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A Marquee Club

The name of the game is baseball and the name of baseball tonight was Jason Marquis.

Jason Marquis.jpgTonight the Colorado Rockies beat the best team in baseball by a score of 3-0… and it was sensational.

Score.jpgJason Marquis became the first ten game winner in the National League with 86 pitches, giving up two hits, and earning himself a shutout. Dominating. Epic.

Not only was Marquis dominating on the mound, but with the bases loaded and two outs, he drove in two RBIs.

Jason Marquis02.jpgThe Rockies have been playing some fantastic baseball, challenging the 49-28, now 49-29 team, by going 13 innings last night. Even though they received a loss for that game, they put up a hell of a fight.

Everyone’s been asking whether or not this series against the Dodgers will be the definingBrad Hawpe27.jpg factor determining if the Rockies are in it to win it.

Right now, it’s important not to get caught up in the “in it to win it,” what is important is that theRockies are going out and playing baseball. Really good baseball.

Recently, an article was posted about the Cinderella story that is the Rockies. A comment was made that the Rockies will always be either a Cinderella story or a fluke, and that they weren’t talented and deserving.

I was livid when I read that. Undeserving? Are you kidding me? You’re talking about a team that fought back from 14 games behind. A team that swept the front runners of the NL Central and took the series from the Rays, who compete in the toughest division. one of the most unrecognized teams in baseball is playing phenomenally, and you think they’re undeserving? Untalented? A joke to the name of baseball? Okay, now I’m putting words in that persons mouth.

Brad Hawpe25.jpgI always envisioned that I would some day tell a struggling player this: baseball is a game of half a second, half a step, half an inch. It’s the difference between giving up a run and making a jaw dropping play. What the Rockies are doing right now is playing on top of that half a second, half a step, half an inch, they’re playing baseball. Their confidence has sky rocketed and are doing what they’re not only paid to do, but what they love to do. They’re going out and loving the game. Don’t include that last half in there, because that wasn’t really part of the speech I concocted in my head. The speech itself would be much better than what I just wrote you.

Tomorrow is the final game in this road trip the Rockies have been on, then they’ll be home, and I’m ready to see my boys come back to the mile high.

Coors Field.jpg