Five Seconds of Glory

The average Rockies game contains about 20,000 to 30,000 people, probably more lately since the state of Colorado has decided to jump on the bandwagon. Of those 20,000 to 30,000 people, I represent one. I don’t expect that the Rockies or FSN will take note of the lowly asian sitting out in the Pavilion; in fact, I don’t expect really anyone to notice me out there, I blend in quite well with the blanket of Rockies t-shirts out there.

Of the, I have no idea how many, possibly thousands of blogs on MLBlogs, I represent one. One single Rockies blog in a sea of major league blogs; an average blogger whose writing is… well… average. I don’t expect to get noticed for it, although I wouldn’t mind if someone had talked to me before putting up that terrible picture of Matt Daley on the Rockies homepage.

Sleeping Daley.jpgAs a fan, I suppose in reality, we don’t expect to get noticed for our fanhood. We move through the crowds, maybe hoping to catch a homerun ball here or avoid a bat flying at our head there, be apart of the greatest game on earth somehow. As much as I would like for the Rockies to say, “hey, these are some good pictures, and this is a good blog, we should’ve talked to her before putting up that picture of Matt Daley where he looks like he’s sleeping,” the reality of ever actually getting noticed is slim. After all, for each of us as an individual, we are but one fan.

One fan sitting out in the crowd, one fan writing just another blog.

However, this one fan got their five seconds of fame for ten seconds. Make sense?

On July 5th, I received a few text messages from friends saying I had just been on television. That’s right, yours truly was standing in the crowd singing “God Bless America” and was shown on television next to a rather strange looking, “maybe I should stand uncomfortably close to you” dude.

Emily on TV.JPGOkay, so, he wasn’t that uncomfortably close, it just looks to me like he is.

It was my five seconds of glory, which I think we all kind of expect to get one day, the five seconds of catching a ball, the five seconds of screaming on the Rockies post game show and having Tom Helmer stick the microphone out toward the crowd, the five seconds of being the only fan sitting in the stands while it’s pouring and the game is still playing.

Not that I’m letting it go to my head or anything, but it was cool to hit a bar with my friends, JENN AND MARY, and have the bartender say, “Hey! You were on TV during the Rockies game!” (Not as exciting as it sounds, it was a bar that they frequent so the bartender actually kind of knows me.)

Yes, I had my five seconds of glory being on television, but, the fun didn’t stop there for me.

On July 25th, I went to the Rockies Fan Photo Day, which was amazing!! I stood in line waiting for my friends, JENN AND MARY who, to no one’s surprise, were late… and by “no one’s surprise,” I mean mine. A girl later approached me and our conversation went something like this:

“Are you Emily from MLBlogs?”


“I read your blog!”

I was about to be really embarrassed if this was a person who had commented on my posts and I never commented on hers.

“Oh, really? Thank you so much, that’s awesome! Do you write a blog?”

“No, but I go through and read some of them.”

How did she recognize me?

It was the Garrett Atkins shirt and the Red Sox bag, my indistinguishable trademarks.

It was like one small step for me, one giant step for bloggers!

Giant Step for Bloggers.jpgSo, Emily was recognized by Emily at Fan Photo Day.

Emily squared.JPGIt was pretty spectacular, I was really stoked; and since Emily, I know you’ll be reading this, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading, it’s greatly, greatly appreciated. I hope we meet up again at a Rockies game. Look for me in the Pavilion, that’s where I usually sit.

There it is, I had my five seconds of glory for ten seconds. The way I see it, that’s it, I’ve used mine up, so I probably won’t have any more moments of glory in my life.

With that in mind, thanks to everyone who reads my blog! I like writing them, reading and commenting on others, and getting comments. It’s cool to do.

Okay, so Rockies Fan Photo Day was AMAZING!!!

I got my picture with Garrett Atkins, as you may have noticed from my new profile picture. It went down like this:

“Oh my god, he’s coming!!!”

Garrett Atkins 0014.JPG“Hi…”


Garrett Atkins 0015.JPG“You’re like… my favorite player in the majors…”


And that was it. Possibly the greatest five seconds of my life.

I expect that throughout the rest of that time, Garrett Atkins heard, “You’re my favorite player,” or “I’m your biggest fan” at least 400 times. I don’t expect that mine stuck out to him or that he would even remember me telling him. What’s important is that I know I told him, and I actually meant it. That’s not to say that no one else who met him and told him that that day didn’t mean it, but, well, I guess you all know how ridiculously crazy I am about him.

For the most part, Fan Photo Day was uneventful. It was: players come up, take a picture with you, leave. Some things to report:

Ryan Spilborghs is still elusive to me. I was so close to getting a picture with him and then the people running the event ushered him elsewhere. I couldn’t even believe that, he was like, five people away from me. It was a little heartbreaking.

