Who is Charlie Blackmon?

I will forever and always claim that I am the one who discovered Matt Daley… kind of. But I know I’m definitely the first one who started bragging about what a great pitcher he was going to be; therefore, my discovery. Now, I haven’t been around MLBlogs in a while, nor been reading too much of the newspaper, but I am going to go ahead and claim my discovery of Charlie Blackmon. Obviously I use the words “my discovery” loosely. I’m pretty sure his agent would argue with me on who discovered Charlie Blackmon.

To start out, when I heard his name, I was like, “um… who?” I have a subscription to Baseball America, and as far as I could remember, I never saw Charlie’s name. In fact, the top ten prospects from the magazine are Tyler Matzek, Wilin Rosario, Nolan Arendano, Christian Friedrich, Peter Tago, Kyle Parker, Rex Brothers, Juan Nicasio, Chad Bettis, and Hector Gomez, respectively. Did you see the name “Charlie Blackmon?” I didn’t either. So, like I said, “um… who?”

Charlie Blackmon is a left handed outfielder who has made his presence known with the Rockies. After attending Young Harris Junior College for two years, Charlie transferred to Georgia Tech. What kind of annoys me about this is that I have visited Georgia Tech. If I would’ve gone to a baseball game, I could’ve potentially seen Charlie playing, and then when he came to the Rockies, I could’ve been like, “I saw you playing at Georgia Tech!!!” Guess there’s not a lot I can do about that now.

Charlie was originally drafted as a pitcher to the Florida Marlins in the 28th round of the 2004 draft and in the 20th round of the 2005 draft by the Red Sox. He pitched two games at Georgia Tech before moving to the outfield. The Rockies selected him in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft as an outfielder.

He’s made remarkable strides in Triple A with the Sky Sox. He was batting a .325 average with 38 hits, 25 RBIs, and six stolen bases. Not only that, but in 28 games, he hit six home runs.

After being called up on June 8, Charlie has five stolen bases, and although he is batting below .300, Charlie is still working out some mechanics. I can easily see him becoming a 4th outfielder if not a regular position player.

One more thing, does Charlie Blackmon’s batting stance remind you of anyone? The pictures aren’t the best, but he reminds me a lot of the way Brad Hawpe hits.









I’m really excited about this kid, and I think he’s going to do some great things for this team. He’s young, enthusiastic, and possesses a great deal of talent. He’ll be big here. Just wait.

Dear Nick

Dear Nick,
Nick Adenhart1.jpg
It has been two years. Time flies.

Although you frequent my thoughts, it’s on this day, every year, that I always wish I could askyou so much.

I can’t possibly fathom the idea of watching your child pitch six scoreless innings, arguably the greatest game he had ever pitched, only to have to bring the lifeless body of him home, bury him, and say goodbye.

Nick Adenhart2.jpgMy heart goes out to your family. A beautiful life, 22 years of dreaming, cut short. A mistake? What do you call Andrew Gallo’s actions? Careless? He’ll be 72 when he’s eligible for parole. You would be 71. Would you have looked back at your life, a life filled with baseball, rings, and a Cy Young award?

Can you even imagine the life that you could’ve had? Too often, I take for granted the fragility of life. Your life, Nick, like anyone else’s could’ve been, was taken away in a flash. Can you fathom if you had been at that intersection 30 seconds later? Maybe even 10 seconds later. But it was that moment. You had your whole life ahead of you, a life destined for greatness. Could you ever forgive him?
Nick Adenhart3.jpg
Were you the motivation that got the Angels to clinch the AL West? Or would it have beenanother moment in your potential life? Where would you be today? An Angel? A Yankee? Where would you be in the future? A pitching coach? Managing? A hall of famer?

Two years later your picture is still displayed in the outfield. Your teammates still think of you. I still think of you. I still think of everything you could’ve been, and everything you are not because of someone’s reckless disregard for your life.

Your life, Nick, will not go unremembered.



The 21st Perfect Game

“I believe in the Church of Baseball. I’ve tried all the major religions, and most of the minor ones. I’ve worshiped Buddha, Allah, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, trees, mushrooms, and Isadora Duncan. I know things. For instance, there are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball… I’ve tried ’em all, I really have, and the only church that truly feeds the soul, day in, day out, is the Church of Baseball.” – Annie Savoy” Bull Durham

The game of baseball is a game of half a step, half an inch, half a second. The difference between making the most amazing play and becoming part of history or falling short.

