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Magical Thinking and other things

Have you ever heard of this idea of magical thinking?

It’s basically this notion of believing you have more control over certain events than you actually do. Perhaps control isn’t the right word, but you influence certain events that are more random chance than anything.

A prime example of this is me, today, watching the Red Sox vs. Yankees game.

It started out as an ordinary day, me going out and yearning after that ever elusive job. After an unsuccessful day (would you expect anything else?) I came home and thought, “man, I could really use some baseball right about now…”

So, I turned to my friend television and said, “MLB Network here I come.” Yes, I talk to inanimate objects as well as myself. I really could’ve used a Rockies game, but instead, and just as gratifying, what was on?! The Red Sox and Yankees game! I had completely forgotten that it was going to be on today! Hurray!! Oh, but what was this? Another show that I really adored was on. I have a very serious older man crush on Mark Harmon, yes, Mark Harmon, so I enjoy watching a show that he is on. So when a commercial during the baseball game was on, I would turn it back to NCIS. At times, NCIS would distract me and then I remembered that I was in the middle of an important game.

Anyway, here’s what happened: the game was good, TIm Wakefield and A.J. Burnett looked great throughout the game. I came back sometime during the 6th inning to see that the Red Sox had scored. Then IT happened, Jacoby Ellsbury let a ball go and the Yankees were on the board.

“OH GOD! IT’S ALL MY FAULT!” Yes, it was my fault, I hadn’t been watching when the Red Sox scored, which was what allowed them to score. Now that I was watching the game, the  Yankees had scored, and I had been the one who was watching the game at that time.

I quickly changed the channel hoping that the Red Sox would do something while I was gone. I couldn’t stay away though. I had to keep checking to see if the Red Sox had done something while I was gone. So, I came back, we were into the 8th inning. I watched as pitcher’s tripped over first basemen, grand slams for the opposing teams were hit, and thought, “Emily, you are ruining this game for the Red Sox!!”

So, that was it. I couldn’t finish watching the game because I was causing the Red Sox to lose. I know, I know, it’s that whole idea of magical thinking that you actually have influence on the outcome, but I’m not even kidding that every time I turned back to the TV, the Red Sox were making an error or the Yankees were scoring.

So, that’s my story about magical thinking.

Onto another topic, being from Colorado, specifically Boulder, I was one of the first to own a pair of Crocs. Have you ever seen Crocs? They’re the ugliest shoe ever invented… that is… next to the Ugg boot. So they’re the second ugliest shoe ever invented, but they’re also one of the most comfortable shoes ever.

Well, their stock is plummeting and forcing Crocs to go out of business, so they were having some sweet deals on shoes that were normally $25-30. Yes, $25-30 for an ugly shoe, it’s worse for the uglier Ugg shoe, but I don’t ever wear those so it’s not a problem. So, what did I manage to snag?

Photo 2.jpg

That’s right, a Boston Red Sox Croc. I would’ve grabbed a Rockies one, but they did not have one. They had the Astros, the Yankees, the Cardinals, the Mets, and the A’s, but no Rockies. Curse them. Anyway, guess how much it was? It was five bucks. Guess the economy is helping me a little.

Moving on. I have a mildly spasmodic brain right now. I often talk to my friends about this wonderful blogging world I’m in. I don’t know if it works like that on other blogging sites, like if people get a lot of other comments from people they don’t know. So, when I describe my blogging world to my friends, I don’t know how to refer to people who comment on my blog other than… my friends. Because “blogging friends” sounds nerdy and “acquaintances” doesn’t really fit either. So, here’s how my brain works. I started having this idea of how people who frequently commented on my blog would look just hanging out together… like… even just standing in a line, all of us just standing around representing our different baseball teams with a hint of who we are. I mean, I don’t have like… the 30 some people that some of you bloggers get, but I just thought about how we would all look standing together… and it’s totally hilarious. I just thought I would share that with you. Have you ever imagined what it would look like if we all just got together? I don’t know, that’s my brain for you. It’s a weird place to be in… maybe now you know why I’m so weird.