About iliveforthis

My life is my love of baseball. If you were
to ask me to sum up this love in one word, it would be
“passion.” Nothing in life is accomplished without passion,
and to me, baseball is not an exception. It’s the most
thrilling sport imaginable, every detail that goes into it.
The planning, the thoughtfulness, the ideas, the work, and
the passion that every player should feel toward the game;
the sport he is meant to love. The love I feel toward this
game runs deeper than I ever imagined it could. It’s my
passion. I love the Colorado Rockies, the Boston Red Sox, and
the St. Louis Cardinals.


Baseball, the Rockies, the Red Sox, music,
guitar, hockey, sleeping, brosse mes dents (brushing my
teeth… in French!), using random foreign languages in mix
with English