Tonight was a historical night. Armando Galaragga made history by being the 21st pitcher to pitch a perfect game. But you won’t see his name in the books. His accomplishment won’t be written as a rare feat. In fact, what you will see on record is that he made it through 8.2 innings when he gave up a hit to Jason Donald. Don’t let the books fool you, it wasn’t a controversial call by first base umpire Jim Joyce, it was a flat out wrong call. There shouldn’t have been any question in any one’s mind on whether or not Jason Donald was safe. He wasn’t.
Armando Galaragga.jpg
In my baseball life, which I’ll confess, has been short lived thus far, I have never been more upset about a call than I was tonight. Not that final called strike which was clearly a ball on one of my Rockies, not the safe call that was clearly out on one of my Red Sox. No. This call tonight, this blown call by Jim Joyce, THIS was unbelievable.

All those other calls? I’ll get over them. I got over them. It was an isntant that was me yelling at my TV and telling the umpire that I, as a squinty eyed asian, had better vision than he did.

Tonight’s blown call is one that I can’t stop being mad over. Tonight’s blown call should’ve made history. Armando Galaragga’s magic number should have been 21. See, baseball? It’s magical. The passion, the sounds, the smells, the respect, the love, everything that goes into the game is magical. A perfect game, a no hitter? They’re beyond magical. They’re a breathtaking feat that are so rare to see, it’s been miraculous that I’ve gotten to see three, technically four, in my baseball life.

Tonight that magic was stolen when Jim Joyce called Jason Donald safe. Jim Joyce’sArmando Galaragga 02.jpg apology? I respect the fact that he manned up and said, “yes, I made a mistake,” but that’s not going to change the record books. That’s not going to give Galaragga a perfect game. His apology doesn’t call Jason Donald out. The fact is, one of the most amazing and rare feats in baseball, a feat accomplished by only twenty before him, was within reach tonight. On one single mistake, one blind person’s error, his name won’t be found under “perfect games.”

So, what do you plan to do about this, Emily? That’s a good question. I don’t exactly know. I wouldn’t have any ideas. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not one who is on board for instant replays in baeball. In fact, I think if that were the case, too many things would be argued and it could become just a ridiculous circus. But it shows, aftera ll the umpiring mistakes this season, that they’re costing more than just games, they’re cositng us history.

Armando Galaragga 03.jpgThrough all this, nothing made me more proud tonight than to see Armando Galaragga give a simple smile and go right back to work. He’s an incredible representation for his country and a class act. Even when Jim Joyce said, “I cost him that perfect game,” he went on his way and forgave him. You didn’t see Armando Galaragga acting like Carlos Zambrano, you saw him acting like an upstanding player.

So yes, I still believe in the church of baseball, and yes, I still think this is a magical game, and yes, my heart is still broken for the history that was lost tonight. But in my book, Armando Galaragga will ALWAYS be the 21st pitcher to pitch a perfect game, regardless of any asterisk inserted into any books, who will go on record as the 21st pitcher to throw a perfect game, or what any blind umpire says. I witnessed history tonight, I got to witness an amazing and rare accomplishment, and I am so proud of Armando Galaragga, and damn proud to have witnessed his perfect game.

I’m Already Looking for Rocktober

According to some of the experts, it sounds like they are already predicting the Rockies to not only make it to the World Series, but to take it as well. Hands down, no hesitation, I want the Rockies to make it to the World Series, I believe they can, and yes, I want them to take it, I believe they can too. However, when it comes to experts and their predictions, I tend to be one of those people who doesn’t like to count their chickens… or… eggs? Count their eggs before… their chickens lay them…? Whatever, you know what I mean.

When we look at spring training and regular season, we’re looking at two very different ballgames (haha, yeah, I did just make that joke). I don’t honestly think you can make any Cubs Choke.jpgassumption before you see a regular season game played. I mean, why do you think the Cubs always say, “this is our year” before the season starts (that was mean… but true… but still mean)? If you recall the beginning of the Rockies’ 2009 season,  no one would have predicted them to go anywhere, and look at what they did.