Ryan Spilborghs 0004.JPGI met Tom Runnells, and he was hilarious. I’d heard that he was a really nice guy from Tommy, but Runnells now sticks out in my memory. He approached and I was so excited I was like, “Tom Runnells!” And he was like, “Yes?” And I said, “Oh… nothing, I’m just excited.” So I shook his hand and he was like, “You can stop shaking my hand now,” although I wasn’t really shaking his hand anymore, he was just shaking mine and then kept joking that I wouldn’t let go of his hand, even though it was the… opposite… or… maybe you had to be there.

Tom Runnells.JPGI accidentally stepped on Josh Fogg’s foot and had a mild freako
ut about it. It wasn’t really stepping on his foot, it was more like I kind of tripped on his foot. Anyway, he was cool about it.

Josh Fogg.JPGMy friend Jenn tripped and used Dexter Fowler’s jersey to help hold herself up. I find that far more hilarious that she used his own jersey.

Dexter Fowler 0001.JPGI really wanted pictures with Jason Hammel, Huston Street, Todd Helton, Clint Barmes, Brad Hawpe, and Omar Quintanilla, but they are now elusive to me as well.

Other stuff:

I have decided that I am in need of a vacation from not going to school and, until recently, unemployment. Therefore, I am headed up to New York to see my friend. I was trying to work it out so I could go to Washington DC first, but I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of heading there by myself and having to pay for my own hotel. It’s too bad airports don’t let you store stuff in lockers these days, or at least the ones in Washington DC don’t.

I curse Washington DC for not doing that because I have never been to another ballpark, let alone a ballpark that my boys are playing at! Oh well, plans didn’t work out for that, I’ll survive.

So, since DC isn’t happening, I will be headed straight to New York and once up there, straight to Boston. Up to Boston for what you might ask? A RED SOX / YANKEES GAME!!

Yes, I am going to witness the GREATEST rivalry in the history of sports. I am, in a word, stoked. I will cheer loud for the Red Sox and won’t worry about getting beat up since I’ll be in Boston. I guess the biggest concern is being in New York with my Red Sox jersey bag, maybe I’ll get beat up there. That may have sounded like I was too eager to get beaten up. Don’t be fooled, I am not eager to get beat up.

While in Boston, I hope to meet up with none other than Julia over at Julia’s Rants. It will be EPIC. As disappointed as I am that things didn’t seem to work out for DC, I’m pretty stoked to head up to New York and Boston. Any advice?

That’s my big news. I’ll leave you with Rockies pictures that I got from Fan Photo Day:

Aaron Cook:
Aaron Cook 0002.JPGChris Iannetta:
Chris Iannetta 0002.JPGIan Stewart:Ian Stewart 0004.JPGJason Marquis:Jason Marquis 0002.JPGJeff Francis:Jeff Francis.JPGJuan Rincon:Juan Rincon.JPGYorvit TorrealbaYorvit Torrealba 0002.JPGMatt Daley:Matt Daley.JPGJeff Francis and Seth Smith (quite possibly my favorite picture):Seth Smith 0004.JPG



  1. Kylie

    Um… ‘scuse me.
    I can’t believe you were on TV! I know Tom was on at the first Rox/Astros game, and since I was sitting next to him I might have been as well.
    And you were recognized! That’s like, double win.
    That picture of Jeff and Seth is just, like, so much cute in one picture it should be illegal.
    JULIA!!! I’m so jealous!
    Also, note that the comment server no longer hates me. YAY!
    ā™„ Kylie —

  2. crzblue2

    You are righ, the pic with Jeff Francis and Seth Smith is the cutest of the bunch. Looks to me like you have a whole bunch of minutes of fames. But wait! there will be more to come!
    When I was in New York last year with my freind Linda, I let her convinced me that we would just land there , go to a game and leave that night to Pittsburgh to watch our Dodgers there. We should have stayed a night in New York. Anyway, we left our belongings outside of the park. there were several places where you could leave your luggage. We left ours at the bowling alley which was cheaper. They might have something like that in Washington Dc. Not sure, I never been there. I am considering going there when my boys in Blue are there.
    Have a great time in New York/Boston.

  3. raysrenegade

    Totally awesome that you got recognized at a team event.
    Not in the stands during the game, but at an event the Rockies held and you got a small part of that historic moment.
    It is like a double whammy high five in outer space.
    I know the feeling of getting the “bar shout out”.
    I sit in an area where i am on TV once a game. Heck in that play last night in the 8th inning you see me waving my arsm and yelling at J D Drew in the background.
    Congrats again, and I think that is only the first of a wave of admirers and people who will be chatting with you soon.

