd much luck and thank him for being such a classy guy!


  2. raysfanboy

    Nice profile. I have always like Helton and, to be honest, you sometimes forget he’s still around. He puts up his usual numbers and does his usual job–something that, strangely, doesn’t get noticed or put on that stupid sports network much. He’s one of the good ones.

  3. matttan7

    Todd Helton is awesome, who cares if ESPN doesn’t recognize him as a great player, he did great during his years at University of Tennessee as a football player with Peyton Manning, and continuing to excel in baseball with the Rockies. I see more headlines with Helton in them in the upcoming years.

    Matthew T.

  4. Kylie

    I could have sworn I already commented on this.
    First, YOUR NEW PICTURE ROCKS. Just, btw.
    Secondly, ESPN doesn’t know ****. Seriously. When they talked about the bee game and the “killer Bs,” one of the anchors of BBTN said “I’m thinking of Baggio and Bigwell.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell were not only Astros icons, but Bidge is certainly going into the HOF and I hope Bags does too. ESPN needs to get their act together.
    I can’t wait to hear all your stories from photo day.
    ♥ Kylie —

  5. iliveforthis

    Julia- It’s a real honor to have him play for our team. I remember when there was talk about him going to the Red Sox to unload his salary. I used to have issues with Todd, but I think that was before I understood how amazing he truly is.
    Jeff- Please do go break some legs! They said Todd Helton was a good hitter, but not great.
    Heartruss- I really hope that the Rockies can start giving the Dodgers a run for their money. It’d be a nice change in the NL West because despite how much we’re winning, being 8.5 games behind makes things look worse than they actually are.
    Raysfanboy- That’s the thing about Todd, consistency. He has always been a fantastic player, even in the low times for the Rockies when they haven’t won 90 games in a season. He’s always looking good.
    Matt- I hope you’re right. I would love to see Todd Helton get more recognition. He’s well on his way to Cooperstown, he deserves it.
    Kylie- The only reason I don’t watch MLB Network is because I’m usually in my room, and I don’t get it. But ESPN really is, kind of a let down. They don’t give teams the recognition that they deserve when they have good games or spectacular plays. They cover the “big names” because they think that’s what people want to hear.

  6. luckylori

    Emily…great post! Helton is overlooked. I know ESPN is biased toward certain teams, but I can’t believe they’d dismiss his accomplishments with a comment like that. Cheap shot. I hope you and other fans hit them hard with some emails and such. At least you gave credit where credit is definitely due!

  7. Elizabeth D

    It’s great to see a player like Todd Helton, even though I’m not a Rockies fan, I still have a lot of respect for him. These guys are a rarity in baseball’s game today, and it’s unfortunate that sometimes they’re underrated or overlooked (perhaps even because of a low market team).

  8. crzblue2

    ESPN is all over the place with their articles Jack of all trades, master of none. well, maybe they know Yankees and Red Sox and that is IT. The rest they get by with very little knowledge and it shows on their articles.

  9. iliveforthis

    Lori- It’s definitely unfortunate when a players accomplishments go unnoticed, so I tried to pay him his dues. I appreciate it.
    Elizabeth- I’m sure being a Rockie doesn’t help him a whole lot, he could’ve gotten more publicity had he gone with the Red Sox. I’m glad he stuck with us though, I’ve really enjoyed him.
    Emma- The more I watch ESPN, the more I feel disappointed. Like, I mean, I didn’t really watch when the Phillies got their ten game winning streak, but that wasn’t much publicized either.

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