Now, like I said, I believe the Rockies can make it to the World Series; I’ll hope for that every year. But there are a lot of factors that are going to contribute to the success of this team as well as ones that raise questions.
Dexter Fowler 0002.JPG
No doubt the Rockies have an incredible lineup filled with young guys who have shown they can play the game. Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler are going to continue to produce. They’re young, talented, and well on their way to becoming five tool players. Carlos Gonzalez.JPGGonzalez did some incredible things in winter ball this past season and Fowler has continued to work on his game. Not only that, but the dangerous, defensive combination of these two significantly shrinks the outfield. Todd Helton, despite his age, can also produce hits. While he’s no longer in his prime, the important thing is that he can still play the game and has the passion to do so as well. A lot of stress will also be taken off his shouldersBrad Eldred.jpg with Jason Giambi as a back up, and Melvin Mora able to cover first. I’ve also really liked what I’ve seen of Brad Eldred this spring training, I think he could play an important role later in the season. Troy Tulowitzki, well, no questions asked, he’s one of the best – young and an elite force on the team.

Seth Smith 0005.JPGThe Rockies, undoubtedly, may have the best bench in the history of this team. This includes Giambi, Ryan Spilborghs, and Seth Smith.Ryan Spilborghs 0006.JPG All three can come up with big hits, especially Smith. He was an immense force for the Rockies and came up as a pinch hitter, an incredibly important role. I’ll be honest that I never knew too much about Melvin Mora or Miguel Olivo. While I still don’t know much about Olivio, I like what I’ve seen with Mora. The epitome of a utility player, third base, short stop, second base, and the entire outfield.

Here’s where the Rockies are going to run into some problems. The first and biggest problem is our closerHuston Street 0005.JPG Huston Street has found his way to the DL. Although he hopes for a return on May 1, the Rockies trainer isn’t making any promises. This means that the Rockies need a replacement, with Franklin Morales, Franklin Morales 0001.JPGManny Corpas, and Matt Belisle in the running. I’m not big on any of these options, but one has to be chosen. Franklin Morales acted as a sub last season when Street went to the DL, and while his performance managed to get the job done, I just didn’t feel comfortable seeing the ball given to him in the ninth. Manny Corpas needs to get back to his 2007 self if he wants to be a really, truly viable option; however, he could also be considered as a set up man for games. Matt Belisle could also be an option if a few righties are coming up to bat.

Jeff Francis is also heading to the 15 day DL. While he hasn’t made a pitch in a major leagueJeff Francis 0001.jpggame since September 18 of 2009, I was excited to see him start. I really trust Jim Tracy and if he had Francis in spot number two of the rotation, then I was going to let it ride. I am, however, very excited to see the potential of Greg Smith. When we acquired Street, Gonzalez, and Smith in the trade for Holliday, I knew we had to be getting a good deal. That paid off as far as Street and Gonzalez; and while I’ve wanted to see Smith make his debut with the Rockies, it has yet to happen. We’ll see how things go.

Here’s what could make the Rockies dangerous: discipline. They need discipline at the plate, discipline in commanding pitches and focusing on the pitch at hand rather than worrying about the runner, and discipline when it comes to stealing bases. That will make the Rockies a truly threatening team for this upcoming season. 

It’s 2010

Recently, I received this note from my favorite Cardinal loving Chicagoan:

Goddamn it, it’s January 13th already and you have yet to write in 2010, Emmy. Get on it! With love of course 🙂

It was like getting a threat-mantic e-mail, threatening, but written with love.

So I figured, “I guess I should get on this.”

Welcome to 2010 fellow bloggers! We’re almost through the offseason! We’ve almost made it! I guess BSAD hit me a little harder than I thought, most of my days are spent working and when I’m not working, I can be found beneath my flannel penguin sheets (yes, I have penguin sheets, don’t judge) catching up on m Z’s.

Some big names like Matt Holliday and Jason Bay have now left our hot stove discussion, and for the most part, it seems as though the Rockies have remained fairly quiet in their quest for free agents. Their biggest move it seems, signing catcher Miguel Olivio, and if you want to call that news… well… I don’t have anything witty to say about that.

Right now, one of hte biggest priorities for the Rockies is locking up Huston Street. Oh, wait… they did that already? Okay, then they’ll need to try and come to a deal with Ryan Spilborghs to expand our outfielders and avoid arbitra… oh… they did that too? Well, seeing how the Rockies were the only club in 2009 to have five pitchers with double digit wins, it’d be nice if Jason Hammel stuck around with them… are you serious? That happened too?

So, here’s the deal, fellow bloggers: I was writing this entry all about how the Rockies need to spend their money wisely, because, let’s face it: the Rockies are a relatively cheap team. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, which really doesn’t sound nice at all, but the Rockies don’t have the deep pockets that we’d all like to see.