    Rays Renegade

  4. heartruss

    Fabulous pictures. I love Fan Photo Day. You would be surprised that the guys atually do remember many of their fans. I met two Dodgers Matt Kemp and James Loney at Spring Training out on the town and they actually remember me. Take a look at my blog and you can see some of my experiences with my guys. I think they may remember you because you have a different look. Don’t give up.

  5. matttan7

    You are one lucky fan to meet and greet the Rockies players, isn’t that an awesome feeling. You are truly their number one fan, that’s for sure. I hope the Rockies can keep up the NL West push

    Matthew T.

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Emily, I loved this entry and the pictures,..great work. I have to give you props for a couple of things my friend. First, congrats for taking over the number 6 spot. It is an honor to hand it over to you and I’m very proud of you. Secondly since the rankings started you are the first ROCKIES blog to rank higher than me. Now we have two Rockies blogs in the top ten. That is how it should be baby…Keep up the excellent writing and who knows what will happen :)…D

  7. ohy22xd

    Excellent pictures! Glad to hear that Fan Photo Day went perfect for you. I love how Jeff Francis popped out from the side to be in a picture. Talking to Garrett Atkins for five seconds is just priceless. When David Eckstein and I hade a short conversation, I almost fainted infront of him! Anyway, have fun at Boston as well!

  8. iliveforthis

    Kylie- MATT DALEY!! AHHH!! I pretty much love him. I actually did a lot of editing on that photo, otherwise he’d look like he was part raccoon with the shadows under his eyes. I’m also pretty excited to meet up with Julia, it’ll be sweet!
    Jeff- Glad you enjoyed the pictures… except that first one is not mine. I would not even approve of a picture of Matt Daley looking like he was sleeping. Apparently though, things were not clicking tonight.
    Emma- I wouldn’t mind if there were more to come. It was pretty exciting to be recognized! I should’ve looked into a bowling alley or something close to the ballpark. I looked at the train station since I considered taking a train up to New York, but they didn’t have storage lockers either.
    Matt- I can imagine that pun would get used a lot… although it was a little foggy that day…
    RR- “A double whammy high five in outer space”?! That is one of the best phrases I’ve heard and will now be used in every day conversation. You’re on TV once a game?! Man, I gotta try and get on TV more!! I’m hoping more people won’t be shy about talking to me… although, I didn’t really think people who didn’t write a blog read them. So, I think that’s cool.
    Julia- I can’t wait!! And thank you!!
    Matthew- It was pretty spectacular to meet the Rockies. Before I went, I prepared myself by making mental notes of what I was going to say to all of them, but when they actually came around, all I could say was, “hi…”
    Don- I hope you know how much that means coming from you. It’s an honor to fill the spot of another Rockies blogger. Two Rockies blogs in the top ten is DEFINITELY how it needs to be.
    Hyun Young- Even being that close to Garrett Atkins was priceless. Despite acting probably like a typical stupid fan, I would not trade those moments for anything in the world. It was totally epic in my book.

  9. iliveforthis

    Jeff- Unfortunately yes, it does, those poor Natinals having to go through that all the time… Tonight should be a good match up though, Aaron Cook and Cliff Lee!!
    Dillon- Thanks, the game was fun mostly because I was drunk on love from getting pictures with the Rockies.

  10. iliveforthis

    Ginny- It was pretty cool to get all those text messages telling me I was almost famous. I had a blast a Fan Photo Day, it was pretty spectacular.

  11. luckylori

    Amazing pictures!! What fun! I agree…I like the “threesome” pic the best too. I think you’d better start practicing your autograph. It’s only a matter of time before someone’s going to want your John Hancock on the sweet spot!

  12. iliveforthis

    Lori- It was a lot of fun. I would love to be friends with Seth Smith based solely on that picture. I’ll start practicing that autograph, maybe even send you one for free, ha ha.
    Jon- It does seem like it’d be difficult to be recognized if no one knows what you look like.


    Hi Emily! I’m the one that recognized you at the game. It was fun meeting you! I’m glad you got to see Garrett Atkins. That picture of Seth Smith and Jeff Francis is hilarious. Congratulations for getting on tv! Have fun in New York and Boston and I hope you don’t get beaten up!


  14. iliveforthis

    Emily!! I’m so glad that you commented on here! It was great to meet you too. It was a dream come true to finally meet Garrett Atkins.


    One thing we can be sure of is the fact that an average Rockies game has around twenty thousand to thirty thousand people. I am really surprised to see that among these hefty numbers, you represent one. After all Volkl skis , I think it is certainly a stupendous idea as well. This anonymity that you are currently having is just what that it is needed for blogging as well. But then again, you represent a blog out of several thousand as well! Right!

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