Blog Birthday

First, whoever is the first to comment on my blog will be my 600th comment. So, congrats and thank you in advance. Okay, onto the entry.

On November 3, 2008, I began writing a blog. Little did I know what I was actually getting into.

Let me fire out a small warning, because it is my blog birthday, this may turn into a slightly sappy entry. I do not know right now how it will turn out because I haven’t started it yet. But right now, you’ve been warned, so you have nothing to complain about if by the time you reach the end of it, you’re like, “Emily, that was sappy and stupid.” Because you’ve been warned.

When I go back and read some of my old entries, I can see a lot of growth from where I started to where I am now. I have, what I would like to think is my best entry written and somewhere in the last year, my worst entry.

I recall my constant rants in the beginning on why Huston Street should be the closer and not Manny Corpas. Why we needed Garrett Atkins on the team (hmm… obviously that worked out well this season) and the Rockies would be fools to trade him.

A lot has changed in a year, and I think it helps that I’m surrounded by people who are just as passionate about something as I am, if not more. Being apart of such an amazing community as MLBlogs is really, one of the best things that has happened to me.

What I love about this site is what it’s become to me. I think at this time last year, I didn’t start writing about baseball with the idea that I was going to meet some of the most incredible people In fact, I’m sure most people don’t expect themselves to go out and meet random people they met on the internet. I mean, c’mon, unless you’re internet dating, it’s a little sketchy. Apparently, not here… at least, not for me. I’m sure most people don’t expect to meet a person who puts everything on the line to follow their dreams, or a die-hard Boston fan, a person who’d be a huge sports influence, or even someone who becomes like a little sister (minus the sibling rivalry). I mean, when this was created, did anyone think it’d become what it has, at least, what it has for me? Not only that, but I’m going to go on and meet just as amazing people.

To be honest, until I joined up here, I didn’t know anything about anyone else’s team. I think it’s so cool when I go to the ballpark and can be like, “I think that’s insert ballplayer’s name here” because I read someone’s blog.
Featured Blog.jpg
Being someone who lacks confidence in their abilities, it was cool to log on on January 20th and be the featured blog! I want to remember that moment, how much it made me smile. It’s been so cool to be able to log onto the cover page and be like, “whoa… it’s me!”

I’ll never forget that on April 30, I got to meet Tom and the Rockpile Ranter. That was probably one of the best days of my life as I got to know people who care about something as much as I do. Tom had great and amazing life experiences to share with me, and I was honored to hear about all of them. He had such Emily and Tom April 30, 2009.png.jpgincredible stories and was completely fascinating to listen to. Growing up, I had a father who liked to garden and a mother who liked to shop. I never had a sports influence in my life, it was something that developed on it’s own. However, after coming to this site, my love of the Rockies and baseball was nurtured by the Rockpile Ranter; the man who gave me my first glove, who handed me my first major league ball, who taught me how to catch a ball. I mean, you’re talking to someone who had no idea how to throw or catch a ball. Don was a huge sports influence on my life I’ll never forget when Tom and I were on the cover with the picture Don took, because that really was an amazing day.

I’ll never forget being next to the President while being the featured blog, being in a little square right next to Andre Ethier (because, well… he’s one of two Dodgers that I like),

March 30.png.jpgwhen Coors Field was on the cover page. These are things that have stuck with me.

MLBlogs Coors Field.png.jpgI’ve even been featured on Matt Daley’s fan page! Which is either because people think that I’m a big fan of his or they think I need a restraining order… one of those… hopefully not the latter. I’ve loved being able to write about how amazing I think his pitching is and share that with people and turn them into high sock, Dora the Explorer backpack, crazy pitching style lovers too! I can’t express how great that is to be able to share with all of you about my fanhood.

The first comment I ever got on my blog was from Kaybee, a die hard Padres fan. I remember how excited I was to actually get a comment! I was like, “oh my god! Someone read this!” My best guess is that my first comment was on the Rockpile Ranter’s blog. I’ll be honest, I’m too lazy to go back and see when I stopped being shy around here and actually commented on someone’s blog.

It took me forever to do, but I went through and checked my latest leaders stats, and here’s where I’ve been:

January 16 – 22                                          #21

January 29 – February 4                             #41
February 5 – 15                                           #35
February 17 – 23                                         #47
February 24 – March 2                                #28
March 3 – 11                                                #41
March 12 – 27 
March 28 – April 14                                     #50
April 15 – May 18                                        #13
June 2009                                                  #13
July 2009                                                    #6
August 2009                                               #4
Regular Season 2009                                 #7

I can’t say enough how cool it’s been for me to be apart of something like this. To be apart of the greatest game on earth and be apart of your lives. I appreciate every person who reads my blog, really, I do. I know I don’t show it a lot, ya know, going almost a month between blogging, but it’s been awesome to be here. So thank you all so much for reading and putting me on the leaders board, I am really honored to be up there among some amazing and incredible writers.