Philadelphia+Phillies+v+Colorado+Rockies+Game+otaFLSIrULdl.jpgSo here I was, talking about how after a very disappointing end to the 2009 season, everyone was like, “it was all Huston Street’s fault!” And I went on this rant about how wrong these people were and comments like that were made by ignorant bandwagon fans, and if it hadn’t been for Huston Street, the Rockies wouldn’t have even made their way to the playoffs in the first place. Street was clutch for the team during the regular season, and it was clearly defined in the chemistry that he had with them.

Yes, this long rant now wasted because he’s signed with the team. So, yes, Jefferson, once again, you were right (is that guy ever wrong?), I should’ve been blogging a lot earlier.

Things now seem to be coming together for the Rockies who have reached deals with Clint Barmes, Chris Iannetta, Jorge de la Rosa, Ryan Spilborghs, Huston Street, Rafael Betancourt, and Jason Hammel; the latter four ofFrancis.jpg them had filed for arbitration and now the four of them will be sticking around. Our startingpitching rotation could be interesting with Jeff Francis returning after missing a significant portion of 2008 and the 2009 season. In 2007 he was thought to be the ace of the Rockies and it was projected that a Francis vs. Josh Beckett matchup would be the ultimate showdown. Obviously we know how that worked out. After not pitching for almost a year and a half, I’m interested in seeing how he’ll perform.

Our starting infield is also looking good with Todd Helton, Barmes, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ian Stewart. The name that’s missing? Yeah, you know it: I’ll miss my dearest GarrettGarrett Atkins 0009.JPG Atkins, I stood by his side during the worst season of his career, constantly cheering for him and celebrating just as much, if not more when he hits his heartbreaking nine homers. That’s right, he didn’t even hit double digits… and I can hear a certain Chicagoan snickering about that at this very moment!  Yeah, it’ll break my heart not to see him in those beautiful purple pinstripes, but best of luck to him with the O’s.

Most likely, our projected outfield is Brad Hawpe, Dexter Fowler, and Carlos Gonzalez. Gonzalez had a fantastic season with theJim Tracy 0004.jpg Eagles during winter ball in Venezuela. The Rockies have speed with Eric Young Jr. as well as Ryan Spilborghs and a powerful bat with Seth Smith, also known as Mr. Clutch from last season.

Most important to the team is the return of manager Jim Tracy, who had incredible chemistry with the team and turned around a rough start to their season.

Last and probably most important, Haiti is still in need of our help. Imagine if every person in the world donated $1 to help out. It’s so little, but adds up to so much. So if you can, please donate, there are many organizations out there.

MLB has partnered with UNICEF, The American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are also accepting donations. CNN also provides a list of websites that you can donate to.

BSAD… I’m Pretty Sure It’s Real

The last comment my friend Jefferson gave to me was, “Emmy, don’t slack.” I thought, “yeah, no problem Jefferson, there’s tons to write about during the off season.” So, what was the first thing I did after I read that? If you’re thinking, “you went and wrote a blog,” you would be wrong. No, I slacked. And slacked. And slacked a little bit more. So, while my dear readers were busy keeping up with me, I was not busy keeping up with them. My sincerest apologies, oh dear readers. I appreciate the love you’ve shown me by stopping by here still and making me number eight on the latest leaders board (holla!).

So, while I’m here, let us talk about the atrocity known as the offseason.
Handy Dandy Berry.jpg
Some time ago, I was messaging on my handy dandy… Blackberry!! (In case you didn’t get the reference, that was from Blue’s Clues… and I had to talk about my newest little gadget that has also become my newest obsession.) Anyway, I was messaging with a friend of mine who lives down in Blues Clues.jpgVenezuela and has the pleasure of covering winter ball for the Caribes. From what I’ve been learning about winter ball, it’s completely amazing, but the Caribes… they’re like the equivalent of the Washington Nationals.

So, we were messaging about this one game, and it was completely crazy: extra innings, bench clearing brawls, a manager ejection, and a high scoring game (Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Emily, that’s nothing like the Nationals, a high scoring game? Maybe only for the opposing team, you liar” to which I would say, “hey, even the Nationals get their day… someday…” (but that’s beside the point)). Just reading theCaribes.jpg messages, I couldn’t help but get excited waiting for the next one. He kept me updated on the count, who was on base, who was up to bat. I was sitting there, glued to this little screen on my phone thinking, “WHAT’S HAPPENING?!?!” It didn’t matter that I didn’t know any of the players, that I didn’t know anything about the teams; no, it was wondering what pitch, where it’s located, did he swing? I was on the edge of my seat just waiting to read what would happen.

