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A luxury

I recently went through reading some of my favorite blogs, Red State Blue State always being a favorite and Julia’s Rants, always good for a read. Now, I came across an article while reading Julia’s Rants that intrigued me. The article talks about Mark Teixeira, Jason Varitek, and Scott Boras (everyone’s favorite person, ha ha). My thoughts, however, really have nothing to do with the article, rather something that was said during it.

While reading, Peter Gammons mentioned something that I had heard previously, but had not yet applied to baseball until he said it. His words were this:
“On the front page of the Sunday New York Times, there was a
story that 10-12 major Broadway shows are closing down this month, the
most ever. And I kind of compare that . . . they’re luxury items the
way baseball games have become luxury items, and I think that may be a
tell-tale sign about the economy.”

Hmm… interesting. I did read about the Broadway shows closing down, which for me wasn’t a big deal because I’m not really a musical type person; but I had never thought of baseball as a luxury item. When I first began writing this blog, my thought was that I’d write something about how the economy being in shambles doesn’t seem to be having any kind of effect on our richer teams. But then, it took a different turn once I re-read that sentence again. “… baseball games have become luxury items…” Really? I had never thought of baseball as a luxury item, it was just… baseball. Something that I cared and loved so deeply, something that was more than just a game to me, something that practically ruled my life and I’d be watching MLB Network if I could get it.

The point is this: was going to a ball park a luxury? I had always thought the very game of coors-field.jpgbaseball was a luxury. Going and seeing one of the greatest games every played, cheering for your team, breathing the fresh air, the prospect of catching a ball, the hatred of the other team… or the Yankees… or the other team… cough…, the very love of the game. These things are indeed luxuries. But a game being a luxury “item”? It had never dawned on me before this moment. I am so damn lucky that I can watch baseball, that I can live baseball, that I can breathe baseball. And yeah, it should be a luxury “item” to go to a game, it should be a luxury “item” for the very reason in and of itself that baseball is a luxury. To breathe it, to care about it, to have a completely unnatural obsession with it.

Now that I’m no longer living on student loans, I realize, oh crap, am I even going to have enough money to go to a baseball game? I’ve gotta go buy crap at King Soopers so that I can get those awesome pavillion seats for $10 dollars. Then, no trip is completely without nachos. Yeah, god only knows what is in the “cheese” but hey, if it doesn’t kill me, it makes me stronger, right? This also, however, created another problem. I had told Tom, who is about to embark on a ridiculous journey, that I’d hit up games with him, and I also wouldn’t mind seeing the infamous Rockpile Ranter. Hmm… there’s that ADD kicking in with all the side tracking. Back to baseball being a luxury “item.”

I guess when it comes down to it, the difference between baseball being a luxury and baseball being a luxury “item” is that there really is no difference. That when I go to the park, I’ll admire those mile high seats, that I’ll remember during one of the fire works games how I took some grass (it’s dead now, obviously, but, it’s in a little plastic baggy, tee hee), that I’ll not die of a heart attack eating those nachos, and that I’ll breathe. I’ll take a deep breath knowing that I can afford a luxury. And damn, what a luxury it is.