I’ve had a great time writing here, and I hope to continue writing and I hope you’ll continue reading. So, since I haven’t said it yet, happy belated blog birthday to me! 



  1. irishsoxkid19

    Here’s to #603!! Happy Birthday/ Anniversary too!! Keep up the good work and best wishes for the Rockies this season!! Don’t back down, keep blogging so we can get more bloggers on mlblogs. We grow as writers, but most importantly, we grow as fans.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Emily, Happy Blog Birthday. I’m honored to have had an very small influence in your love of baseball. Wow, what a cool thing to say..I’m touched and I don’t touch easy :). I’ve always liked you and your blog because like me you blog from the heart. You say what you feel and your feel what you say. The Rockies are lucky to have a fan with the eye and heart for baseball that you have. Keep up the great work my friend. See you on Blake Street…Go Rockies…D

  3. raysrenegade

    I guess we will all have to pop on roller skates and slide on the black ice lining the sidewalks tomorrow in honor of your blog birthday.
    The maybe we can crawl over to the Lakewood area on our hands and lnees and eat some pizza at Johnny’s Pizza ( He still owes me a slice for writing about him).
    Then maybe I can take the group over to Coors Field and sweet talk a guy in the building to let us do snow angels in the clay if there is no snow.
    Congrats, celebrate like a mad woman not only because your writing is maturing like you are, but because we all love to read it so much it becomes…….kinda like a addiction.
    Love the fact you LOVE your Rocktober sweatshirt, and maybe we can get Brad Hawpe to wear it for a few hours so his cologne gets fermented on it for you…………maybe.

    Seriosuly, as the posts go by your writing is maturing and becoming a “must see” entry. Be proud of that, because there are sites out there dying to even get close to the number of people who read your posts…………Trust me on that!

    Rays Renegade

  4. iliveforthis

    LITTLE SISTER!!! Yeah, I can imagine that you hear me saying this, because I type like I talk. I can’t help it. I just do it and people are always like, “dude, you type like you talk” and I’m like “I KNOW!” And yay!! You’re number 600!!!
    Thank you Julia!! I am glad that I got to meet you and add to the awesomeness of my birthday blog!
    Jefferson- I know you’ll find a way to get even because it’s what you do. There’s always 700, shoot for the stars, baby!!
    Holly – Thanks for being #603! Just as cool of a number as 600!
    Hyun Young – I would say that your blog is also made up of complete awesomeness. I will do what I can to keep you coming back!
    Sue – Yes, I appreciate the Facebook comment as well as the comment here! Every number 1-605 (and beyond) is made up of awesome.
    D – I am so lucky to have you around! You’ve made such a difference in my fanhood and I will never, ever be able to thank you enough. Can’t wait for the season to start again, maybe I’ll actually catch a ball during BP instead of just picking one up off the ground. Maybe. We’ll see how coordination works.
    Emma – I was pretty excited to be next to Andre, but he was probably excited to be next to Alyssa Milano. He would not notice me, but it was cool anyway.
    Cliff – My response to you is far too long to comment here. I am going to have to go and e-mail it to you.

  5. rockies2917

    Hey Emily,

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I am glad you liked it! I had like 3 other entries and i regret that they are gone but i will make more and they will be great lol. I was kinda in a weird mood when i deleted my stuff but I feel better now and I definitely will stick to blogging. Thank you for the encouragement!


  6. Jonah


    Happy belated blog birthday! My apologies for the lateness of this greeting. Like everyone else here, I’d just to say your blog is a great read. Your writing just shows the passion you have for the Rockies and baseball, and I hope I can follow that example in my blog. Thanks for that – and the tips on how to get one’s blog noticed.


  7. iliveforthis

    Cory – No worries about deleting your other entries, but I look forward to reading the ones that have yet to come.
    Jonah – Hey, better late than never, right? Thanks for reading, I appreciate all the great feedback you’ve been giving me about my writing.

  8. xcicix

    Hey, congrats on your year-old anniversary! It seems a lot of us are approaching this milestone all at once…
    It’s really awesome that you’ve been on the Latest Leaders list so consistently and you’ve been writing better and with more conviction. Keep up the good work!

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