I spent Thanksgiving with my friend and her parents who live down in Colorado Springs. The Broncos game against the Giants wasn’t broadcast (for some ridiculous reason) so we had to listen to the game on the radio. Listening to any game on the radio is very different from watching a game in any sport (well, I guess I really only listen to baseball on the radio, that football thing was only once). When you listen to one on the radio, you hear something like, “here’s the pitch…” With a fastball, it takes approximately 0.4 seconds to travel those 60 feet six inches to get to the plate. But waiting to hear what will happen after the, “here’s the pitch…” waiting that 0.4 seconds is like agony. When listening to the football game, waiting to hear if Kyle Orton’s throw was completed or waiting to hear if Eli Manning completed… anything, playing that waiting game makes you so… anxious… I think that’s the word I’m looking for.

So waiting for that message, waiting for that pitch count, “3-0… 3-1… 3-2… swing and a miss.” Waiting for that was like listening to the radio… only harder.

To get to the point, I didn’t realize how detrimental the off season is to my health until I found myself huddled around this tiny screen waiting for a message about a pitch, to a player I’d never heard of, on a team I didn’t know anything about, in a country I’ve never been to, on a different continent.

So, while we’re on the subject of my health, let’s talk about something that I’m about 99% sure I have right now. Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder? It’s basically how people react to the amount of sunlight in their environment. The typical pattern is that people have a tendency to become depressed during the fall and winter seasons (when there’s less light) and then kind of normalize in the spring and summer.

I’m all for getting sunlight, I mean, Colorado is a state that does have all four seasons. But… is it possible to have seasonal affective disorder for baseball? I mean… granted, it does coincide with the timing of… regular.. seasonal affective disorder (I don’t know if you’d call it “regular” since I don’t really think “baseball seasonal affective disorder” would be found in the DSM).

However, I think BSAD could be a legitimate medical condition, and I think I have it. So, how does it compare to the regular SAD? Like I said, SAD is about the amount of light that you’re getting in your environment; therefore, BSAD would be like the amount of baseball you get inSunlight.jpgyour environment.

Let’s think about it this way, in Colorado, at least lately, we’ve been having like… sub zero type temperatures. Now, since it’s Colorado, it’s possible that in a weeks time it’ll be sunny and somewhere in the 60s. So right now, it’s always overcast, dark, and in general, kind of gloomy. Then there are those sunny days where things are a little bit brighter, nicer, it’s a day where you want to be outside.

Same thing with baseball. Right now, I don’t have any, it’s gloomy, dark, and in general, a bit depressing. But there areMLB Network logo.jpglittle things that can only keep you satisfied for so long, like MLB Network or messaging with my friend covering winter ball. I mean… it’s not having baseball, but it’s as close as you can get. It’s like that one sunny day out of the week of crappy ones.

So during the off season months, I lust after that spring training date or that opening day date. I mean, when we’re talking hot stove, it can get a little repetitive. So I roam through the days in this… zombie-esque manner, waiting for that warm, sunny spring day in April. Granted, “zombie-esque manner” is probably not a politically correct way to describe someone with BSAD, or SAD for that matter, but I trust you’ll get over it.

Being on Twitter, being surrounded by baseball fans, and being someone who received their BA in psychology, I feel qualified to diagnose most of us with BSAD. We’re all… well… a little depressed right now just waiting, counting down those days until spring training arrives, and the sun comes out and the snow melts away (at least for Colorado). The days where the sun shines perfectly on that baseball diamond, where a beer and nachos (or for most baseball goers, a hot dog) is the only food you need that day to be content, where the sound of a ball hitting the sweet spot on a bat is just the best sound in the world. Yes, we lust after those days, and like anyone with SAD, we have to wait. Wait for the cold, harsh winter to be over, wait for the sun to show its face again, and wait for the day where we won’t have
to say, “Man… I miss baseball,” because baseball would already be here.

Yes, dear friends, until that time comes, we must be the artificial light in each others lives while we wait for that day in spring. We will suffer through our BSAD together while we wait for that day that it seems we can only dream about.  

Blog Birthday

First, whoever is the first to comment on my blog will be my 600th comment. So, congrats and thank you in advance. Okay, onto the entry.

On November 3, 2008, I began writing a blog. Little did I know what I was actually getting into.

Let me fire out a small warning, because it is my blog birthday, this may turn into a slightly sappy entry. I do not know right now how it will turn out because I haven’t started it yet. But right now, you’ve been warned, so you have nothing to complain about if by the time you reach the end of it, you’re like, “Emily, that was sappy and stupid.” Because you’ve been warned.

When I go back and read some of my old entries, I can see a lot of growth from where I started to where I am now. I have, what I would like to think is my best entry written and somewhere in the last year, my worst entry.

I recall my constant rants in the beginning on why Huston Street should be the closer and not Manny Corpas. Why we needed Garrett Atkins on the team (hmm… obviously that worked out well this season) and the Rockies would be fools to trade him.

A lot has changed in a year, and I think it helps that I’m surrounded by people who are just as passionate about something as I am, if not more. Being apart of such an amazing community as MLBlogs is really, one of the best things that has happened to me.

What I love about this site is what it’s become to me. I think at this time last year, I didn’t start writing about baseball with the idea that I was going to meet some of the most incredible people In fact, I’m sure most people don’t expect themselves to go out and meet random people they met on the internet. I mean, c’mon, unless you’re internet dating, it’s a little sketchy. Apparently, not here… at least, not for me. I’m sure most people don’t expect to meet a person who puts everything on the line to follow their dreams, or a die-hard Boston fan, a person who’d be a huge sports influence, or even someone who becomes like a little sister (minus the sibling rivalry). I mean, when this was created, did anyone think it’d become what it has, at least, what it has for me? Not only that, but I’m going to go on and meet just as amazing people.

To be honest, until I joined up here, I didn’t know anything about anyone else’s team. I think it’s so cool when I go to the ballpark and can be like, “I think that’s insert ballplayer’s name here” because I read someone’s blog.
Featured Blog.jpg
Being someone who lacks confidence in their abilities, it was cool to log on on January 20th and be the featured blog! I want to remember that moment, how much it made me smile. It’s been so cool to be able to log onto the cover page and be like, “whoa… it’s me!”

I’ll never forget that on April 30, I got to meet Tom and the Rockpile Ranter. That was probably one of the best days of my life as I got to know people who care about something as much as I do. Tom had great and amazing life experiences to share with me, and I was honored to hear about all of them. He had such Emily and Tom April 30, 2009.png.jpgincredible stories and was completely fascinating to listen to. Growing up, I had a father who liked to garden and a mother who liked to shop. I never had a sports influence in my life, it was something that developed on it’s own. However, after coming to this site, my love of the Rockies and baseball was nurtured by the Rockpile Ranter; the man who gave me my first glove, who handed me my first major league ball, who taught me how to catch a ball. I mean, you’re talking to someone who had no idea how to throw or catch a ball. Don was a huge sports influence on my life I’ll never forget when Tom and I were on the cover with the picture Don took, because that really was an amazing day.

I’ll never forget being next to the President while being the featured blog, being in a little square right next to Andre Ethier (because, well… he’s one of two Dodgers that I like),

March 30.png.jpgwhen Coors Field was on the cover page. These are things that have stuck with me.

MLBlogs Coors Field.png.jpgI’ve even been featured on Matt Daley’s fan page! Which is either because people think that I’m a big fan of his or they think I need a restraining order… one of those… hopefully not the latter. I’ve loved being able to write about how amazing I think his pitching is and share that with people and turn them into high sock, Dora the Explorer backpack, crazy pitching style lovers too! I can’t express how great that is to be able to share with all of you about my fanhood.

The first comment I ever got on my blog was from Kaybee, a die hard Padres fan. I remember how excited I was to actually get a comment! I was like, “oh my god! Someone read this!” My best guess is that my first comment was on the Rockpile Ranter’s blog. I’ll be honest, I’m too lazy to go back and see when I stopped being shy around here and actually commented on someone’s blog.

It took me forever to do, but I went through and checked my latest leaders stats, and here’s where I’ve been:

January 16 – 22                                          #21

January 29 – February 4                             #41
February 5 – 15                                           #35
February 17 – 23                                         #47
February 24 – March 2                                #28
March 3 – 11                                                #41
March 12 – 27 
March 28 – April 14                                     #50
April 15 – May 18                                        #13
June 2009                                                  #13
July 2009                                                    #6
August 2009                                               #4
Regular Season 2009                                 #7

I can’t say enough how cool it’s been for me to be apart of something like this. To be apart of the greatest game on earth and be apart of your lives. I appreciate every person who reads my blog, really, I do. I know I don’t show it a lot, ya know, going almost a month between blogging, but it’s been awesome to be here. So thank you all so much for reading and putting me on the leaders board, I am really honored to be up there among some amazing and incredible writers.

I’ve had a great time writing here, and I hope to continue writing and I hope you’ll continue reading. So, since I haven’t said it yet, happy belated blog birthday to me!